Chapter 229-1: As consolation

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 229-1: As consolation

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When he arrived at the hospital, Yang Chen noticed that the number of guards had at least doubled from yesterday. Evidently, this was because the Yuan Family was worried that Zhou Guangnian would choose to recklessly harm people they care about with unscrupulous means, so they felt compelled to increase protection.

However, probably nobody expected that Zhou Guangnian was already dead at home. They weren’t sure who it was that did this, but the conjecture Yang Chen reached with his experience regarding this matter was that it was most likely someone from within Dongxing.

When he arrived at the ICU’s door, he realized that there were already several people here. The only one Yang Chen recognized was Yuan Ye’s mother, Yang Jieyu.

When Yang Jieyu saw Yang Chen appear, she stood up and smiled, “You came this early to visit Little Ye. As a mother, I want to thank you for your concern.”

“I don’t have many friends. He’s one of them, so I have to care more.” Yang Chen was in no rush to enter. He had a strange feeling about Yang Jieyu, and they both couldn’t help wanting to know each other better.”

Yang Jieyu curiously asked, “I never heard Little Ye mention you before, did the two of you become friends recently?”

“I have been overseas all this time, and only returned this year. We became friends through Tangtang by playing games.” Yang Chen laid out the truth.

Hearing Yan Chen say he used to be overseas, Yang Jieyu’s pupils obviously shrunk, but she had no change of expression, “So that’s the case. Little Ye likes the eSports industry. His dad doesn’t really support him, but I always have. Looks like it has been fruitful since he has made a friend like you who’s worth trusting.”

“Perhaps. I’ll go in to take a look.” Yang Chen felt Yang Jieyu’s minute change, and didn’t continue the conversation.

Walking into the room, he saw that the doctor and several nurses were analyzing Yuan Ye’s condition. Tangtang’s eyes were both red. It was obvious that she hadn’t slept much last night. She stood by the bedside, watching with worry.

“Doctor, just how is Yuan Ye-ge’s condition? I see that his pulse is normal, he should be fine, right?” Asked Tangtang.

The doctor received a report from a nurse, and after carefully looking at it, he loosened up and smiled, “He’s fine now. He has very powerful willpower, all indexes are at a healthy level, I believe that he will wake up latest by tonight.”

“Really!?” Tangtang was filled with joy.

“Of course, why would the doctor lie to you? Silly girl.”

Tangtang turned around. Seeing Yang Chen suddenly enter, she didn’t care about the situation and happily leaped into his embrace. She shouted, “Uncle uncle! Yuan Ye-ge is alright! He’s fine!”

Yang Chen patted Tangtang’s back, and looked at Yuan Ye from the corner of his eyes. He just happened to see Yuan Ye slowly opening his eyes!

“Girl, look who just woke up.” Yang Chen signalled to Tangtang to look behind her.

Tangtang abruptly turned around, and just so happened to see Yuan Ye’s grin towards her. However, he didn’t seem to have much strength.

Tangtang covered her mouth and opened her eyes wide. It was as if she couldn’t believe what she saw as she cried tears of joy.

The doctor and nurses tacitly knew what to do and quietly left the room. Yang Chen was finally relieved as well, but he too walked out of the room since this young couple needed some private time together.

Walking out of the room, he happened to see Yuan Hewei rushing over with a bunch of people. Seeing that Yang Chen was here, he amicably greeted him.

“Last night’s battle was beautiful, our Yuan Family and Fang Family didn’t expect Red Thorn’s Society’s Chairman Rose had such amazing tactics. Although the police and armed forces were there to help, us old fogeys still concede to her methods. We truly have to thank you for your help.” Yuan Hewei sincerely commended.

Yang Chen shrugged, “You should be saying that to Rose instead, I didn’t do anything.”

“No, I think that other than you, nobody could make Rose act without any reservations and battle alongside us.” Yuan Hewei said with a profound gaze.

Yang Chen knew that it was easy for these people to investigate his relationship with Rose, so he didn’t mind at all.

“What’s the situation like on the Xu Family’s side?” Asked Yang Chen.

Yuan Hewei’s expression turned to one of regretfulness, “Xu Zhihong is a lot more sly than we had thought. He had already left Zhonghai with his close aides and family yesterday afternoon.

It’s highly likely that they had left Zhonghai through special illegal means. It’s impossible to catch him. Right now, all of the Xu Family’s properties are up for grabs, and we’ve decided to acquire all of their important property. However, most of the Xu Family’s wealth had been transferred to an overseas Swiss Bank by Xu Zhihong in a short period of time, the government and military are not able to trace and freeze it.”

Yang Chen’s brows creased. This meant that Xu Zhihong still had vast amounts of assets in his possession, and could stage a comeback in the future.

This wasn’t really good news, but this annoying badger probably wouldn’t affect his life for now, so Yang Chen couldn’t be bothered about him.

The chain of events that had occured because of Yuan Ye’s birthday had finally been settled. Yuan Hewei and his wife were excited to see their son who had woken up, so Yang Chen didn’t keep them waiting. He bade them farewell and left.

When he was at the hospital’s entrance, Yang Chen was about to walk towards the car park, but there were people he was familiar with walking over.

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