Chapter 206-1: Abrupt changes in the temple

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 206-1: Abrupt changes in the temple

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The black man named Punk walked like a street dancer, his pace had a rhythm to it. He said with a relaxed voice, “Jason, I thought that you were planning to settle these Chinese monkeys with only Judy. Seems like you still need our help.”

The American man named Jason toyed with Cannon’s machine gun in his hands, and chewed on his chewing gum, “That’d make my darling Judy tired, I can’t bear to let that happen.”

The blonde lady, Judy, wasn’t amused, “Do you guys only know how to utter nonsense? If you’re going to help then quickly do it, this scorching weather is abuse to my beautiful skin!”

“Look at this retarded Chinese monkey, he actually took out two guns. Doesn’t he know that guns are useless against us?” The other black man, Andy, laughed out loud.

Jason’s lips formed a slight grin, “Don’t say such a thing, I think it’s a gift from him.”

Cannon impatiently said, “What are you blabbering on for!? Don’t assume that we don’t understand English, you American pigs. I just can’t be bothered to talk to you. If you want to take my guns, then come!”

After saying that, Cannon fired two shots at Jason who stole his machine gun!

Although the trajectory of the bullet was difficult to predict, Jason still managed to dodge it simply by turning his body sideways. He tossed the heavy machine gun to a corner and said, “I like your handguns, that gun is too heavy!”

As Jason spoke, he moved at rapids speed till he was behind Cannon. Before Cannon could react, Jason opened his palms wide!

Two invisible forces began to pull the guns towards Jason, to the point that the trigger could no longer be pulled!

“Damn it!” Cannon shouted. He had no way of dealing with the powerful attraction force, so he had no choice but to let them go.

The other four Blue Storm members just stood there watching like this was all a play. They didn’t intend to intervene.

Bigfoot seemed to have thought of something. He turned around and charged towards the blonde lady Judy, intending to continue their fight.

“Carlos, help me block this stupid bear!” Judy said with disgust.

Carlos who released electric currents seemed very interested in beating Bigfoot, “In that case, you shouldn’t shoot him to death, I want to fry him with electricity!”

“Don’t you know that plastic can’t conduct electricity!?”

Bigfoot blocked Carlos’ kicks without any fear, but he only used the plastic and leather parts to come in contact with Carlos’s shoes. Carlos had no way of beating Bigfoot in a short period of time!

On the other hand, Jason held onto the two modified handguns he newly acquired, and had a complacent smile on his face, “Well then, do you have more guns?”

A malicious smile surfaced on Cannon’s face. Suddenly, a thumb-sized remote control appeared in his hands, it had a red button on it.

Jason was startled. He seemed to understand what was going on, and his face blackened. Just as he was about to throw away the guns in his hand, he realized that a crack on the handle of the handguns secreted a strong adhesive, causing the gun to be stuck to his hand!


Before Jason could say anything more, Cannon pressed the red button to everyone’s dismay!

*Boom boom!!!*

The two guns in Jason’s hands instantly exploded, and intense flames swallowed Jason’s arms!

The others watched as Jason’s arms were blown into charred bits and scattered on the floor, while the rest of Jason burned. He fell onto the ground like a lump of charcoal, and met instant death!

Blue Storm’s members were finally given a wake up call. They realized that they had underestimated their trapped enemy!

Cannon tossed away the used remote control, and spat, “True men die honorably, how about you explain it in English? Hehe……”

The two black men, Punk and Andy finally understood the fact that they had to battle seriously. They glanced at each other, and charged towards Cannon simultaneously.

Bigfoot swung a series of kicks. Relying on the force of Carlos’ kicks, he retreated to Cannon’s side, in an attempt to help Cannon block one of them. However, how could Carlos be this easy to break away from? With a yell, Carlos once again sped up, and his windmill kick which carried electricity was aimed at Bigfoot’s waist!

Bigfoot couldn’t block this, so he had to sidestep to dodge, and leave Cannon to deal with the two well-built men.

Cannon was adept at fighting even without a gun, but Andy and Punk didn’t seem to have any intention to fight him fair and square.

The moment Andy closed in, Cannon felt an incredible pressure, he felt like his whole body was being squashed together like he was in a pressure cooker, and his movements were greatly slowed!

“How can this……”


Andy’s fierce punch landed on Cannon’s stomach, and Cannon was sent flying off like a grenade!

“Be careful! He can control the density of air around you!” Squall’s multiple quick attacks was putting him at a great advantage against Great Compassion, so he finally had the time to consider the others. Seeing Cannon get sent flying, he immediately warned.

The ability to control the atmosphere was incredible. It didn’t just decrease the density of the air around Cannon, the concentration of particles was also lower than other areas. This made the atmosphere Andy’s greatest assistant, it was like a force that pressured his enemy from every direction.

Every time Cannon moved, it felt like he was encased in ice and trying to break out. Naturally, this made it difficult for him to react to any, and don’t even mention attacking!

Before Cannon could get up, Punk was already beside him. He grabbed Cannon by the collar, and raised him up.

Punk was a full two meters tall. Although Cannon was well-built, he still looked a size smaller in comparison.

“You killed Jason, so you’re an outstanding warrior. However, the best outcome for an outstanding enemy is death.”

“Go screw yourself!”

Cannon raged, a situation like this was humiliation to him. He brandished his fist, and swung it towards Punk’s face!

Then, another strange phenomenon happened. When Cannon’s fist was just a few inches away from Punk’s face, it suddenly stopped, and couldn’t go any further!

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