Chapter 223-1: What is love

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 223-1: What is love

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Zhonghai City’s 2nd Hospital. Outside the Accident and Emergency area, the area was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

The white CFL lights illuminated the area as it was dim even though it was day time, it gave off a depressing and stifling feeling.

The operating room’s light remained on, and there was no sound or movement. It was as if the person who had been pushed inside was undergoing god’s trial, whether he goes or stays depends on fate. There’s nothing that could be done other than waiting.

At this time, gentle and slow steps were heard. Tangtang was still in her cute black and white dress, but her face was currently shrouded in dark emotions.

On a cold bench outside the operating room, Yang Chen who had been silently sitting down got up. He calmly asked, “Have you made the call?”

Tangtang’s state of mind seemed to be turning numb, but she was still able to nod, “Yes. Uncle and Auntie Yuan, along with my Dad will be here soon.”

“What about Zhou Guangnian?

“He managed to obtain some contracts done and left, we notified them too late.” Tangtang softly said.

A slight killing intent surfaced in Yang Chen’s eyes, but he still managed to calm down. He supported Tangtang’s feeble shoulders and had her sit on the bench, “Rest for a while, you look worn out.”

Tangtang’s eyes drooped, her complex mood had maturity that wasn’t something girls her age should have. It was as if this active and confident girl had grown ten years older, and became hard to recognize.

After she sat down, Tangtang raised her head and smiled at Yang Chen, “Uncle, I’m alright, don’t blame yourself. If it wasn’t for you, we’d have been used by them and probably thrown into the sea to feed the fishes.”

“I was careless, there’s nothing worth consoling over that. However, I think Yuan Ye will be alright.” Said Yang Chen.

Speaking of Yuan Ye who was in the operating room, Tangtang turned her head towards the doors and rubbed her eyes, she softly said, “Uncle, do you remember what I asked you that day?”

“What did you ask?”

When he was with Tangtang, this girl chattered endlessly, Yang Chen truly couldn’t remember which question she was referring to.

“I like playing with you, and sticking onto you. I thought that was what liking and loving someone was like. However, you never accepted me, and was never willing to be intimate with me. You called me a silly girl, and labelled me a brat, so that day I asked you just how can someone become more mature……”

Yang Chen gradually recalled this, it was the day where Tangtang had run away from home.

“You told me that if one day, I feel like there are fewer and fewer things to complain about, or that there’s nothing worth complaining about, I’d be mature……”

Tangtang turned back to face him, her eyes were rather red, but there was a sweet smile on her face, “I’ve been thinking of those words all this time, but I finally understand, because I am very content right now. It turns out that I have always had someone by my side, who even risked his life to protect me. What is there for me to even complain about…?”

Yang Chen quietly observed Tangtang who was suddenly different from before. He wasn’t used to this, but he still listened seriously.

“Uncle, from the moment I had become sensible, my parents treated me well. But the only one who lets me have my way at everything, takes care of me, and thinks about me is Yuan Ye-ge. When I was younger, he accompanied me to summer camp, brought me to the suburbs to catch rhinoceros beetles, and even brought me to the sea to play with a life buoy on. When other kids bully me, he would beat them up for me. If he can’t beat them down, he’d call for reinforcements. He was even beaten by Auntie Yuan to the point where he couldn’t get off the bed numerous times because of this.

I previously thought that he was like an elder brother to me, so all of this was to be expected. When there’s something delicious to eat, I wouldn’t need to snatch it from him, he would voluntarily give it to me. When there’s something fun to play, he’d definitely bring me. Back when I wanted to play with cars, he kept it from the adults and bought me a Porsche with his own money. In the end, he was scolded by the elders in his family, and was even grounded for a month. Later on, when I raced cars, he would bring bodyguards to follow me for fear that something would happen to me or that I might get bullied.

But when I was in senior high and was busy with school, he started working as a professional gamer, so the amount of times we met decreased. However, he would still give me calls often, to tell me what good restaurants have opened, what good movies I can watch, what fun games there are, all with the intention to bring me out to eat, to watch, to play.

Sometimes, I find him very annoying. He wanted to bring me to everything while I was so busy, how could I have so much time to spend with him? Therefore, I was rude to him on the phone often, telling him not to bother me… but, he never ever gotten angry with me……”

As she spoke, Tangtang’s voice became slightly hoarse. She wore a smile, yet tears fell onto the spotless floor.

Yang Chen silently listened, he had always believed that her sports car was given to her by her parents, and didn’t expect that it was actually gifted by Yuan Ye. He also didn’t expect that Yuan Ye was actually protecting Tangtang instead of driving for fun.

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