Chapter 222-2: Selfish choice

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 222-2: Selfish choice

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Yang Chen did the same with Tangtang’s handcuffs, then said, “I broke the handcuffs just like that, then gave those two fellows a punch each, changed clothes, then came over.”

Yuan Ye and Tangtang were both stupefied, but having seen what he just did with their own eyes, they had no choice but to believe it.

“Don’t stare at me like I’m a monster, quickly tell me the number.” Yang Chen had no choice, he already told them not to kill him, but they still wanted to, so they were killed by him.

“Uncle, you’re too suave, I knew you could do it.” Tangtang’s bright eyes were filled with adoration.

“You definitely thought I was dead earlier too, right? Silly girl, you cried over my death with such grief, I’m very contented.” Yang Chen laughed as he rubbed Tangtang’s head.

Yuan Ye’s had joy written all over his face as he said, “Let me make the call myself, we’ll see what Xu Zhihong does now.”

“Sure, I’ll go out and wait for the two of you at the car, the two trucks are still out there.” Yang Chen searched for the truck keys from one of the criminals, then left the warehouse.

However, just as Yang Chen was about to leave the warehouse, he felt a chill down his back!

Because he had spent many years on the path of blood, Yang Chen was incredibly sensitive to any sort of killing intent, so he immediately turned around!

Forty meters away, a man who had already fallen and was profusely bleeding suddenly raised his arm and pointed his submachine gun at Tangtang’s back!

“Watch out!”

Yuan Ye just happened to notice that small movement as well, and instinctively pushed Tangtang away!

*Bang bang……*

That man who was in pain pulled the trigger with a sardonic smile!

Blood splattered from two points on Yuan Ye’s body, and he fell on his knees!

*Bang bang bang!!!!*

Yang Chen’s shots came immediately after, blowing that man’s head up!

He went over to Yuan Ye’s side with big strides, examined his body, and found that the areas he was hit was very close to the heart. Although he wasn’t going to die yet, he was definitely in mortal danger!

“Yuan Ye-ge!” After Tangtang recovered from the shock, she looked at Yuan Ye who had taken shots for her, and her tears began to fall like pearls on a broken pearl necklace.

Yang Chen’s eyes was a little red, this man had been shot at where his heart was supposed to be, yet he didn’t die. The only explanation was that his heart was in a slightly different location in comparison to most people. The possibility of this was very low, Yang Chen didn't expect to bump into this today!

Yang Chen carried Yuan Ye’s body, and said to Tangtang, “Let’s go, we need to send him to the hospital, we can still save him!”

“Okay……” Tangtang wiped away her tears and quickly kept up. She grabbed onto Yuan Ye’s hand which was hanging down, and didn’t speak a word as she sobbed.

They quickly ran to the container truck. Luckily, a large GMC truck like this had four doors, so there was space for Yuan Ye to lie down in the back. After settling Yuan Ye down, Tangtang who was wrought with worry stayed behind and placed Yuan Ye’s head on her lap.

Yuan Ye’s white shirt had been dyed red, blood trickled out unceasingly.

Under Tangtang’s confused gaze, Yang Chen reached out his hand and pressed it on Yuan Ye’s chest for a while, and mysteriously, Yuan Ye’s chest seemed to have stopped bleeding.

“Uncle, Uncle what do we do…… I don’t want Yuan Ye-ge to die……” Tangtang who was usually vivacious had seen two men she cared about on the brink of death on the same day. She felt particularly strongly about Yuan Ye who had been hurt due to protecting her, and was on the verge of breaking down.

Yang Chen silently closed the car doors, started the truck, and drove towards the road outside the pier.

“You take good care of him, as long as we send him to the hospital, he’ll be fine.” Yang Chen said with a grave expression.

Fact was, Yang Chen didn’t know whether Yuan Ye could persevere until they can get help. Although the internal energy from Boundless Yearning Restoration Scripture stabilized the wound, whether or not he survives would depend on his own body’s efforts.

Yuan Ye coughed twice from the pain, drowsily opened his eyes, and whispered in a deep voice, “Tangtang.”

At this point, Tangtang who had been hugging Yuan Ye’s head wiped her tears away, her tears fell on Yuan Ye’s head, and Tangtang quickly wiped them off of him. This young lady was looking like she was made of tears.

All of the tears she shed in her whole life may not be a match for how much she cried today.

“Yuan Ye-ge, don’t speak. Uncle is sending you to the hospital, you’ll be fine with Uncle here. Just look, you’re not bleeding anymore, you’ll definitely get better!” Said Tangtang. She couldn’t help sobbing.

Yuan Ye smiled with great effort, “Tangtang… there’s something I want to tell you……”

“Don’t speak, don’t speak anymore, I don’t want to hear. You can tell me after you recover……”

“I feel like, I’m out of strength…… I’m afraid… that I won’t have to opportunity to say this in the future……” Yuan Ye coughed twice, and it seemed to take all he had in him to keep his eyes open.

Tangtang bit her lips, and immediately covered her mouth with a hand. She managed not to cry even more and nodded.

Yuan Ye’s head moved closer to Tangtang’s body, as if he wanted to smell Tangtang’s scent……

“Tangtang… if I die today…… Promise me that… you will not… love anyone else in this life…… You must think of me for the rest of your life, and go through it alone…… I know that you’re young, you’re even younger than me by two years…… Perhaps this is… the most selfish choice I’ve made… in my life.

However… this is the choice of a man who loves you, I hope you can respect that. The dashing and beautiful Tangtang must… continue to be, dashing.

Tangtang… I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a long time…… I love you…… Tangtang... I love you……”


Tangtang finally couldn’t bear it anymore, she loudly wailed, and her mournful weeping made gave the whole truck a grievous and inconsolable mood. It was as if the young girl’s heart was withering along with her cries.

Yang Chen fiercely stepped on the accelerator. The container truck which was already going twice the speed limit became a roaring beast charging towards the Zhonghai’s Second General Hospital!

The facial muscles on Yang Chen’s expressionless face twitched. The anger and remorse he felt made him feel like he was losing control of his mind.

It had been too long since he last felt such unsuppressable emotions. It wasn’t because of his enemy’s cruelty, it was only because someone he cared about was communicating in a language that was soulful and wordless.

This idiotic kid, he hasn’t died, so why is he leaving departing words!? If you want to confess, then buy a bouquet of roses, wear shiny black leather shoes, and under the moonlight, offer a diamond ring. What is he doing in comparison!? With his chest full of blood and him running out of breath, what is he even trying to pull off!?

Is this a form of ridicule towards me!? Ridiculing me for being unable to protect him despite killing all of them!?

Yang Chen clenched his teeth, and rammed the container truck’s horn. Perhaps only the sharp, ear-piercing sounds of the horn could cover up Tangtang’s cries which made him lose his temper.

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