Chapter 207-1: Definitely won't call the police

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 207-1: Definitely won't call the police

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They had the upper hand, but the situation took an abrupt turn which left everyone stunned.

“Master!” Hui Lin cried out in alarm. She supported Abbess Yun Miao’s body that was about to fall, and tears filled her eyes. The young nun dropped her sword hugged her master with sorrow. It was like she couldn’t believe how this suddenly happened!

Abbess Yun Miao’s face was turning pale due to the blood loss, and her expression was one of pain. She whispered, “Hui Lin, I will be alright for now. There’s poison in the dagger which I can suppress for now. You should join up with the others to deal with the enemy and that shameless traitor!”

“Master, are you alright? I… I will get you cured, the pills for curing poison are all at the tent.” Hui Lin said while sobbing.

“Listen to me, Hui Lin. Pick up your sword, don’t disappoint me.” Yun Miao clenched her teeth. Her eyes were bloodshot.

However, Hui Lin was young and inexperienced. She had never seen her master who she was always with get hurt before. Now that Abbess Yun Miao had fallen, how could she be in the mood to fight!?

Everyone on their side glared at Broken Blade who was on Blue Storm’s side.

“Broken Blade, you bastard, you actually brought yourself to betray your own country!” The youthful Squall cursed.

“We trusted you so much, yet you were actually a traitor……” Tsunami, Leaf and the others looked at Broken Blade with disbelief.

Pleased with himself, Broken Blade spoke in fluent English, “First of all, the fact that you guys were deceived and trusted me proves that you are inferior to me. Second, I was a part of the USA’s Blue Storm all along. Although I was born on this piece of land, my allegiance has always been with the US. They are able to provide me and my family with better living conditions. Only foolish and incompetent people would work for this ignorant and backwards country. You guys can hate me, but to me, those are just the emotions of pitiful creatures that I don’t give a damn about.”

“Well said, Broken Blade. Headquarters is extremely pleased with your plan.” Judy praised.

Carlos nefariously smiled, “Looks like that old hag won’t be living for much longer. Broken Blade, you chose an amazing time to reveal your identity.”

Broken Blade shyly smiled at them, “Thank you. Obtaining the trust of headquarters is more important than anything.”

As he said that, Broken Blade tore off the red country flag and the Dragon Group symbol and casually tossed them away, he then put on a brooch with a symbol stars and stripes.

This action made all of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade members angered to the limit!

“I’m going to tear him apart with my bare hands!”

Sky Dragon tightly clenched his fists, and his hair seemed to move even though there was no wind. His eyes were like those of a fierce tiger as he glared at Broken Blade, “Although I, Old Dragon may be haughty, I never break any rules of our teams, and never go against the orders of our organization. That is because I know the principle of being loyal and serving the country. Scum like you aren’t even fit to shine my shoes!”

“Sky Dragon, do not be impetuous. Abbess Yun Miao is greatly hurt, while Miss Hui Lin has dropped her sword. With just you, Squall, and I being able to fight, we have no chance of winning even if Tsunami and Leaf manage to handle one person together!” Bigfoot said with a deep voice.

“Damn it! What about Night Wolf!?” Sky Dragon roared.

Broken Blade laughed out loud, “Night Wolf? You guys still don’t understand? I arranged for Night Wolf to wait on top of the cliff so that he can’t participate, causing you guys to be lacking a pair of helping hands. Night Wolf is a sniper who follows orders to the letter. If I do not give him the order, he will not leave his position even if Coiling Dragon Temple burns.”

This piece of information was like adding oil to the fire in their emotions!

It was at this moment that High Lama Dan Zeng who hadn’t moved this whole time suddenly stood up. He swept a glance over all of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade members with his bright eyes, then said, “Alright, the victor has been decided. Dear sirs and madams, you need not continue to resist. I will send all of you to the blissful Western Paradise to meet Buddha.”

“Bleh! A thieving monk like you can be a link to Buddha!?” Sky Dragon said with disgust.

High Lama Dan Zeng put his palms together and said, “Sir Sky Dragon, everything I’m doing is for Buddhism to thrive. You and you friends’ forceful meddling has damaged my cause to spread Buddhism to all living things, so I have no choice but to swing my blade of Buddhism. Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva lives in hell to ferry evil spirits. Although I, Dan Zeng am inferior to Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, I will definitely spread Vajrayana Buddhism overseas as long as I live. If anyone tries to interfere, I will not show mercy.”

“That’s all bullshit!”

Sky Dragon couldn’t take it anymore. He stomped hard on the ground, causing that part to sink, while his Dragon Claw was like a golden light as he charged towards Dan Zeng!

Dan Zeng appeared old, but his body was incredibly agile. Turning his body sideways, he too took up the pose for Dragon Claw, and the two Dragon Claws collided!

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