Chapter 218-2: Half of half

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 218-2: Half of half

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Lin Ruoxi was stunned, her expression went through various changes, and at the end she listlessly turned away, “I can’t do it.”

“Exactly. I can’t say it either, so there’s no reason for us to be hung up on this matter. The reason I did what I did today was because I had to fulfill my role as a husband. As for how much feelings are involved, I’m not sure either. Therefore, you need not brood over this.” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Despite what Yang Chen said, when Lin Ruoxi looked at Yang Chen’s disorderly clothes and messy hair, she felt warm inside. What she deemed to be utterly filthy before was now so comforting in a different perspective.

He rushed over the moment he reached home because he was worried about me……

Although there was no way she could tell him that she loves him, he also couldn’t tell her that. However, Lin Ruoxi was very content with being able to feel his concern.

When Lin Ruoxi walked over to her Bentley, she inserted her hand into her bag to fish for the car key, but she couldn’t find it.

“Yang Chen, my car key is gone!” Lin Ruoxi anxiously said.

Yang Chen mysteriously smiled and raised his hand, the Bentley key was dangling from his fingers!

“You… why did you steal my car key!” Lin Ruoxi had a bad premonition.

“Tonight I’ll drive your car, it’s more sweet for us to go home in one car, and we can become closer. Let’s strive to be able to say those three words to each other, hehe……”

“I don’t need to! Return me my keys!” Said Lin Ruoxi as she walked up to seize it back.

But how could Yang Chen let Lin Ruoxi take it? He ran circles around the car, leaving Lin Ruoxi breathless without any success of catching up to Yang Chen.

“I will not get on a car you drive! Return me my keys!” Lin Ruoxi obstinately stated, she didn’t want to have nightmares because from being his passenger again!

Yang Chen ignored her. He minded his own business as he opened the door, sat inside, closed the door, and started the engine.

Standing outside, Lin Ruoxi was so angered that she nearly stomped on the ground. She clenched her teeth and glared at Yang Chen, the favorable impression and warmness that had accumulated just a while ago had been completely obliterated! This man is too vile! Does he think that every person is as crazy as him who drives at 200km/h in the city center like they’re strolling on the streets!?

Yang Chen “gentlemanly” opened the passenger door for Lin Ruoxi and reacted to Lin Ruoxi’s fuming face with a laugh, “Dear, quickly come in, it isn’t good to waste fuel.”

“I will go in if you come out!” Lin Ruoxi firmly refused to compromise.

Yang Chen looked at the clock in the car, “Look, it’s already past twelve midnight, other couples would have already fired three or four rounds by now. We should be going back now, be good, don’t throw your temper at your hubby, come in.”

Lin Ruoxi had been secretly reading material related to men and women, so she knew what Yang Chen meant. She was so shy that her face blushed, and she said, “Don’t try to act rogue! Get off!”

“Why are you so disobedient? I’ll count to three, if you don’t get on, I’ll just drive off!” Yang Chen threatened.

Lin Ruoxi coldly snorted and refused to budge from where she stood.

Yang Chen frowned, then began to count, “One… two… two and a half, two and a half and a half’s half…… Two and a half and a half’s half and a half’s half’s half……”


Lin Ruoxi couldn’t help laughing. The pent-up frustrations this night seemed to have been swept all swept away by Yang Chen’s weird counting.

“Hehe, you’re happy now? If you’re happy then get on, you can’t actually be here to keep counting till hundreds of halfs, right?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes at him. Although she was nervous inside, she still got into the car, and warned Yang Chen, “You’re not allowed to drive recklessly. Drive slowly, or else I really won’t sit in a car that you drive anymore.”

“Don’t worry.” Yang Chen wasn’t planning to drive too quickly. Lin Ruoxi had already been through a lot tonight, he wasn’t an inconsiderate person who only cared about having fun.

When the car stably got onto the highway, Yang Chen thought of something and asked Lin Ruoxi, “Tomorrow, I am going to a friend’s birthday party so I won’t be going to work. I’m letting you know so that you don’t think I’m skiving.”

“Birthday party?” Lin Ruoxi put on a cold expression and asked, “It’s the birthday of one of ur women outside, right? Why say friend, there’s no need to hide it from me.”

Yang Chen sighed and said, “If I was really going for a woman’s birthday party, then I wouldn’t dare tell you. My friend’s name is Yuan Ye, I’m not sure if you know him, he seems pretty wealthy.”

“What? Yuan Ye!?” It seemed like Lin Ruoxi didn’t dare believe what she just heard, “It’s Yuan Ye from the Yuan Family!?”

[TL: I previously tled Yuan Ye as Yuanye, but Yuan is actually his family name so it’s Yuan Ye from now on!]

Yang Chen wasn’t sure so he replied, “I don’t know, but he seems wealthy. He drives an Audi R8, and has a pro gaming team. I became familiar with him by playing games.”  

Lin Ruoxi became even more shocked. She found Yang Chen’s words to be too inconceivable, “Do you know that the Yuan Family is number one in Zhonghai in terms of power? Yuan Ye is the Yuan Family’s only child. The Xu Family where Xu Zhihong is from cannot even compare to half of the Yuan Family’s might.”

“Is that so?” Yang Chen found this information rather fresh, “Looks like I should get closer to that brat so that Xu Zhihong can’t create trouble for me.”

Lin Ruoxi nodded, seemingly in deep thought, “Yeah, you should play more games witn Yuan Ye in the future and try to become closer to him. Since he likes having you as a friend, then you should take this opportunity become acquainted with the Yuan Family, it will aid your future prospects greatly. This can’t do, when you go tomorrow, I will send someone to help you get presents. When you go over and meet the seniors in the Yuan Family, you have to be polite. Especially to Yuan Ye’s mother, I heard that she’s from a family in Yanjing much more powerful than the Yuan Family, you have to be prepared and leave a good impression.”

Hearing Lin Ruoxi’s sudden meticulous planning to create connections so as to build a good career path for him, Yang Chen silently sighed. I just wanted to play some games, is it so difficult!?

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