Chapter 221-2: Have a great time sinking

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 221-2: Have a great time sinking

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Yuan Ye and Tangtang both weren’t clear as to what Xu Zhihong’s words to Yang Chen meant, but they were both able to tell that Xu Zhihong harbored deep hostility towards Yang Chen. They were both worried for Yang Chen, as the both of them were valuable hostages and may not get hurt, but Yang Chen was different. From what they knew, Yang Chen had no backing!

Xu Zhihong nefariously smiled, then used the modified phone to dial a number.

When he hit dial, the phone rang three times before it connected.

“Hello, Yu Lei’s Lin Ruoxi……”

Hearing this familair voice, Yang Chen furrowed his brows.

“Hey Ruoxi, it’s Xu Zhihong. I’m specially calling you to let you know that your husband, Mr. Yang is going to die in a moment, but you need not collect his corpse, because you won’t be able to find it.”

Saying that, Xu Zhihong hung up the call without giving Lin Ruoxi any opportunity to reply.

Yang Chen was rather gloomy as he said, “Hey, you should have at least let me bid farewell to my wife, I also want to tell her my bank account password. I have a lot of money left for her.”

“It’s not necessary, once this collaboration with Chairman Zhou is complete, Yu Lei International would be my next target.” Xu Zhihong grimly laughed, “Looks like this is fate, Mr. Yang. When I decided to take the risk and burn my boats, I didn’t expect to kidnap you, yet you were kidnapped by me. Since the heavens are helping me to kill you, I won’t be shy.”

“You are not allowed to hurt Uncle! Uncle is innocent!!” When Tangtang heard that Xu Zhihong wanted to kill Yang Chen, she immediately shotued.

Yuan Ye’s also raised his voice, “Yang Chen is my best friend! If you hurt him, my parents definitely won’t let you go! We will definitely chase you to the very end!”

Yang Chen felt rather touched by these two kids. If he actually died, they would probably shed tears.

“You guys had better worry about your own lives first.” Xu Zhihong apathetically glanced at them, then beckoned two of his men who wore sunglasses over.

Xu Zhihong cruelly smiled, “Shackle his hands and legs tightly, tie an anchor to him, move the boat to somewhere further, then throw him off.”


The two subordinates answered like machines. They took out two handcuffs, and after binding Yang Chen’s legs, they put another pair of handcuffs on Yang Chen’s hands.

In this way, Yang Chen’s hands and legs were both tightly shackled.

“Mr. Yang, I hope that you have a great time sinking on your ocean journey.” Xu Zhihong coldly said.

“Can’t you be more flexible? I admit that I wasted quite a bit of your money when freeloading meals off you, and took possession of the woman you like. You were quite pitiful, and weren’t able to talk back to me previously. However, as the proverb goes, this crime does not deserve a death sentence.” Yang Chen happily said.

“Drag him out!” It was as if someone had stepped on Xu Zhihong’s tail as he angrily shouted.

The two subordinates immediately lifted Yang Chen from both ends, and carried him out like they were carrying a long box.

Tangtang and Yuan Ye both shouted, and Tangtang even teared, but they weren’t able to stop them.

Hairy Ball clicked his tongue, “Actually, that brat is quite good at fighting. If it wasn’t because we’re busy today, I would’ve sparred with him before he dies.”

Xu Zhihong snorted and said, “If you want to fight, you could go into the sea to accompany him, the two of you could fight when you turn into ghosts.”

“Geez, no no. Boss, don’t make such jokes, I had better stayed with you, boss. Earn some money, play with women, how fantastic.” Hairy Ball rejected Xu Zhihong’s suggestion.

Seeing Yang Chen get carried off, to be sunk deep into the ocean, Xu Zhihong’s mood had improved by leaps and bounds. He had a wide smile as he said, “Let’s go. We’ll wait for Chairman Zhou’s good news at home.”

“Sure. I’m hungry and haven’t eaten, please treat me to lunch, boss! Hehe!” Hairy Ball immediately followed.

After walking a few steps, Xu Zhihong turned back and said to the leader of his subordinates who had a long chin, “Stay here for now. If there’s are any changes, I will call you. Be careful, once you notice anything wrong, immediately head out to the sea!”


Yuan Ye and Tangtang acted as if they didn’t hear that. At this moment, they were both staring dazedly at the door where Yang Chen was last seen by them. Tangtang even had innumerable complex emotions in her eyes, it was as if she had been petrified, for she didn’t move an inch.

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