Chapter 228-2: Definitely not

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 228-2: Definitely not

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Lin Ruoxi came to a stop, but she didn’t turn around, she just stood where she was without saying a thing.

Ever since they had gotten married, this was the first time Yang Chen had called her by her full name, and he said it so fiercely.

Yang Chen took a deep breath, and said with a straight face, “Lin Ruoxi, I will definitely make a call if I’m returning late in the future. I am honestly not used to the fact that there is someone waiting for me at home. Also, making a phone call so as to stop someone for waiting for me and explaining why is… very difficult for me, because in over the past twenty years, I never had such a habit. That is why overlooked informing you, I hope you could understand me. However, in the future, I will make that call and explain why.”

“You, and this home, are things that matter to me. You’re definitely not…...”

While Yang Chen spoke, Lin Ruoxi raised her head slightly, then quickly went up the stairs, ran into her room, and shut the door before Yang Chen could finish.

Yang Chen sighed deeply, and a bitter smile formed on his lips. He took a good look around the living room, then turned off the lights and went up to rest.

Early in the morning the next day, Yang Chen’s phone which was charged rang.

Yang Chen casually reached out for it, then placed it by his ear and accepted the call.

“Good morning Hubby, I hope I didn’t wake you up?” Rose timidly greeted on the other side.

Yang Chen’s eyes remained close, but he formed a smile and asked, “Why ask if you already know the answer? How are things?”

“With Secretary Fang and Bureau Chief Cai’s cooperation along with Dongxing lacking so many Hall Masters and Underbosses, yesterday’s attack was pretty boring. Zhou Guangnian simply didn’t have any time to resist. But when I went to his home at the end, things were a little strange.”

“What was strange about it?” Yang Chen indolently asked.

Rose said, “I went there with Bureau Chief Cai. When we found Zhou Guangnian, he was already dead with a shot through his head. Furthermore, the position he was in when he died was very strange, he was kneeling.”

“What about the others?” Yang Chen didn’t seem to mind this at all.

“Zhou Dongcheng had fled along with several of his close aides, we weren’t able to catch them. As the military order to seal off the city only lasts till this morning, catching him… will be difficult.” Rose regretfully said.

“It’s fine, he isn’t someone with bad ambitions, so don’t intentionally make things difficult for him. Just make some preparations just in case.”

“I thought so as well, so I have sent my subordinates to start dealing with the aftermath and we’re ignoring him.” Rose spoke in a light voice, “Hubby, you should continue sleeping, I’m going to work now.”

“Don’t overwork yourself, you can leave some things to Little Zhao and Rongrong. Now that your elites are returning, you should reward them well, being a spy is tough work.”

After ending the call, Yang Chen didn’t continue sleeping. Since it just so happened to be the weekend, Yang Chen planned to have his breakfast before going to the hospital to check up on Yuan Ye, as that is the most important matter right now.

He went downstairs, and Wang Ma had already placed his lavish breakfast on the table. Today, there was rice, cold dishes, and heated leftovers.

Yang Chen noticed that Lin Ruoxi hadn’t come down yet, so he wondered inside if that chick was still angry and reluctant to see him. However, he couldn’t do anything about it, it wouldn’t be right for him to break into her chambers.

“Young Master, you’ve awoken. You must’ve come back really late last night, thank goodness that you’re safe. Miss and I have both been so worried about you.” Wang Ma had a relieved smile.

“Yang Chen was bewildered, so he asked, “Wang Ma, what do you mean?”

“During dinner yesterday, the Cai Family’s Second Miss called to tell Miss not to leave the house. She said that Zhonghai wasn’t safe last night. Since you always stay out and your phone was unreachable, we were both worried that something happened to you, Young Master.” Said Wang Ma.

Many thoughts erupted in Yang Chen’s head, he recalled how Lin Ruoxi was curled up on the sofa last night, and felt a burst of guilt. It was indeed right of her to be angry towards him. She didn’t just wait for him, she was also worried about him.

“These dishes were all from last night, but we only ate a little. I’ve heated them all up this morning, please eat more, Young Master.” Wang Ma cordially filled a bowl with rice and gave it to Yang Chen, “Originally, it was to welcome you home, since you just returned, Miss even cooked for the first time. However, Miss said that it looked terrible, so she didn’t even touch it.”

Yang Chen suspected that he misheard, “Ruoxi cooked?”

“That’s right, it’s this dish of lettuce.” Wang Ma pointed at the yellowed lettuce dish at the corner. As a night had passed, the sesame oil in it looked a little sticky, “Young Master, would you like to give it a try?”

Yang Chen happily nodded, the image of Lin Ruoxi clumsily trying to cook surfaced, and he had an urge to laugh.

He picked up a bunch of it with his chopsticks and put it on his rice. Without caring about the taste, he just kept eating it with a smile.

“Young Master, how does it taste? Does Miss have potential in cooking?” Wang Ma asked with a wide smile.

Yang Chen was in the midst of eating, and couldn’t be bothered to talk, so he nodded enthusiastically.

In moments, two bowls of rice had entered his stomach. Yang Chen was pretty much done eating, since Lin Ruoxi still wasn’t coming down, he told Wang Ma that he was going to the hospital to visit a patient, and left the house.

One Yang Chen left, Lin Ruoxi sneakily came down from the second floor. She walked to the table and looked at the lettuce dish that only has little bits of lettuce left. She was a little entranced.

Wang Ma wore a profound smile, “Miss, looks like Young Master is very satisfied with the dish you cooked, he only ate what you made.”

Lin Ruoxi blushed a little. She curiously picked up her chopsticks and took a small piece of lettuce, and carefully put it into her mouth…….

“Wu… wu! Pui pui bleh……”

Lin Ruoxi creased her brows, and stomped on the ground. She resentfully said, “It’s so salty, did that nitwitted fellow grow up by eating salt!?”

Seeing Lin Ruoxi both angry and happy at the same time, Wang Ma couldn’t help snickering.

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