Chapter 210-2: Protective talisman

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 210-2: Protective talisman

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Everyone from Yellow Flame Iron Brigade who were anxious over Carlos getting away immediately understood what happened. There was their most outstanding sniper, Night Wolf out there, and he has been in a ready state this whole time!

When they turned back to look at Yang Chen, they no longer knew how to describe this man in words. This man was able to instantly sense that Night Wolf who was stationed so far away was going to snipe Carlos!?

Didn’t this mean that he was able to easily detect the location of snipers over a mile away!?

Actually, if Carlos wasn’t so frantic to the point that he lost his rationality, he wouldn’t have run in a straight line and provided Night Wolf with such an easy time in sniping him down!

Yang Chen turned around and looked at Judy who stood there in a daze, he said, “You may leave now, with your skill, you won’t get sniped if you’re careful.

Judy looked at the corpses of her comrades inside and outside of the temple. Her eyes turned red, and her body trembled because of the grief.

However, Judy knew very clearly that if she chose to avenge them, she would end up just like them.

She was so incredibly lucky to have kept her life by relying on a bubble protective talisman. Judy no longer had the courage to die for that so-called honor of her organization!

“Thank you, Sir Pluto.” Judy spoke slowly, word by word. Then, she activated her antiparticle shield, and sprung out of Coiling Dragon Temple.

Watching Judy’s figure running off into the distance with a complicated path, Sky Dragon and the others felt anxious. However, it wasn’t right for them to give chase since Yang Chen just saved their lives, and it was a bad time for them to use their internal energy as well.

“Erm…… Plu…… Geez, I’ll just call you Yang Chen. Yang Chen, by letting that woman run away, isn’t that breeding calamity for the future?” Sky Dragon shouted.

Yang Chen ignored him and walked over to Leaf. He took the pill bottle from Leaf, poured out a pill, and swallowed it.

Taking a deep breath, Yang Chen’s eyes were no longer scarlet when he opened them again. His aura had also returned to what it was before, mild and harmless.

“What, you’re afraid of a woman?” Yang Chen asked with a mocking smile.

Sky Dragon’s face immediately turned fierce, “Afraid!? Afraid of what!? If she escapes then so be it! There’s enough death here today anyways!”

“Then why are you still talking about it?”

“I…… I’m considering the fact that she might expose your location after turning. If they send more people to create trouble for you, how are you going to handle it!?” Sky Dragon boorishly said.

Yang Chen shrugged, “If you guys are willing to let their troops enter Huaxia, then I don’t mind at all.”

“You……” Sky Dragon was speechless.

“Don’t be hung up on useless matters. Dan Zeng is dead, while Blue Storm’s people didn’t bring away the Vairocana Dharma Body. The statue has to be somewhere in the temple, go search for it, that is the objective of our mission!” Said Tsunami.

Sky Dragon laughed, “Now that the bastard Broken Blade is dead, a glasses boy like you can finally become the Captain, Tsunami. Not bad, not bad at all, I feel that you have better prospects than Broken Blade.

“Don’t mention that bastard, how can he be compared with our Captain Tsunami? Right, Boss?” Squall immediately begun to bootlick.

Everyone had practically treaded on the line of life and death and lived, so it was only natural that they were in a good mood. Hearing everyone’s jokes, Tsunami had an embarrassed expression, while Bigfoot and Leaf who were more composed revealed knowing smiles.

However, not everybody was so happy.

After Yang Chen put the pill bottle back into his pocket, he walked over to the entrance. Over there, Cannon was badly injured, but he had a sturdy body so it wasn’t a big problem. He was even grinning despite the pain.

On the other side, the young nun Hui Lin hugged her master, Abbess Yun Miao. Things weren’t looking too good.

Hui Lin’s usually beautiful and flawless face now turned into a weeping beauty, her tears gave others an urge to protect her.

Abbess Yun Miao forcefully suppressed the poison with her internal energy, but she couldn’t eradicate the poison. Her face was pale, and her lips were purple, she sweat profusely, and her condition was dire.

Everybody noticed the terrible state Abbess Yun Miao was in. Seeing Yang Chen walking over, several of them panicked, especially Sky Dragon. He ran over to Yang Chen’s side and awkwardly said, “Yang Chen, Abbess is already like this, please don’t choose a time like that to take revenge on her. Although she didn’t treat you very well, she’s now poisoned, let us bring her to get cured first.”

Yang Chen pouted, he helplessly pulled the robust man away, “What revenge? I want to treat her.”


Everyone looked at each other.

Yang Chen squatted down, and said to Hui Lin who tightly held onto Abbess Yun Miao, “Hui Lin, hand over your master, I will heal her.”

Hui Lin wiped away her tears, she was a little afraid and skeptical as she looked at Yang Chen, in a cute and pitiful manner she asked, “Real… really?”

“Hey, silly little pig, if I want to harm you guys, do you think I need say so much? Wouldn’t it be the end if I just struck her with my palm once?”

That made sense to Hui Lin. Hesitantly, she let go of the unconscious Abbess Yun Miao and handed her over to Yang Chen.

After making Abbess Yun Miao sit upright, he put one hand on her back. He didn’t even cross his legs, and just lazily sat on the doorway. He looked bored while he had one hand on Abbess Yun Miao’s back and had to stay motionless.

Seeing everyone look at him with suspicion, Yang Chen impatiently said, “What are you all looking at? You all studied martial arts, have you never seen treatment through internal energy? Go look for your Vairocana Dharma Body!”

With his statement, the others all scattered around the temple to look for the hidden Vairocana Dharma Body.

Only the seriously hurt Cannon and worried Hui Lin remained at the entrance to watch Yang Chen quietly treat Yun Miao.

After approximately fifteen minutes, the people of Yellow Flame Iron Brigade finally found the Vairocana Dharma Body in the basement, they then carefully brought it back to the camp while escorted by the army.

Night Wolf also rushed over. When he found out what happened in the temple, he nearly shot a bullet into Broken Blade’s corpse!

A terrifying crisis close to Huaxia’s border was settled with Yang Chen’s sudden interference just like that.

However, to Yang Chen, these problems didn’t really go away.

Approximately half an hour later, the poison in Abbess Yun Miao’s body was finally cleared away by Yang Chen. Some color returned to her face, and she looked normal.

Seeing that her master looked healthier, the young nun Hui Lin was so happy that she practically leapt over, and the way she looked at Yang Chen also became way more amiable.

However, the moment Abbess Yun Miao woke up, she turned around. With her eyes red with tears, she looked at Yang Chen and asked in distress, “You… you… just who are you!? Who is Song Tianxing to you!?”

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