Chapter 206-2: Abrupt changes in the temple

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 206-2: Abrupt changes in the temple

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“God… god dammit….. How could this be……”

Cannon clenched his teeth, and tried to punch Punk again, while Punk just gave him a disdainful sneer.

“I’m the opposite of Andy, I can thicken the density of the air instantly.” Punk grinned. He then swung Cannon towards a column.


Cannon slammed into the column with his bones making creaking sounds. The powerful impact made him belch out blood.

“Quickly finish them off.” Judy was getting impatient. The death of Jason didn’t really make her sad. She aimed her silver three-barreled gun at Cannon who was down on the ground and puking blood, intending to deliver the finishing blow.

“Don’t you dare!”

Bigfoot yelled as he tried his best to throw off Carlos, and swung a Wind Kick at Judy’s chest. He used his all of the True Qi he had available, and the Wind Kick carried tremendous force!


It was like the sound of metal colliding. When the Wind Kick reached a meter before Judy, it was hindered by an invisible shield, and when it reached Judy’s body, it was just a cool breeze.

“Fool, do you think my antiparticle shield is that easy to break?” Judy looked at Bigfoot with a belittling smile while she pulled the trigger……

Three bullets were shot out of the silver pistol at the same time, creating dazzling sparks and a sound resembling an explosion.

It seemed like Cannon’s body would be blown into smithereens in an instant by the bullets, but in the instant that Cannon was about to get hit, he was pulled away by a figure in green. The bullets hit the bricks of the temple, creating brilliant sparks!


Bigfoot was pleasantly surprised to see that Abbess Yun Miao had already brought Cannon behind her, while Tsunami, Leaf, and Abbess Yun Miao’s disciple Hui Lin had all come.

“Oh my, why are you in such a miserable state, Brother Cannon?” Yang Chen appeared from behind the others. He had a cigarette in hand, and looked at Cannon with worry. Next, he looked at the chaotic battle taking place, and laughed, “Like I said, your intelligence cannot be relied upon. There’s obviously four… oh no, looks like including that overcooked thing over there, there’s obviously five Blue Storm espers who invaded, and they’ve all arrived.”

Tsunami and Leaf both pulled out their guns, while Abbess Yun Miao and Hui Lin unsheathed their swords. They looked at the four Blue Storm agents with grave expressions.

“Don’t speak rubbish, quickly fight!” Abbess Yun Miao seemed to be in a bad mood. She brandished her sword, and thrust it towards Judy, who was about to kill Cannon a moment ago!

Judy raised her hand to prop up her antiparticle shield. She intended to take a few steps back before fighting back, but unexpectedly, Abbess Yun Miao’s directly sliced it open like a hot knife through butter!

“How is this possible!?” Judy exclaimed,

She immediately fled, and made consecutive shots with her three-barreled gun while running. However, none of the bullets were able to hit Abbess Yun Miao who excelled at qinggong.

“Do you think a weak skill like that block our Shushan Sword Qi!?”

Seeing Judy in a flustered state, Carlos couldn’t let himself continue to be bound to battling Bigfoot. He swung a lightning kick to force Abbess Yun Miao away for a moment, which gave Judy an opportunity make some space between them.

However, Carlos couldn’t handle that many attacks from Abbess Yu Miao because of her unassuming Willow Leaf Sword. It was made with black iron during the ancient times, and by pairing it with Shushan Sword Qi, it made cracks appear on Carlos’ metal battle boots with just a few touches!

“Oh, shit!”

Carlos and Judy rushed to Punk and Andy’s side in a flurry, and the four grouped up. On the other hand, Broken Blade and Squall broke free from their opponents, Great Compassion and Great Treasure, and retreated to Abbess Yun Miao’s side.

Sky Dragon had already fought with Great Vehicle and Great Wisdom to the point where they were barely holding on. His Dragon Claw gave off a dim golden light, while the two Dharmarajas’ Mahakasyapa Fist couldn’t completely block Sky Dragon’s full power attacks. They groaned and were blown away, falling in front of the Buddha statue and beside High Lama Dan Zeng.

The death of Blue Storm’s Jason by explosion and Abbess Yun Miao’s swordplay had completely changed the flow of the battle!

Yang Chen sat alone in the doorway of the temple. Hui Lin who had unsheathed her sword but had yet to start fighting asked him, “Why aren’t you going up to fight?”

“Your master is so fierce, I’m scared.” Yang Chen said while grinning.

Hui Lin didn’t believe him at all, and snorted, “Coward!” After she said that, she rushed to her master’s side.

Hearing what Yang Chen said, Abbess Yun Miao looked at him with disdain, then looked at her favorite disciple fondly and said, “We need not care about that spineless coward. Hui Lin, I will deal with those two black devils, while you deal with that woman who only knows how to shoot randomly. Use the Shushan Swordplay I taught you to cut her down! Broken Blade, Bigfoot, Squall, the three of you just need to join forces with Sky Dragon to deal with Dan Zeng and the two remaining Dharmarajas!”

“Roger!” They yelled in unison.


Broken Blade who was beside Yun Miao suddenly stopped them. With a grave expression he said, “Abbess, that wouldn’t be appropriate!”

“And why is that?” Abbess Yun Miao said with a frown.

Broken Blade looked at the enemy, then walked up to Yun Miao and whispered, “I believe that we can’t continue fighting anymore……”

“Why…… AHH!!”

Abbess Yun Miao’s skeptical facial expression immediately warped into one of pain. Her eyes were filled with anger as she looked at Broken Blade with disbelief.

Broken Blade laughed wildly and quickly dodged away. Before anyone could tell what he was up to, he was already at Blue Storm’s side, and wore a playful smile like the other four Blue Storm agents.

Everyone was stunned when they noticed that on Abbess Yun Miao’s side, there was a tiny dagger embedded in her body!

Fresh blood stained her green robes, and the stains were already turning black!

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