Chapter 224-2: Upside down

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 224-2: Upside down

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“You don’t say!? Red Thorns Society rules the west region, and they had just eaten up the West Union Society a while ago, so they have high morale and have become a lot stronger. However, they’re both criminal organizations, a malignant tumor in the government’s eyes! You think we can get them to help us deal with Dongxing!?” Fang Zhongping angrily said.

Yang Chen laughed and said, “Whether the Red Thorns Society will fight them is my business. What I want to know now is if Red Thorns Society starts an all-out battle with Dongxing, would you guys use your finances to bring down the Xu Family’s properties and send armed forces to assist Red Thorns Society to bring down all of Dongxing’s strongholds?”

Once Yang Chen question was asked, everyone present became taciturn, they were seemingly considering the authenticity and feasibility of this.

“This isn’t a game, on what basis should we trust you?” Asked Yuan Hewei.  

“I trust him.” Yang Jieyu said, “Hubby, I believe that he has no reason to deceive us.”

Since his beloved wife has said so, Yuan Hewei nodded and said, “Alright then, in that case, our Yuan Family has no qualms in doing this. The Xu Family was inferior to us from the start, and with their shares at its lowest point ever. If we do this for real, they won’t have the ability to resist at all. It all depends on the Fang Family now. Secretary Fang, the police and armed forced are all under your jurisdiction.”

Fang Zhongping hesitated, then said, “Have you all considered the fact that even if Red Thorns Society aids us in eradicating Dongxing, it’d still be a large scale armed operation in Zhonghai, and the lives of ordinary folks and properties would be in jeopardy? In hours, the media would cover news that is detrimental to our Fang Family, how could those people at Yanjing permit such a large uprising to happen? If Dongxing’s people retreat and flee to other provinces, things would become even more complicated.”

“You need not worry about this.” Yang Jieyu suddenly voiced, “I will contact my brother later, at twelve midnight tonight, Zhonghai’s surroundings, including the sea will be sealed. On Yanjing’s side, I will contact my father, and tell him that his grandson was nearly killed by a criminal organization, I believe that he won’t do nothing when he learns of this.”

“Really!?” Fang Zhongping was overjoyed, and laughed loudly, “As long as you can contact your esteemed brother and Uncle Yang, our Fang Family is willing to go all the way even if it turns Zhonghai upside down!”

Yang Jieyu smiled in amusment, “Secretary Fang, you have been waiting for me to say this, right?”

“Hehe, what are you saying? Tangtang is my treasured daughter, she was bullied and nearly lost her life, how can I not be angry as a father?” It was as if Fang Zhongping had been hit with a tranquilizer dart. With Yang Jieyu’s guarantee, it seemed like he was unafraid of anything.

Yuan Hewei helplessly smiled, then warmly spoke to Yang Jieyu, “Jieyu, we’ll have to trouble you to notify Father-in-law and Big Brother then.”

“I’ll do it right now.” Saying that Yang Jieyu calmly glanced at Yang Chen, then left under the protection of two bodyguards.

Yuan Hewei asked, “Yang Chen, when are you going to contact the Red Thorns Society?”

“I can also contact them now, at twelve midnight tonight, they will attack all strongholds of Dongxing Society, and will only need the government's armed forces’ assistance. With proper communication and battle locations sealed off, there shouldn’t be much casualties.” Yang Chen then said to Fang Zhongping, “Secretary Fang, for the detailed battle plan, I will have Red Thorns Society’s leader, Rose contact you. When it comes to how to deal with Dongxing, she has more qualifications than anyone, I hope that you do your part and don’t shoot yourself in the foot.”

“Don’t worry, if I’m just an arrogant and conceited person, I wouldn’t get to where I am today. I will just have my subordinates assist, and won’t vie over anything.” Fang Zhongping reassured. 

Yang Chen nodded, and while he was walking to the ICU’s exit, he heard an argument happening outside the ICU……

“Let me in right now! Why are you getting in my way!?”

“Miss, this is where an important patient is resting, only family members may enter!”

“I am a family member! It’s the police who told me the person I’m looking for is here!”

“Miss, without proof from the police, we can’t let you enter. You haven’t even told us who you’re looking for, please do not make things difficult for us!”

“I want to confirm who the patient inside is!”

“Miss, you can’t force your way in, you should at least tell us who your relative is, or we absolutely can’t let you in!”

“I… I… I’m looking for my husband!”

The door was opened from the inside. Yang Chen pursed his lips and resisted his urge to smile. He looked at Lin Ruoxi who was in a tangle with two nurses in front of the door in amusement.

Lin Ruoxi’s moon-white suit was rather disorderly, and her hair which was bunned up had several strands dangling over her neck. Her beautiful face that looked like it was carved from white jade was rather red and she was panting because she was arguing and because she was anxious.

Yang Chen blinked at her, “My dear darling Ruoxi, you’ve finally called me your husband.”

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