Chapter 216-2: Breaking in

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 216-2: Breaking in

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He drove at insane speeds towards Di Wang Tower. As it wasn’t his first time going there, he was familiar with the roads.

When Yang Chen arrived at the entrance of the tower, two security guards immediately stopped him. As the tower was open 24 hours a day, security guards guarded this place always.

Yang Chen who just returned to Zhonghai had messy and oily hair, wore a thin gray jacket with stains, flat shoes with mud stuck on it, and had sweat on his face. He looked like a peasant.

Therefore, the security guards blocked Yang Chen with no hesitation. After all, the Di Wang Tower wasn’t a place for ordinary peasants to enter.

“Mister, please leave this place. Without proper attire and hygiene, one is not allowed to enter the tower.” A security guard expressionlessly said.

Yang Chen looked up at the tower which had dozens of floors, trying to find Lin Ruoxi in there was like finding a needle in a haystack. Furthermore, Yang Chen wasn’t familiar with the layout inside, so there seemed to be only one way which would work the fastest.

When he thought of that, Yang Chen asked the two security guards, “Do you guys have security cams here? Or a register for people who enter and exit? Let me take a look, I’m looking for someone.”

“Mister, please do not make things difficult for us, we’ve already spoken to you as politely as we could, please leave!” The bodyguard was in a bad mood, thinking that this poor man had gone mad. He thinks he could order them when he looked like this? He even wanted to search for someone!?

Yang Chen helplessly shook his head, “I can only apologize then, this could actually have been settled in a more cultured manner.

Saying that, Yang Chen suddenly took a step forward, grabbed onto the two security guards’ collars, raised them and swung their bodies which weighed over 300 pounds added together at the indoor fountain nearby!

*Crash! Crash!*

Along with the sound, water splattered everywhere, the two security guards began to madly shout, “Quickly come! Quickly come! Someone is trying to force his way in!”

Many security and customer service employees were immediately alerted, a large number of security guards charged over and surrounded Yang Chen.

A woman who looked like the lobby’s manager immediately called the police.

Yang Chen snickered inside. Go on and call, it’s great if the police came.

“Gentleman, I’m here to look for my wife, if you don’t want to be hurt, then let me pass. Otherwise, though I won’t kill anyone, some small injuries would be inevitable.”

While speaking, Yang Chen headed towards the staircase. He naturally wasn’t that stupid to take the elevator, for once they shut off the power, he’d be stuck inside.

The security guards naturally wouldn’t compromise, they charged forward, intending to stop Yang Chen.

But Yang Chen moved at speeds they couldn’t see with trajectories they couldn’t predict, tossing them all into the fountain in the lobby, causing all employees and customers of the tower to be shocked to the point that they didn’t dare move.

There were many security guards in the Di Wang Tower. As Yang Chen walked, he continuously dealt with the security guards who kept charging over with their electric truncheons. Even though he occasionally received shocks, it just felt like a tickle, so he didn’t fear it at all.

When he walked to the staircase, Yang Chen saw that the offices were on the second floor, so he quickly went up and began to look for the security surveillance room.

When he got to the corridor of the second floor, Yang Chen swept a glance and immediately found the security surveillance room, so he quickly walked over.

The ruckus downstairs had already alarmed all guests of the tower. The security guards flocked to the second floor, and began to obstruct Yang Chen in a crazed manner.

When Yang Chen entered the surveillance room, he immediately locked it. A metal door like this wouldn’t be broken down by those outside so quickly.

After Yang Chen settled the two security guards who were drinking coffee in the room, he began to calculate when Lin Ruoxi arrived at the Di Wang Tower using the timings provided by Wang Ma. Next, he adjusted all monitors to that time period, and scanned all monitors at lightning speeds.

Outside the door, the crazed security guards somehow got hold of a spare key, and opened the door. Next, a bunch of people charged in like a flood.

It was at this moment that Yang Chen coincidentally saw Lin Ruoxi enter the tower with a black suit and skirt, and became overjoyed. Seeing these people charge in, he was annoyed. With his head still faced towards the monitors, his hands dealt with the guards.

Some guards were occasionally hurt seriously by Yang Chen who didn’t pay attention to the amount of force he used, breaking their bones right there. They wailed on the ground, frightening the other security guards who were yet to charge in.

Through following Lin Ruoxi’s movements, Yang Chen was able to determine three minutes later that Lin Ruoxi had entered an area on the 27th floor, and went into a private room called Knight.

Right at this time, police sirens were heard from downstairs. Yang Chen knew that the police would arrive very soon, so he didn’t delay any further. He waved at the frightened guards, then leapt out of the surveillance room and into the staircase, and ran towards the 27th floor.

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