Chapter 22: Moment of Life and Death

Chapter 22: Moment of Life and Death

After walking out of Rose Bar, Yang Chen rushed home with his car, but almost took the wrong route, because Yang Chen is still not accustomed to having moved to Dragon Garden. When he thought of how he has to face Lin Ruoxi’s pretty yet frosty little face at home, Yang Chen unexpectedly looked forward to it. His wife constantly gives him the urge to tease her, as if they were enemies in their previous life.

The car drove past the suburbs, then reached the highway entrance, Yang Chen suddenly noticed the car behind him shooting its high beams at him.

Frowning, Yang Chen chose to shift to another lane, but who could have known, right after shifting lanes, another car behind him began shooting its beams at him, the rear mirror of the car reflected the intense light.

At this time there is very low traffic on the suburb’s roads, and it is also a one-way dual-lane road, Yang Chen gloomily discovered that he has been marked by a driving club…….

However, a BMW M3 all in all isn’t an average car, it is practically a top tier car amongst production vehicles, and is not easily overtaken by normal cars, these driving club members obviously don’t have an ordinary background.

As expected, without waiting for Yang Chen to think of how to deal with them, the two cars overtook him separately from left and right !

The two car shadows suddenly show their strength, one black and one white, at the speed of 120 the BMW M3 is ruthlessly left behind, then, the two cars line up to block the M3!

Yang Chen finally saw these two cars clearly, if he didn’t see he wouldn’t know, yet seeing them gave him a shock. It’s actually a Ferrari F430 and a BMW M6! Both of these two cars could defeat the M3 Super Coupe. Although among Ferraris, the F430 is only a mere improvement to the F360, and belongs to the entry class of Ferraris, but in the end it is still a Ferrari, a top speed of 320kph is not achieved by boasting, it is made by the roars of the engine!

As for the BMW M6, although it is only 3 numbers more than the M3, it belongs to the BMW 6 series, how could a 5.0L displacement engine be easy to deal with? It’s price tag alone is over 700,000, it’s an absolute luxury product!

Yang Chen was somewhat helpless, if it was just these two cars dealing with him, Yang Chen still had confidence that he could rely driving skills to find opportunities to overtake and get rid of them, but the moment Yang Chen caught a glimpse of the car blocking him from behind, Yang Chen could only give up, it turns out that is a fire-red Porsche 911!

This model has been in production for 40 years under Porsche, with so many years of reforms and renewals, the core design remains almost the same, one could only imagine the original design’s level of quality.

Merely the comparison between the top speed his own BMW M3 and the top speed of that car is a difference of 70 to 80, and there is no way to go around this difference.

Just by seeing these cars, Yang Chen has understood a few things, these guys aren’t a group of car robbers, people who could buy such cars, definitely wouldn’t lack money. Seems like they are merely a few rich kids out for a spin, trying to make fun of his little sportscar.

Yang Chen once again lamented the world, for little kids go around looking for trouble instead of studying, and yet at the same time Yang Chen was also too lazy to deal with them, one less incident is better than one more, therefore, he slowed down his car, intending to let them go past.

However, things don’t go as planned, without waiting for Yang Chen to slow down, the Porsche behind had already begun sounding off it’s horn, the two cars in front then begins slowing down, sticking to his car unwilling to let him go!

Presently, according to the laws of ZhongHai, if the car behind knocks the car in front, it is by law that the car behind pays for all damages, thus with this scenario, if Yang Chen knocks the two cars in front he has to pay for both of them, but if the Porsche behind knocks the driver only needs to pay for one person’s share. Therefore, he would make a loss from this trade!

Once he understood the thought process of these rich playboys, Yang Chen reveals a devilish smile, such a bad taste……. if it’s about playing with cars, he doesn’t dare to call himself the best, but he is still top class. In the past he drove dozens of reputable cars on Germany’s Nürburgring , and was even close to the best records for a majority of them.

After doing some calculations, Yang Chen firmly decided to give these guys a ruthless counter. As they say, eat one mistake and you’ll grow one bit wiser, since their parents did not teach them well, then let this young uncle do it for them.

During that moment of thought, Yang Chen’s hands had already started moving, clutch, brake, handbrake, and the steering wheel fiercely rotates! After a series of eye-blurring adjustments, the entire M3 in that moment drifts and turned a full 180 degrees!

“Chi chi chi…….”

The tyre and tarmac emitted a harsh grinding sound, with the white smoke being rather conspicuous in the night!

The red taillights flung a sharp and beautiful red line, when the M3 moved forward again, it was already moving backwards towards the Porsche 911, about to knock it!

The abrupt turn of events had the drivers of these cars bewildered, how did this fella do it!? Drifting!? Does he think he is Initial D’s Fujiwara Takumi!?

However human instinct told the Porsche driver at the back, this fella actually wants to collide head to head with me, he wants to do a direct collision at over 100km/h!

Two whistling car shadows, like two violent bullets, are right about to collide a face to face!

At the time that this rapid 160km/h Porsche saw this scene, without any time to hesitate, the driver could only turn the steering wheel towards the roadside parking lots!

The thing that left these drivers incomparably frightened is, this BMW M3 actually didn’t have the slightest intention to change directions! And it cut straight through the initial path!

If it wasn’t for the Porsche promptly changing directions, then this would definitely have caused both parties to suffer severe injuries, and would have been an accident that totally wrecked both cars! What’s more, out of the two of them one would have been squeezed into a patty!

Cold sweat poured out of all these car’s owners, this fella is toying with life! Is he unafraid of death!?

The M6 and F430 in front both come to a stop, pulling over at the side, two youngsters in designer t-shirts got off, and blocked the road forward with unkind expressions.

Yang Chen slowly turned the car around, stopped the car at the side of the road, and walked towards the two guys. He knew that without making things clear they would not give way.

The Porsche’s owner also got off the car, but what made Yang Chen surprised is it was actually a girl, however the way this girl dressed was abnormal, wearing a pink mushroom shaped wig, a white cartoon t-shirt, and a jean shorts full of holes. What made things worse was, the girl’s earrings were two skulls, and both her bracelet and necklace were silver crosses.

In contrast was a smooth delicate face with clear brows and beautiful eyes, especially that pair of eyes that already showed a faint youthful and devilish charm. Only the body wasn’t fully developed, still looking like green apples, she should be of high school age.

The girl’s pair of rich-looking eyes stared straight at Yang Chen as he approached her, when face to face, she promptly extended a small hand which had a purple little butterfly tattoo on it, revealed two cute tiger teeth, she crisply laughed and said, “My name is TangTang, nice to meet you.”

[TL: In mandarin its called tiger teeth but it just means maxillary canine/eye teeth, usually young teenagers have them? Her name, TangTang literally translates to SugarSugar or SweetSweet, quite cute, it’s only her given name btw.]

Yang Chen looked at this girl, TangTang, a little surprised. He was initially expecting a big scene full of crying instead of a friendly handshake.

Without much hesitation, Yang Chen extends his hand and gently grips TangTang’s hand, “My name is Yang Chen, not nice to meet you all.”

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