Chapter 215-2: When

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 215-2: When

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Ma Guifang who saw the passionate kiss they shared had a complicated expression on her face. The fact that her own daughter was kissing and hugging a man in front of her made her gratified, but also made her feel downcast as if she had lost something.

When Mo Qianni had kissed to the point where she had run out of energy and started to get in heat, they finally separated, she felt so weak that she could barely stand stably anymore.

Yang Chen took a look at this woman whose face was like a peach, with breath smelled like orchids, and sparkling eyes that could melt any man’s heart.

Recalling the cute thoughts of Mo Qianni that he heard when he was at the door, Yang Chen couldn’t help giving her smooth forehead a kiss. At this moment, she was as beautiful as a goddess to him.

Yang Chen played with Mo Qianni’s hair, sniffed at her rich fragrance that was due to her getting in heat, and asked with a smirk, “Mo Qianni, when did you become so beautiful? Was it last week, yesterday, or just a moment ago?”

There was a gentle smile on Mo Qianni’s crystal clear eyes, “It’s none of those, it’s from the moment I fell in love with you.”

“Oh my… that’s too mushy too mushy! The two of you should have enough now, you’ve already hugged and kissed, now you’re trying to kill your mom with mushiness?” Ma Guifang couldn’t enduring hearing more, so she had to voice out with her slightly blushing face.

Mo Qianni had only just realized that they had done all that in front of her mother. She immediately let go of Yang Chen, and ran to Ma Guifang in a flurry. She hugged Ma Guifang tightly and said, “Mom… how about I give you a kiss too? Things will then be equal.”

“Huh, don’t……”

Before Ma Guifang could stop her, Mo Qianni kissed her cheeks twice.

“You silly child……” Ma Guifang didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, so she sighed and said, “I’m not someone who can’t think things through, but you shouldn’t be sharing such a passionate kiss in front of me, my mind can’t keep up with the way you youngsters think.”

Yang Chen walked into the house and saw the dishes on the table, with a grin he said, “Mom, let’s eat! Kissing tastes good, but it can’t fill the stomach.” Saying that, he winked at Mo Qianni.

Mo Qianni pouted cutely, “You made us so worried, yet want to eat the moment you come back? You’re not allowed to eat!”

“Ni-zi, don’t be childish, let’s eat.” Hearing Yang Chen call her mom, Ma Guifang was very happy, “Son-in-law Yang, take a seat, I’ll get you a bowl.”

Very soon, the three were seated around the table and happily having lunch.

Ma Guifang and Mo Qianni didn’t ask Yang Chen what he went out to do, while Yang Chen didn’t mention it either. This was like a tacit understanding between them, which Yang Chen enjoyed very much.

During the meal, Mo Qianni recalled something and asked Ma Guifang, “Mom, what do you think of moving to Zhonghai to live with me so far? There is no problem with that, right?”

Ma Guifang placed a piece of chicken into Yang Chen’s bowl, then said with a slight smile, “Ni-zi, I’m not going to Zhonghai with you, I don’t feel like going there for now.”

“Why? Do you have any difficulties?” Mo Qianni anxiously asked.

Ma Guifang shook her head and said, “It goes without saying that Mom likes being with you, having the company of one’s children will always make one happy. But this is definitely not the time. The both of you have jobs, while I can only help you with keeping the house clean and cook. I’m not familiar with life in Zhonghai, and will be bored to death. There are at least many fellow villagers here which I can chat with.”

“But you’re getting older, Mom, you can’t just keep living like this forever.” Mo Qianni knew that the words her mother spoke were true. In a big city, Ma Guifang who didn’t have a job would be lonely.

“So you have to work hard.” Ma Guifang said with a profound look, “If you have a child, I could take care of them. That way, I wouldn’t be bored, and it would be alright wherever I lived, right?”

A child?

Mo Qianni immediately understood what her mother meant, and shyly glanced at Yang Chen. Watching Yang Chen gorging his food as if he didn’t hear this, she couldn’t help rolling her eyes at him.

“Son-in-law Yang, eat slowly and be careful not to choke, have some soup.” Said Ma Guifang.

While chewing, Yang Chen said with a vague voice, “Mom, the dishes you made are a lot tastier than those in restaurants.”

“Of course, the vegetables in the mountains may be simple, but they’re natural.” Ma Guifang said with satisfaction.

Watching the harmonious exchange between her mother and Yang Chen, Mo Qianni was overjoyed inside, but at the same time, she remembered that her identity was that of a mistress, and that weighed down on her.

It was at this time that a large and warm hand was placed on Mo Qianni’s thigh, and gently patted on her twice.

Mo Qianni looked up, and saw Yang Chen’s reassuring gaze.

That’s right… he’s so powerful, so he definitely has a way. We’ve experienced so many things together, and were even on the verge of death together, how can such a small matter pull us apart?

When she thought of this, Mo Qianni calmed down.

As they didn’t request for that many days of leave, they had to leave after spending one more night in Kunshan Village.

In the morning, they took their luggages and said farewells to Ma Guifang. Along the way, Yang Chen told her some matters regarding what happened and Leaf, but he didn’t go into the details, so Mo Qianni only knew the gist of it.

Mo Qianni didn’t probe further. Although she was curious about many things, she was relieved as long as no further problems would come out of it.

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