Chapter 205-1: True men die honorably

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 205-1: True men die honorably

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Electromagnetic interference? Those in the lamasery definitely weren’t capable of this, while the only other possibility made everyone present realize the gravity of the situation.

Blue Storm had made their move!

“Looks like they managed to sneak into the country without our knowledge. This is bad, we can’t contact Cannon and the others!” Leaf anxiously said.

Abbess Yun Miao looked at Yang Chen with a queer expression, “Didn’t you say you want to take a look at the temple? Why aren’t you going?”

“What, don’t you guys need me to hold Blue Storm’s people from here?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.

“They’re already here, yet we don’t see them. We mustn’t idle around here any longer.” Said Abbess Yun Miao.

Yang Chen laughed, “I think that if I’m going, we should all go as there’s no longer any purpose in staying here. The more help the better, what do you guys think?”

Tsunami and Leaf exchanged glances, then nodded. Since their equipment was no longer working, they had no way of continuing their original tasks. They were also worried about what’s happening at the temple.

Very soon, under Yang Chen’s lead, the five walked out of the tent and headed towards Coiling Dragon Temple.

At the same time, Cannon, Broken Blade, and the others who entered the temple were surprised to find the five lamas sitting cross-legged under the copper Buddha statue while reciting scriptures. They wore red kasayas.

[TL: Kasayas are the robes buddhist monks wear.]

Their recitals were heard by everyone.

There were two aged pillars in the hall, and the paint on it have all withered away.

Placed in front of the statue was a burning incense that made the temple fragrant.

There was no indication of any preparation to battle, it was as if this was just another morning to them.

High Lama Dan Zeng had white eyebrows, and looked old and haggard. However, he had a pair of sharp eyes that looked like those of an eagle. He stared straight at the five tho charged into the temple.

The four Dharmarajas who sat in front of him, Great Treasure, Great Vehicle, Great Wisdom, and Great Compassion looked like rather stout middle-aged Lamas with drooping ears. They held black jade prayer beads, and had calm expressions.

Nobody else could be seen within the temple. As the one with the most aggressive personality, Cannon who didn’t see the Vairocana Dharma Body in the temple immediately shot bullets all over the temple’s floor tiles.

“Dan Zeng! Hand over the Vairocana Dharma Body.” Yelled Cannon.

High Lama Dan Zeng didn’t reply, and continued chanting.

“Squall, you’re the fastest here, search the entire Coiling Dragon Temple, the four of us will keep watch on them!” Broken Blade ordered.

Squall accepted the order, and immediately charged towards the side room of the temple. His figure flashed past like a real gale.

However, before Squall could enter the side room, his body was blocked by what seemed to be an invisible wall. There was a sound of him slamming into it, and he was sent flying back!

Squall somersaulted back and forcibly stabilized his body while looking at the side rooms’ door with disbelief.

A snow-white hand was stretched out from the side room, and soon after, a blonde with gorgeous body walked out. She wore a tight navy-blue tank top, black army boots, and a charming smile. She looked at everyone present with her brown eyes and spoke in unsmooth Mandarin, “Hello there.”

The moment the blonde lady appeared, the atmosphere in the temple froze.

“A member of Blue Storm.” Bigfoot said with furrowed brows, “They’ve already entered Coiling Dragon Temple?”

“Captain, there’s an error with our intelligence, this is bad.” Said Squall.

Broken Blade clenched his teeth, “An error in intelligence cannot be helped, the enemy’s technology is far beyond ours. Our detection system isn’t perfect, but we have no choice but to take them head on now.”

At this time, Sky Dragon took a big step forward, “We must catch the ringleader before dealing with the lackeys, since retreating is no longer possible, let’s deal with the old lamas first!’

The moment he said that, Sky Dragon was already charging towards the four Dharamarajas. Meanwhile, the four Dharmarajas finally got up from their prayer position. All of them crossed their arms in front of their body, and spun their bodies while getting up.

Sky Dragon’s Dragon Claw was executed on High Lama Dan Zeng, but High Lama Dan Zeng didn’t need to move at all as two of the Dharmarajas, Great Vehicle and Great Wisdom guarded him.

The two Dharmarajas stopped Sky Dragon’s attack in unison. The fists drew strange arcs, and they managed to dispel all of the force in Sky Dragon’s two claws.

“Vajrayana’s Mahakasyapa Fist?” Sky Dragon’s body came to a stop, and he had an ugly expression.

“Amitabha, as expected of a legitimate disciple of Shaolin, you actually recognized this fist, Sir Sky Dragon.”

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