Chapter 220-2: Block bullets

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 220-2: Block bullets

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Saying that, three men came up front, led Yang Chen and the other two to sit, and handcuffed their hands behind them.

Yang Chen didn’t resist, for he knew that these people were just subordinates. The real mastermind would definitely enter the scene last. Besides, they had not done anything that would threaten their lives, so he was in no rush to make a move.

A short while later, the metal door was once again opened, a handsome man who wore suit and tie entered, with a large unkempt man who was in the middle of digging his nose following behind.

Yang Chen looked closely and was rather surprised as he didn’t expect the culprits to be this master and servant pair, Xu Zhihong and Hairy Ball!

That day, Xu Zhihong and Zeng Xinlin had both lost tons of money due to Lin Ruoxi’s schemes. The Zeng Family withdrew from the power struggle in Zhonghai, while Xu Zhihong’s Donghua Science and Technology suffered disastrous losses which would impair their ability to compete with Yu Lei in the future.

From then on, Xu Zhihong seemed to have become a lot more meek, there was no news of him. Unexpectedly, once he appeared, it was because he was involved in a kidnapping.

Xu Zhihong and Hairy Ball walked closer and were evidently astonished that other than Yuan Ye and Tangtang who they expected to be here, Yang Chen was also there sitting in the corner! This wasn’t part of their plan!

“It’s been a while, Mr. Yang.” Many emotions surfaced in Xu Zhihong’s eyes, and he wore an insincere smile, “It’s truly unexpected that you’d come here to be a guest, Mr. Yang.”

Yang Chen smiled at him, but say a thing.

Hairy Ball laughed out loud, “Boss, it seems like this brat is destined to die under our hands! We weren’t able to kill him previously, but he’s still caught now!”

“Shut up!” Xu Zhihong frowned and berated, then turned and said to Yuan Ye and Tangtang, “Young Master Yuan, lady of the Fang Family, this humble one is Xu Zhihong. I believe that the two of you should know who I am.”

Yuan Ye glared at him, “Xu Zhihong, your Xu Family is a well known clan in Zhonghai, do you mean to declare war with our Yuan Family and Fang Family by doing this!?”

“No no no. Of the Yuan and Fang Family, one is an economic powerhouse, while the other is a big shot in the government. My Xu Family is stuck in between, how could we dare to declare on the your elders?” Xu Zhihong waved to express disagreement.

Although Tangtang had only met Xu Zhihong a few times, she was still very knowledgeable about the powerful families in Zhonghai. Seeing that it was the Xu Family who she had no enmity with who kidnapped her, she loudly cursed, “Xu Zhihong you coward! You can’t win in business world, but also can’t get a high post in the government, so you’re now resorting to unscrupulous means to get your way? My dad and the others won’t let you off!”

Xu Zhihong didn’t seem to mind at all, he coldly laughed and said, “Miss Tangtang, Mr. Yuan Ye, although it is pointless to be saying such these to you, you don’t seem to actually understand. Since I have personally came and let you see me, that evidently means that I do not intend to leave a way out for myself.”

“What do you mean by that, you want to kill us!?” Yuan Ye nervously asked, his body subconsciously shifted to block Tangtang.

When Tangtang saw Yuan Ye shift with no hesitation, her eyes began to turn moist.

Xu Zhihong waved his finger, “Don’t say such unpleasant things, I actually don’t like to see blood. But of course, my subordinate might like it very much. I invited the two of you to sit here today mainly to take advantage of the fact that the elders of both families will be at the same place to celebrate Mr. Yuan’s birthday, and so that we need not send the same message twice. Additionally, the economy hasn’t been good and the governmental policies aren’t fair to us, so we want to take advantage of this opportunity to let your elders have a good chat. With the two of you here, I believe that your elders would be very willing to negotiate with us.”

Saying that, Xu Zhihong ordered someone to bring over a weird looking phone which seemed to have undergone various modifications.

“Later on when the phone connects, your elders will definitely have many things they want to ask the two of you. When that happens, don’t just cry, remember to speak more.” Xu Zhihong’s eyes were squinted, giving off a murderous feeling.

Yuan Ye and Tangtang weren’t stupid. They roughly understood Xu Zhihong’s goal, and fiercely glared at him. However, they knew that it’d be a waste of energy to curse at him.

Yang Chen had even more questions in his mind. Since Xu Zhihong has made his appearance, this meant that he no longer cared about the consequences and wanted to be at war with the Yuan Family and the Fang Family. There is no doubt that he’s doing this for benefits. After being plotted against by Lin Ruoxi, Donghua Science and Technology has had a hard time, which made Xu Zhihong take a risk out of desperation.

Yuan Ye was the Yuan Family’s only son. So as to ensure Yuan Ye’s safety, it’s very possible that they’d be blackmailed by Xu Zhihong. Tangtang is also someone who can involve many people, and just with her father alone who was the Municipal Secretary, she had enormous power.

However, if Xu Zhihong only had Xu Family’s backing, then he was definitely too reckless. After all, after what happens today, he would no longer have a way out. No matter whether Yuan Ye and Tangtang leave safely or not, they would face the attacks from both families! Therefore, there had to be someone else who was participating that possessed great power. Just who was it who would dare make such moves against the Yuan Family and Fang Family?

Right at this time, the specially modified phone rang.

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