Chapter 223-2: What is love

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 223-2: What is love

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“Uncle, do you know? When you told me that day that I was too young and insensible, that seeing you make cool moves and rescue me made me mistake emotions of blind adoration as love? I had thought always thought that that was you brushing me off because you didn’t like me, and didn’t take it seriously when you called me childish. Which was why I didn’t believe that you wouldn’t take responsibility after touching and hugging me in public. Furthermore… I thought about you so much and wanted to hug you so much, how could that not be love…...

But today, when I watched you get carried out by those two bad people to be fed to the fishes, I realized that the pain I felt was that of losing a kin, like I was losing an elder instead of a spouse. Although I don’t know what is love, I was able to confirm that what I felt towards you truly wasn’t love……

Earlier when we were on the car, I saw Yuan Ye-ge in such pain, and even… even heard him say such things…… I suddenly felt like exchanging bodies with him. If possible, I wanted to be the one who was hit by those two bullets, and take his place in the operating room.

However, Yuan Ye-ge would definitely scold and hit me. I know that although he never scolds or hits me, he definitely would if I was hurt because of him…… Wu… Uncle… what do I do…… I don’t want him to scold or beat me, I’m afraid that my heart would shatter, but I really don’t want Yuan Ye-ge to leave me! Wu……”

Tangtang leaned forward and weakly leaned against Yang Chen’s body, her tears moistened Yang Chen’s chest, and her cries resounded in the corridor, it was so sudden that nobody knew how to console her.

Yang Chen reached out a hand to pat Tangtang’s back, the young lady’s words were somewhat incoherent at the end, but the sincerity in it made him speechless. Often, people aren’t ignorant, they just lack an opportunity to break free of their shackles and transform, and it can all happen in an instant.

Ten minutes later, quick and disarrayed steps were finally heard in the quiet corridor. Many figures headed towards the operating room.

Yang Chen and Tangtang who had been awaiting the outcome stood up, Tangtang quickly walked over the people coming over and called out to her father. She hugged Fang Zhongping who hastily rushed over.

Amongst the people, Yang Chen only recognized Tangtang, her father Secretary Fang and his bodyguard Dugu Zui. The other well-dressed men and women with them were probably Yuan Ye’s family.

However, when a beautiful woman amongst them who wore a graceful coffee brown dress and had her hair pinned up caught sight of Yang Chen, her anxious expression seemed to turn into incredible astonishment, and her gaze was fixed on him.

Yang Chen noticed the interest this woman harbored towards him, and he felt a mysterious aura from her. It seemed familiar, yet unfamiliar, but he wouldn’t be so narcissistic as to think this woman was fond of him. From her looks and attire, she was very likely the person who supposedly had a powerful background, Yuan Ye’s mother.

The man who stood at the front was a middle-aged man who looked extremely similar to Yuan Ye. It was precisely the Yuan Family’s master, Yuan Hewei. Seeing that Tangtang was safe, he looked at the operating room light which was on, then frowned and said, “Tangtang, tell me in detail, just what happened!? Weren’t you guys kidnapped a moment ago? Why is it that you’re suddenly at a hospital, and why is Little Ye hurt!?”

Fang Zhongping discontentedly said, “Yuan Hewei, why are you in such a rush!? Can’t you see that my daughter is worn out!? Take it slow!”

“Fang Zhongping, Secretary Fang, my son is having an operation and his condition is unknown, how can you expect me not to panic!?” Yuan Hewei spoke loudly.

“Dad, let me speak to Uncle Yuan.” Tangtang urged Fang Zhongping, then turned to speak to Yuan Hewei, “Uncle Yuan, this morning, Yuan Ye-ge came to pick us……”

Tangtang narrated what happened today. When she mentioned how Yang Chen dealt with all of the enemies by himself, everyone present looked towards this quiet plain-looking man with shock. Fang Zhongping and Dugu Zui knew Yang Chen from before and had even threatened him before, they didn’t expect that Yang Chen was able to turn the tides just by himself, and looked at him with queer expressions.”

“Thank you for saving Tangtang and my son.” The lady who had been staring at Yang Chen walked over and offered a handshake.

Yang Chen hesitated for a moment, then shook her hand. Her hand gave a nice warm and gentle feeling, “You need not be courteous. Due to my negligence, he was hurt, so I didn’t really do a good thing.”

“Tangtang calls you uncle, may I know your name?” She stared straight Yang Chen’s eyes and gracefully asked.

“Yang Chen.”

The lady evidently trembled, her facial expression became stiff, but she still maintained a smile, “Nice to meet you, Yang Chen. My name is Yang Jieyu, I’m Yuan Ye’s mother.”

The anxious Yuan Hewei noticed the strange reaction of his wife, so he also took a careful look at Yang Chen. He finally noticed something as well, and exchanged glances with Yang Jieyi.

“Yang Chen, I have to thank you. Although Little Ye is still undergoing surgery, the fact that you were able to bring them out is an incredibly good thing for our Yuan Family and Fang Family. Zhou Guangnian and Xu Zhihong joining hands was something we never expected, we fell into their schemes and couldn’t fight back, but now we could. Although Zhou Guangnian managed to run off with some small victories, they haven’t gotten anything big, we can now cross swords with them in the open!” Yuan Hewei walked forward as well, and shook hands with Yang Chen with appreciation.

Yang Chen said, “No matter what it is that you want to do, let’s wait for Yuan Ye’s operation to end first.”

“That’s right, I will immediately get people to secure the hospital. Tangtang, go back to Dad’s first, you must be tired, Uncle Dugu will send you.” Said Fang Zhongping.

“I don’t want to, I will wait for Yuan Ye-ge to come out.” Tangtang resolutely shook her head.

“Let Tangtang stay.” Yang Jieyu dully said. Though she was Yuan Ye’s mother, she seemed calmer than everyone present.

Hearing Yang Jieyu’s words, Fang Zhongping didn’t say anything more, and just nodded silently.

It was at this time that the operating room’s light finally turned off, the two doors were opened from the inside by the nurses……

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