Chapter 207-2: Definitely won't call the police

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 207-2: Definitely won't call the police

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“It isn’t only Shaolin that has inherited the teachings of Bodhidharma. As a skill passed on for a  thousand years, my Western Dragon Claw has already been perfected, and may not necessarily be inferior to your Shaolin Dragon Claw, Sir Sky Dragon!”

As High Lama Dan Zeng spoke, he exchanged dozens of moves with Sky Dragon. Even though Sky Dragon had powerful internal energy from the Marrow Cleansing Scripture, there was no way it could be a match for decades of cultivation. Dan Zeng’s Dragon Claw was overbearing, and suppressed Sky Dragon!

Sky Dragon took a few steps back. He suddenly had a stifling feeling from his chest, then he started to feel nauseous, which made him vomit.

Feeling chilly all over, he understood what just happened. Sky Dragon shouted, “Thieving monk, you poisoned me!?”

Once Sky Dragon said that, Bigfoot and Squall of the Dragon Group began to exhibit symptoms of nausea. They were aghast when they realized that they had also been poisoned!

High Lama Dan Zeng and the remaining two Dharmarajas, Great Compassion and Great Treasure put their palms together. High Lama Dan Zeng explained, “Amitabha, you Sirs have powerful internal energy. This jimsonweed incense is suitable for you who are strong in martial arts. The poison in the incense may not have reacted so quickly if you sirs didn’t use so much of your True Qi consecutively in such a short period of time.”  

With High Lama Dan Zeng’s explanation, everybody now understood. The incense placed under the buddha statue was a trap from the very beginning when they stepped into the temple!

Bigfoot fiercely glared at Broken Blade who seemed unscathed, “Broken Blade, this is another scheme of yours!?”

“That’s right, I took the antidote beforehand, so I am not affected at all.” Broken Blade proudly smiled, “Although the poison in this incense isn’t lethal, its strength is in the fact that it can’t be detected. It’s simple and effective, I don’t need to poison you guys to death, I just need to make you guys unable to continue using True Qi. With that, you guys aren’t much different from an average special forces soldier.”

In an instant, Sky Dragon, Squall, and Bigfoot who were the only close combat members left were now made incapable of fighting.

Leaf and Tsunami held guns, but they knew that they weren’t a match for any of the enemies present. In this situation, their only hope was the person who sat on the doorway, who smoked a cigarette while checking out the scenery……

Hui Lin held Abbess Yun Miao tightly. She sobbed, for she didn’t know what to do. Only when noticing Leaf and Tsunami anxiously look at the doorway did she remember that there seemed to be an extremely powerful fellow who wasn’t making a sound.

“Hey! Coward! Are you even a man!? Are you just here to watch!?” Hui Lin lectured without restraint.

Leaf and Tsunami both seemed bitter as they heard Hui Lin voice out what they were also feeling inside.

They actually wanted Yang Chen to come over and help instead of motionlessly sitting there, but they didn’t have the cheek to do so.

Broken Blade’s betrayal made them understand very clearly that the whole plan was just a trap laid by Broken Blade. By gaining Yang Chen’s trust and harming the people important to him to coerce him so that Yang Chen to help them, they had all become accomplices of Broken Blade. Although they didn’t know why Broken Blade did this, they knew for sure that it definitely wasn’t for him to deal with Blue Storm. In fact, they were lucky that Yang Chen wasn’t being pushed to kill them!

They weren’t cold-blooded or heartless, so they felt that they had let Yang Chen down.

At a point like this, even if Yang Chen chooses to do nothing and walk off, they can’t complain at all. They even hoped that nothing bad would happen to Yang Chen. They could only blame themselves for trusting Broken Blade and falling into this trap.

Yang Chen was only half done with the cigarette. Hearing Hui Lin wail, he smacked his lips together, tossed away the cigarette, and stepped on it before standing up.

Broken Blade sneered, “Pluto, I would advise you not to do anything reckless. I obviously have brought you here today for other reasons. If you don’t want your woman and mother-in-law to become human vegetable, then wait for us to finish off these morons and we will talk later.”

Yang Chen ignored him and took out his handphone. Turning the screen on, he saw that there was no reception, so he looked towards Andy and Punk and happily said to them in English, “The signal here is broken because of the two of you, right? Let the signal return back to normal for just a minute, I want to make a call, and definitely won’t call the police.”

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