Chapter 204-1: Assault

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 204-1: Assault

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Yang Chen’s words were like throwing oil into a dying fire, it immediately made Abbess Yun Miao’s unsettled fury to reignite!

“Looks like you will not learn your lesson until you see your imminent death!” Abbess Yun Miao clenched her teeth, and once again broad out her long sword. She was about to pounce at Yang Chen.

But before Abbess Yun Miao could make her move, Hui Lin Who was behind her tugged on her robe, and softly said, “Master, don’t be like this. Let’s just ignore him for now and focus on finishing the mission first.”

Abbess Yun Miao’s fire was extinguished in an instant. She relaxed and sheathed her sword, then smiled towards Hui Lin, “Alright, I’ll listen to you. Let’s move to the other tents to stay away from this stinking man.”

“Okay.” Hui Lin obediently stood up and walked towards the exit with Abbess Yun Miao while holding her elbow.

When they were about to exit, Hui Lin covertly turned her head around and stuck her tongue out at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen was prepared for another round of fleeing all over, but he didn’t expect that one sentence from the young nun was more effective than a million tonnes of ice at extinguishing the old nun’s anger. This made him smile bitterly.

After the nuns left the tent, Leaf who was just in the tent a while ago once again returned. Seeing Yang Chen depressed, she smiled and said, “Big Brother Yang, don’t look down on Miss Hui Lin. She’s the disciple Abbess Yun Miao cares the most about, and at such a young age, she has already mastered eighty percent of Abbess Yun Miao’s swordplay. She’s considered a future pillar of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, even Big Brother Sky Dragon doesn’t dare underestimate Miss Hui Lin.”

“No wonder she dotes on her so much, and even brought her along in a situation like this.” Yang Chen nodded in understanding. He originally wondered whether this young nun would be a burden, but he was now made aware that she was actually pretty strong.

Leaf giggled and said, “Miss Hui Lin became the disciple of Abbess Yun Miao when she was very young. She never leaves Abbess Yun Miao’s side, and spends most of her time cultivating in Shushan. She only began exploring the secular world two years ago, Abbess Yun Miao is very worried that she’ll get bullied, which is why she’s being watched so closely. Big Brother Yang, if you are really interested, you’ll have to pass the obstacle named Abbess Yun Miao.”

Hearing this, Yang Chen felt rather vexed. He knew that the old nun wasn’t easy to get along with, but once he thought about it he realized that something was wrong, since when did he say that he wanted to pick up that young nun!?

“Hey umm, Leaf, you seem to misunderstand something. Does your Big Brother Yang, I look like the kind of playboy who falls for every pretty girl that passes by? I just wanted to show more care towards her because that young lady appears so tender like a pure-white tofu, and is also cute and innocent. I don’t have such vile thoughts.” Yang Chen righteously said.

“Really?” Leaf’s disbelief was written all over her face.

Yang Chen was greatly angered. Do you mean it’s possible that it isn’t real!? Adding all my lovers up, I don’t even have ten of them!


Yang Chen’s large palm smacked onto Leaf’s well-developed buttock, it had an exquisite texture.

“Oww!” Leaf shyly dodged to a side, “Why did you hit me, Big Brother Yang!?”

“Well it’s your own fault for being disobedient. You first lied to me, and you now doubt my noble and pure character!?” Yang Chen handed over the empty cup to Leaf, and left the army tent with big strides.

Leaf stood in there in a daze. A while later, a smile of joy surfaced on her lips. Getting hit by Yang Chen had actually made her relieved, for this meant that Yang Chen did not hold a grudge against her.

When dawn came, it was finally crunch time for those in the canyon.

The targets, High Lama Dan Zeng and the four others remained in the Coiling Dragon Temple without any movement. It almost seemed as if they didn’t plan to leave.

The combat plan for the morning accepted no delays. Everyone finished their preparations, and the tents were shifted to the canyon’s entrance, along with all equipment.

Under Broken Blade’s command, Cannon led the soldiers chosen from the borders who were fully armed, and began heading downwards to the ancient Coiling Dragon Temple.

Night Wolf had already taken up a prone position on the top of the canyon. From there, he had a full view of Coiling Dragon Temple’s surroundings, and was able to confirm that there were no anomalies.

At the entrance of the canyon, the other soldiers from the border army had already created a blockade. Abbess Yun Miao led Nun Hui Lin, along with Tsunami and Leaf who were in charge of coordinating and communications. They were all situated at the newly erected tent, and had all kinds of instruments and monitors.

Due to the terrain, armored vehicles couldn’t arrive in time. There was a helicopter for them to use, but it didn’t have much use in a battle like this as it was weak against attacks. Therefore, sending soldiers into battle became extremely important in this situation.

Yang Chen was in the tent as well. From the monitors, he watched as Cannon led a team to surround the Coiling Dragon Temple.

Cannon threw several smoke grenades, creating smoke of various colors to fill the screen.

Intense shooting sounds echoed in the canyon. Cannon who wielded a heavy machine gun and a big bag of ammunition swept the area to make sure that High Lama Dan Zeng and the others didn’t lay any traps.

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