Chapter 216-1: Breaking in

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 216-1: Breaking in

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That night, the two took a plane back and landed at Zhonghai International Airport.

According to reason, Yang Chen should be feeling tired after such an “intense” journey, but when the plane landed he was actually filled with energy.

It had been nearly a year since he returned, and he stayed in Zhonghai for most of it. He had so many great memories of this place.

Right now, he could say that this is his home. He may not be feel much when he’s away, but when he returns, he gets an irresistible urge to return to his home and family.

When they walked to the car park, Mo Qianni took over her luggage from Yang Chen’s hands and looked at Yang Chen lovingly, “You’re not allowed to ignore me once you return home, you have to think of me at all times.”

“Oh milady, you can ignore me, how can I possibly ignore you? Besides, I can’t control what I see in my dreams, how can I think of you at every moment?” Yang Chen said with a smile.

“Can’t you just humor me a little?” Mo Qianni unhappily replied.

Yang Chen pondered and said, “How about we don’t return home, and get a room. That way, I can guarantee that you’ll be on my mind all night, and I’ll keep my eyes on you. Also, your mom is chasing you to have a child.”

“Dream on! Wait till you’ve dealt with your empress and determined our statuses! Before that, I won’t sillily give myself to you!”

With that said, Mo Qianni gracefully gave Yang Chen an encouraging look, then swayed her butt as she walked towards her red Audi.

Yang Chen secretly thought about how these women were all difficult to deal with, and headed to his car with a helpless smile.

Half an hour later, Yang Chen drove his BMW that hadn’t been started for several days back to Dragon Garden. It was close to midnight, so he didn’t expect the lights in the house to still be on despite the fact that he didn’t notify them of his return.

With his curiosity piqued, Yang Chen parked and walked to the door, but before he could open it, it was opened from the inside.

“Miss, you’ve finally returned!”

The one who opened the door was Wang Ma who wore pajamas, and she only just realized that the one who returned was the travel-worn Yang Chen pulling his luggage then.

“Young Master? So it’s you that has returned, oh dear, my eyes are failing me.” Wang Ma smiled with creased brows. While letting Yang Chen enter, she said, “Why didn’t you call home first? I could’ve cooked something for you, Young Master. You must be hungry since food on planes aren’t good. Would you like me to cook you a bowl of noodles?”

“There’s no need, I’m not hungry.” Yang Chen was used to Wang Ma’s nagging concern. He then asked curiously, “Ruoxi still isn’t home?”

Lin Ruoxi led a very disciplined life, especially when it came to workdays. She practically leaves house early to go to work, then leaves work at night to return home, works till approximately ten in the evening, then goes to sleep.

She doesn’t have many friends, and friends of hers are all busy people. Other than watching television and reading books, she didn’t indulge in other leisure activities.

Therefore, Yang Chen was very surprised when Lin Ruoxi still wasn’t home when it was this late.

Wang Ma worriedly nodded, “Yes, when Miss was having dinner, she received a call. She said it was from a Singaporean investor who just decided to stay at Zhonghai for a night and was considering to do a big collaboration with the company. Originally, it was someone else who was supposed to discuss such things as Miss never attends to such meetings. However, it just so happened that Miss Mo who was most adept at this had returned to her hometown with you, Young Master. Without her in Zhonghai, there was no suitable employee to handle this. Furthermore, everyone had already got off work, so it was impossible to find a replacement in such a short notice, so Miss went there herself. It’s so late… why isn’t she back?”

Yang Chen frowned, he had a feeling that things weren’t right, so he asked, “Wang Ma, have you tried calling her?”

“I can’t get through, maybe Miss turned it off because she’s discussing business.” Said Wang Ma.

“Did Ruoxi inform you about where she’s going?” Asked Yang Chen.

Wang Ma thought about it carefully, and answered, “It should be the Di Wang Tower. I remember Miss mentioning it on the phone, but I’m don’t know which floor it is.”

Yang Chen nodded, then put down his luggage and turned away to leave.

“Young Master, you’ve just returned, where are you going?” Wang Ma worriedly asked.

Yang Chen didn’t even turn his head back as he replied, “I’m going to find Ruoxi, I’m worried that something might happen to her.”

“But… how are you going to find her?” Wang Ma anxiously asked.

“I have my ways.” Replied Yang Chen as he ran out of the door.

Yang Chen felt that this sudden business opportunity was unusual. Furthermore, Lin Ruoxi wasn’t a dimwitted girl. Though she seemed cold and innocent, her thoughts were meticulous as hell, and she definitely wouldn’t listen to the other party’s words for no reason.

For someone to be able to convince Lin Ruoxi to leave home in the middle of the night, there were two possibilities: One, the other party’s character was absolutely upright, so there was no need to harbor suspicions. Two, the other party’s level of disguise was impeccable, and even Lin Ruoxi wasn’t able to tell what he really was like.

Evidently, it was harder to achieve the latter, but it wasn’t impossible.

As someone who was worth billions and had outstanding looks, Lin Ruoxi was definitely worth it for a grandmaster level hypocrite to tear off his precious cover.

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