Chapter 218-1: Half of half

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 218-1: Half of half

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On the way down, the managers of the tower displayed their anger towards Yang Chen, but with the policeman there to smoothen things out and explain, no more trouble came to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen walked out of the tower, and he caught sight of Lin Ruoxi who was walking towards the car park.

The lights surrounding the tower illuminated her black suit, causing it to shine a little. Lin Ruoxi’s graceful rear view and vague curves were beautified to the extreme.

Yang Chen quickly caught up with her, and put the white Hermes bag in front of her, “You didn’t even take your bag, how are you going to drive without your car keys?”

Lin Ruoxi turned to face him and received her bag, “Thank you.”

“Looks like this was quite a big blow to you, you actually thanked me.” Yang Chen said with a smile.

“Did I never say it to you before?” Lin Ruoxi seemed to be unsure as she asked. Her eyes were a little moist, and she seemed to be depressed.

Yang Chen thought about it, “I don’t really remember, maybe not, but I may have forgotten.”

“But I seem to recall that I truly never said it before……”

The two walked on the street outside and into the car park. The cold winds blew in the silent car park, bringing a slight chill with it. There was nobody else in the surroundings, and the two could hear the sounds of each other’s breathing.

Lin Ruoxi hesitated, then suddenly said, “I’m sorry, I misjudged you earlier.”

Yang Chen scratched his head, and had a bitter expression as he said, “Would you please not say thank you or sorry? I would feel very uneasy, I’m not used to this.”

Lin Ruoxi stopped in her tracks and guiltily said, “Was I always unreasonable, harsh, and rude to you when I spoke to you in the past?”

“Why do you say that?”

“For example, if you told me not to say thank you to you, I’d reply with calling you shameless.” Lin Ruoxi earnestly said.

Yang Chen answered with an “Oh.” Then asked, “So am I really so shameless?”

“Yes, you’re incredibly shameless.” Said Lin Ruoxi.


Seeing that Yang Chen was speechless, Lin Ruoxi asked what she had been wondering, “When did you come back, and how did you know I was here?”

Yang Chen casually replied, “I got off the plane an hour ago, and saw that you weren’t at home when I got back. Wang Ma said that you had been out for quite some time and I was worried, so I came over to look for you.”

“It’s just that simple?” Lin Ruoxi was slightly amazed as she asked, “Just for such an insignificant reason, you broke into the Di Wang Tower in the middle of the night, threw the whole tower into complete mess, and even drew the police over!?”

Yang Chen had a queer smile, “Why else did you think I came? It has been proven that my conjecture is correct, didn’t you meet a hypocrite?”

“I was also very surprised that Gao Guoxiong would do such a thing, it was my mistake to trust him. However, aren’t you afraid that you might have guessed wrongly? If that was the case, the one the police would have arrested would be you, many people would sue you. Do you know how serious the consequences are!?” Lin Ruoxi seemed to be a little agitated.

“I know, but this is something I had to do.” Said Yang Chen.

Seeing Yang Chen’s calm gaze, Lin Ruoxi felt a little touched for some reason, and asked, “Why?”

“Because you are my wife, and I worry.” Yang Chen frankly said.

Lin Ruoxi felt like her heartstrings were being pulled. It was tingling and numbing. It made her secretly happy, perplexed, bashful, and touched. Before she knew it, this man’s unremarkable face had become so gentle and familiar to her.

However, it was precisely because of this that made Lin Ruoxi loathe the words she said in the room with a passion. She probed, “Earlier in the room, I called you my employee and called you crazy, are… are you very angry?”

“I’m not angry.” Yang Chen slowly walked as he spoke, “I can only say that it can’t be helped, but I can understand. Anyone who sees my actions may not necessarily understand.”

The more Yang Chen acted like he didn’t care, the more guilty Lin Ruoxi felt. After a moment of silence, she said, “In the future, if someone asks who you are to me, tell them you are my husband.”

These words made Yang Chen stop in his tracks. He turned around to look at the shy Lin Ruoxi with surprise, “What’s with you? Didn’t you say that you to keep this a secret for now?”

“I feel that this is very unfair to you, just think of it was my way of compensating for misunderstanding you.” Lin Ruoxi softly said.

Yang Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, “My cute darling Ruoxi, being called a husband is not a method of reward. I don’t need you to use such a method to compensate for your guilt, for I never actually blamed you. If someone asks me who you are to me, I’d say you’re my boss instead of my wife. Therefore, if you really want to address me as your husband in front of others, please tell me one thing first.”

“What is it……”

“Say you love me.” Yang Chen said in a serious tone.

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