Chapter 225-2: In case

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 225-2: In case

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On the other side, after Yang Chen notified Rose of the general situation, Rose immediately responded with great interest and enthusiasm. It was obvious that she had realized how good of an opportunity this was for her to unify Zhonghai’s underworld, so they agreed to meet at ROSE bar an hour later. Before going over, he decided to go back into the hospital to let some of them know about this, and he also wanted to say goodbye to Tangtang.

When he arrived at the ICU’s entrance, Yang Chen informed Yuan Hewei and Fang Zhongping that he had already notified the Red Thorns Society, and that the government’s police force and armed forces can cooperate to eliminate all of Dongxing’s strongholds. This made Fang Zhongping brighten up.

“Yang Chen, if this operation succeeds, you’d be a great hero of Zhonghai!” Said Fang Zhongping, “I believe you already know that Tangtang was nearly kidnapped by Dongxing’s people multiple times.”

“That’s right, which is why I can understand why you’re so excited.” Said Yang Chen.

Fang Zhongping said with the emotion of resentment, “Dongxing’s Zhou Guangnian has always wanted to have his crimes written off. He even wants to have money laundering aided by the government, and turn some of their underworld businesses legalized. However, as I have always went against him, those useless troops of his never managed to enter the government agencies, so he has been trying to use Tangtang to threaten me. If it wasn’t because his strengths are too complex, I’d be itching to crush all of his strongholds!”

Yang Chen smiled and said, “Secretary Fang, looks like you’re a rather righteous person. For me, I just don’t like the old fogey because he always creates trouble for me, so I decided to cooperate with you guys.”

“Haha, I wouldn’t call myself righteous, since being stable in my position requires more than petty tricks. To climb even higher and be even more stable, it isn’t enough to just settle with coexisting with those filthy things. What a man does has the heavens as his witness. I, Fang Zhongping am not a martyr who will lose my head and bleed for a virtuous cause, but I at least have a conscience. Dongxing have indeed gone overboard with the things they have done in the past few years.”

After Yang Chen was done speaking to the two, Yuan Hewei and Fang Zhongping both left with their bodyguards, and went off to prepare for the battle.

Yang Chen walked into the ICU, and Tangtang was right by Yuan Ye’s bed. Seeing Yang Chen enter alone, Tangtang raised her head wondering what was the matter.

“Tangtang, I’m leaving now, you should stay here tonight. There are many people outside protecting this place, it’s very safe.”

“Uncle, I know that tonight will be chaotic, please take good care of yourself.” Tangtang said with concern.

“Aye, I’ll be going then.”

Yang Chen was about to turn away and leave when Tangtang called out to him.

“Uncle……” Tangtang pursed her lips, then said, “Uncle, I’m thinking in case happens to Yuan Ye-ge…… I mean in case he ends up becoming… I hope that I can marry  him……”

“What do you mean by that?” Yang Chen was stunned and asked.

“I have thought about it a lot. If something happens to Yuan Ye-ge and he doesn’t wake up after tonight…… I’d use the method my mother used to impregnate herself, and give birth to a child for Yuan Ye-ge, I will also get married to Yuan Ye-ge.” Tangtang said with a adamant gaze.

In the quiet ICU, other than the soft sounds of the various instruments, there was only Tangtang’s resolute voice.

Yang Chen stared blankly at Tangtang. He suddenly felt that this girl in front of him was no longer Tangtang of yesterday, the words she said made him apprehensive inside, but he was also stunned to the core.

“I will tell the child that his father was a man who was brimming with dreams, he’s the man Mom loves the most in this lifetime. Although he may only be able to see what his father looks like through pictures, I believe that he will most definitely be proud to have such a father.” Tangtang said with a smile.

“Don’t let your imaginations run wild.” Yang Chen rubbed Tangtang’s head, “You managed to frighten the hell out of me with those words, if Yuan Ye dares to stay asleep, I won’t let him off.”

“Yes! I won’t let him off either!”

It was at that point the left hand fingertips of Yuan Ye who laid motionlessly on the bed slightly trembled, but it was undiscovered everyone.

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