Chapter 227-2: Stratagems

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 227-2: Stratagems

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When Hai Tang’s figure was out of view for the two men in suits, their smiles vanished and they sneered as they looked at each other.

“She’s just a chick that Boss is banging everyday, yet she really thinks she has become a big deal.”

“Geez, don’t think about that. Once Boss is done playing with her, us brothers can toy with her to death.”

“That’s true, hahahaha……”

At the same time, at a small unobtrusive coffee shop situated close to the ring road in the east region, Yang Chen and Rose sat beside by a window, and drank coffee.

On Rose’s computer screen, detailed information from her many squads were constantly received. The fiery red rose drawing on the map was constantly overthrowing the numerous locations with a black “East” imprinted on them.

[TL: The "Dong" in Dongxing is the chinese character for East.]

Yang Chen listened as Rose was done with another call, then looked at Rose with a queer expression with an urge to sigh.

Rose noticed Yang Chen who looked at her deep in thought, she blinked at him then asked, “Hubby, why are you looking at me like that? Is there a flower on my face?”

“Darling Rose, just when did you send your spies to get close to Dongxing’s important personnel?” Yang Chen curiously asked.

“I already sent them when tensions with West Union Society was rising. Back then, our Red Thorns Society was in a disadvantage, and according to reason, those elites should be kept in headquarters…… However… because of your appearance, I bet that I’d win in the end……” Rose mischievously smiled, “Hubby, please don’t blame me, I think that way because I believe in you, that you will definitely help us……”

Yang Chen scratched his head, then raised his head and sighed, “Looks like everything was within your calculations, I reckon that Dongxing’s people would never have expected that you would choose that period to set your sights on Dongxing instead of scheming against West Union Society.”

“Yeah… I thought so at that time as well…… You won’t get angry over this… right… Hubby?” Rose fawningly used her hands to hold Yang Chen’s hands and put on a pitiful expression.

“Heh.” Yang Chen softly laughed, “Forget about it, I realized that you women all aren’t simple to deal with.”

Yang Chen recalled the stratagems Lin Ruoxi employed a while ago, and it was also a ridiculous scheme.

When it comes to plotting, he was probably inferior to Lin Ruoxi and Rose, because with his strength, he didn’t need to think of stratagems. On the other hand, independent women like them had to think very far ahead and consider many complicated things.

Rose pursed her lips and smiled, “I knew you wouldn’t blame me. However, what do you mean by ‘you women’ Hubby? Just how many women do you have?”

“Uh……” Yang Chen coughed twice, and dodged the subject, “How are things progressing? Are we just going to sit here all the way? Do you want to go to the frontlines to take a look?”

“No, it’s the same whether or not we go, because the total number of places we’re attacking number to over two hundred. In terms of the important ones, there are over fifty of them. There’s no point in just going to one, so why not just stay here instead and give orders instead?” Rose happily said.

Seeing Rose so excited and cute, Yang Chen couldn’t help smiling, “Looks like our Empress Rose is rather happy to ascend the true throne of Zhonghai’s underworld.”

“Hubby, do you know that in this profession, true joy is found not after defeating an enemy, and also not before defeating the enemy. Even if I become the only leader in Zhonghai’s underworld, I wouldn’t be happy about it……” Rose’s beautiful eyes were filled with an indescribable radiance, “True joy only happens when we are beating the enemy and eating up their territory. In that instant where we succeed, I can feel my heart beat, and it’s so intense!”

“I guess you aren’t going to sleep tonight?” Yang Chen asked with a weird smile.

“Nope.” Rose felt sorry as she said, “Hubby, how about you go home? I’m really happy right now, Secretary Fang actually collaborated with us to help us take down Dongxing…… I won’t be accompanying you to sleep tonight, so you should go home, there’s nothing for you to do by accompanying me anyways.”

Yang Chen helplessly sighed, “If that fellow Fang Zhongping creates trouble for you after this, let me know, I will take care of him for you.”

“Aye, don’t worry. Actually, as long as we work well together, it’s definitely beneficial to him for me to be the leader of Zhonghai’s underworld, he wouldn’t be so silly.” Rose said with a smile.

On the computer screen, the symbol for gunfight began to show up unceasingly, while the black “East” markers looked like they were stained with blood by the expansion of the fiery red rose drawing.

Yang Chen looked at Rose as she happily smiled like a child who has gotten a new toy. He smiled and shook his head, then left the coffee shop.

As he had someone from Red Thorns Society’s retrieve his BMW, Yang Chen didn’t need anyone to send him back.

It was almost 1:30 AM. While Yang Chen drove out of the downtown, he looked at his rearview mirror, and glanced at Zhonghai’s east region which was still brightly lit.

Once this night ends, Dongxing’s Zhou father and son along with the Xu Family would be struck off from Zhonghai.

However, these matters weren’t a big deal to Yang Chen. To be blunt, if it wasn’t because the opportunity presented itself for others to take credit and for Rose to benefit, Yang Chen was totally willing to kill Zhou Guangnian, Xu Zhihong and the others by himself, even if he had to take the medicine again because of it.

After driving at ridiculous speeds for over ten minutes, Yang Chen returned to the villa at Dragon Garden.

When he got off the car, Yang Chen was astonished to find out that the living room’s lights were still on.

It was almost 2 AM, so Yang Chen creased his brows. In the past, Lin Ruoxi did wait for him to return home before, but this time it was already this late, so Yang Chen felt that this was unlikely. He was even called a “rogue” by Lin Ruoxi this morning, so he guessed that perhaps the two women at home forgot to turn off the lights.

With doubt in his head, Yang Chen opened the door and entered the house.

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