Chapter 217-2: Mr. Gao

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 217-2: Mr. Gao

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Ever since the shocking event in this tower that night, Cai Yan never saw Yang Chen again. However, she didn’t know why she kept recalling what happened that time, especially the scene where Yang Chen pushed her away and charged up the staircase to deal with those people from a criminal organization. It made Cai Yan have the urge to go over to Yang Chen’s house to see him, and was torment to her.

Today, she did actually meet Yang Chen, but it was in an incredibly awkward situation!

She, had come to arrest him!

“Yanyan.” Realizing that the person who entered was Cai Yan, Lin Ruoxi felt more relieved. She walked up to her and said, “Could you think of a way to let him go on my behalf? This fellow seems to have lost his mind today, I will pay for the things broken and other expenses caused by him.”

“Ruoxi, you’re here too?” Cai Yan was rather surprised, but since they were husband and wife, she sourly understood inside. Although she didn’t know why Yang Chen did all of this, she agreed with Lin Ruoxi’s way of settling this. She who had always been completely impartial suddenly found it difficult to arrest Yang Chen.

However, Mr. Gao who stood up from his seat didn’t intend to let Yang Chen off just like this. He straightened out his unusual purple suit, and said, “Officer, my surname is Gao, I’m from the Singapore Chamber of Commerce. I am extremely unhappy with this man’s intrusion. His actions has severely compromised my safety, and I suspect that he has intentions to steal trade secrets. I hope that you can follow the law and arrest him, the law should be fair and protect the innocent.”

“This……” Cai Yan creased her brows, she didn’t expect such that there would be such an important person in the room.

When Lin Ruoxi heard that Mr. Gao was determined to have Yang Chen trialed, she couldn’t help feeling anxious, “Mr. Gao, he definitely has no intentions to harm you, and wouldn’t steal trade secrets. Please trust me and let me handle this, alright?”

“Miss Lin, I hope you understand that I didn’t just land in Zhonghai’s airport tonight to have a meal with you and have a talk. I sincerely wish that your company could be a part of our project, and join hands with other famous companies from overseas. I came here with good faith, yet received such treatment, I mustn’t let this sully my reputation!” The noble Mr. Gao indignantly said.

*Clap, Clap, Clap……*

When Mr. Gao said this, Yang Chen suddenly clapped with a nefarious smile, “Well said, we mustn’t sully your reputation.”

“What, Mr. Criminal who broke into the tower, you disagree with my words?” Mr. Gao furrowed his brows and asked.

“Yang Chen, stop speaking! Don’t you think you’ve caused enough trouble!?” Lin Ruoxi was going mad from worry, this fellow may be detestable, but she couldn’t just watch him be sent to jail!

Jeopardizing the safety of a member of Singapore’s Chamber of Commerce, breaking into Zhonghai’s greatest financial meeting spot, attempting to steal trade secrets…… Any of these criminal charges weren’t things that Yang Chen could handle!

Yang Chen smiled without affirming or denying anything. He turned towards Cai Yan and said, “Bureau Chief Cai, could I trouble you to inspect this room?”

“Inspect the room?” Cai Yan was feeling worried inside, and couldn’t make heads or tails of Yang Chen’s words.

“That’s right, use your professional knowledge and skills to inspect the television, bedside lamp, and curtains.” Said Yang Chen.

The moment he said that, Cai Yan seemed to have understood something. She solemnly nodded, while the face of Mr. Gao who stood opposite them began to turn pale.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t know what Yang Chen was thinking, but seeing Cai Yan have such a serious expression, she began to wonder whether there was something going on. Thus, she could only stand there patiently as Cai Yan checked the bedroom.

“How ridiculous, the police is actually listening to the criminal, looks like we no longer have a reason to stay, let’s go!”

Mr. Gao seemed to have turned impatient from waiting, and angrily snorted. He intended to leave with his two bodyguards.

“Stop them!”

Cai Yan suddenly commanded the two policemen with a stern voice, and they pointed their guns at Mr. Gao and his two bodyguards.

“What are you people doing!? Do you… do you people know who I am!? I am Gao Guoxiong! The Secretary-General of Singapore’s Chamber of Commerce! Even your mayor has to act courteously towards me! You dare obstruct me!?” Mr. Gao chastised.

Cai Yan laughed grimly as she walked towards Mr. Gao, “Who you are isn’t important, but as you have said, the law should protect the innocent, while this in my hands is what will bring you to justice!”

Saying that, Cai Yan opened her palm, and in the middle of it were three pocket-sized spy cameras!

“You’re slandering me! Those things aren’t mine!” Mr. Gao immediately yelled.

Yang Chen clicked his tongue and shook his head, “We haven’t said anything, yet you’ve become so agitated. It’s a pity for you that I had already learned his cheap trick before my hair down there grew.”

The abrupt change of this situation made Lin Ruoxi who had been flustered this whole time to see the truth of this matter.

Lin Ruoxi’s face instantly froze over. She was still trying to beg Mr. Gao to forgive Yang Chen with everything she had a moment ago, but the truly deplorable one was the person she was pleading to! She felt an intense fit of humiliation.

“Gao Guoxiong, I’ll see you in court!”

Lin Ruoxi didn’t want to stay for any moment longer. She turned to the exit and ran out of the room, she even forgot to take her handbag which was left on the table.

Yang Chen picked up the bag Lin Ruoxi left on the table, then said to Cai Yan who was wondering what action she should take, “If my conjecture is correct, there should be something like a hallucinogen on his body or in the drinks in the room. It should be easy to settle this with that. Sorry to bother you, Bureau Chief Cai.”

“Okay, I got it. You should be with Ruoxi. She’s always been strong-minded, now that she’s been fooled by this bastard, she must be extremely hurt. I’ll have someone escort you down so that nobody obstructs you.” Cai Yan bitterly forced a smile.

Yang Chen nodded, and under escort of a policeman he quickly left the room. As for what happens to Gao Guoxiong, he no longer cared.

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