Chapter 226-2: Unsafe

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 226-2: Unsafe

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Rose sat on the spacious black seat, and there was a small table placed in front of her with a small Macbook on it. Rose wore her lensless glasses, and commanded the various divisions of Red Thorns Society while looking at a map of Zhonghai.

“Darling Rose, didn’t you already set your plans in motion? Why are you still so hands-on?” Asked Yang Chen.

Rose mischievously stuck her tongue out at him, “Many changes have to be made for on-site battles, it goes without saying that they have to be perfected.”

Yang Chen found it incredibly boring to look at the map, but he didn’t want to disturb Rose. After all, this matter was comparable to an emperor expanding his territory, and it indeed made her very excited.

Therefore, Yang Chen leaned against the front seat, and took a look at Little Zhao who drove and Chen Rong who sat beside him. With a smile, Yang Chen said, “Little Zhao, aren’t you a Hall Master now? Why are you driving instead of commanding at the front lines?”

“Yang-ge, please don’t ridicule me, I just handle some logistics in the backend. By letting me drive, it shows that Big Sis thinks highly of me, which is a good point of mine. I’m clear about my position. Don’t you think so, Rongrong?” Little Zhao was all smiles as he asked Chen Rong.

Chen Rong nodded, “That’s true, when Little Zhao-ge tried to snatch away the position of bartender from me a while ago, I didn’t give it back to him.”

Yang Chen jabbed at Little Zhao’s round head with his finger, “So immature, fooling around in the bar all day.”

“Geez, Yang-ge, you’re wrong about that. In the bar, I am the one closest to Big Sis. In ancient terms, I am the general manager of the inner palace, it’s an incredible position!”

“Little Zhao-ge, the general manager of the inner palace is a eunuch.” Chen Rong said with a weird expression.

Little Zhao felt bullied, so he mumbled a little and stopped speaking.

While they casually conversed, the car had finally arrived at the place Fang Zhongping chose to meet, which was by a river in between the east and west regions.

The Hummer stopped at an empty lot, and there were already two cars parked in the surroundings. However, these two cars were rather special, one was a police car, and the other had a government license plate with the number 0001.

Rose who wore plain black workout clothes jumped out of the car, while Yang Chen lazily continued to sit in the car. He opened the window to have a grasp of the situation outside.

Fang Zhongping and Cai Yan were both here early, seeing Rose arrive punctually, they were both relieved inside. Rose and Zhou Guangnian were both leaders of Zhonghai’s underworld forces to them. At this moment, they, as government forces wanted to collaborate with an underworld organization and have them go all out against another underworld organization, this situation was rather ironic.

It was fortunate that Rose’s Red Thorns Society had never crossed the government agencies and have always been rather low-profile, as that made them feel a little more at peace.

Rose amicably shook hands with Fang Zhongping and Cai Yan, then began to discuss their plans.

Fang Zhongping was the commander of the government and armed forces for this event, but the specific battle plans were handled by Rose with Cai Yan assisting her.

However, Fang Zhongping had to get a proper understanding for matters regarding the actual damages and the scope of affected areas, and reach an agreement. This was something that Cai Yan would have to monitor during the battle.

Despite being a great distance away, Yang Chen was able to clearly hear the contents of their conversations. Yang Chen didn’t want Fang Zhongping to make use of Red Thorns Society’s power to destroy Dongxing, then end up stabbing Red Thorns Society in the back. Therefore, what Yang Chen cared about the most was that the plan was smoothly carried out with equal treatment.

However, Cai Yan who participated in this discussion glanced at Yang Chen from time to time with complicated emotions in her eyes. This made Yang Chen rather confused. What’s wrong with this violent police beauty? Could it be that because I’m with Rose, she feels that I have another crime on my head and is trying to think of a way to arrest me!?

Twenty minutes later, Rose separated from Fang Zhongping and Cai Yan, and returned to the car.

“Hubby, after tonight, Zhonghai will be ours.” Rose confidently said.

“You’re that confident? Although Dongxing might not know everything, some information must have slipped through somehow. Some defenses are definitely prepared, and it’s going to be a slugfest.” Said Yang Chen.

Rose had a crafty look in her eyes, “My subordinates have been deployed way before this plan was made……”

The Hummer was once again started, and headed towards the city center which was full of bright lights. It was currently late night, and traffic on the road was very sparse. The people who were having a great time intoxicating themselves at various locations for leisure were completely unaware that an earth-shattering dark storm was approaching in the wee hours.

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