Chapter 203-2: What else do you know

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 203-2: What else do you know

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Realizing that everybody was now calm, Broken Blade begun explaining the assault operation in detail.

They turned on a projector, and a map was shown on the tent’s wall. It was a detailed map of the terrain of Dan River.

Broken Blade pointed at the map and explained, “We are currently situated on the upper part of the canyon. Further down is a small alluvial plain, and the ancient Coiling Dragon Temple is situated in the southern part of this plain. If they go past the canyon and continue onwards, it’d be a short distance to the border. When that happens, the Indian Army would cooperate with them, and we’d be unable to stop them anymore.”

“Which also means that we have keep them in the canyon, and retrieve the Vairocana Dharma Body.” Said Abbess Yun Miao

“Exactly.” Broken Blade nodded, and turned around to ask Tsunami who had been silent, “Is there any news on Blue Storm?”

Tsunami shook his head, “Currently, we have no news of Blue Storm breaking into our country. However, we can assume that our radars may not be able to detect them because they might be using high-tech methods to dodge detection.”

“It’s practically impossible for our radar technology to detect them unless they intentionally reveal themselves.” Said Leaf.

“Humph, detect my ass, it’d be best if they came, I, Old Dragon’s hands have been itching.” Sky Dragon said with disdain.

Everyone ignored the hotheaded Sky Dragon, and Broken Blade continued, “If they were going to come, they’d have to either go through the canyon or fly in through a helicopter to reach the ancient Coiling Dragon Temple. Therefore, it’d be fine as long as we have ample defensive procedures and ensure that we’ll not be caught off guard.”

Everybody seemed to understand him, as the paths were extremely limited and easy to cut off.

Yang Chen stood the furthest away. He listened to the meeting, then raised his hand to ask, “Well then, Captain Broken, are you sure that only three members of Blue Storm have come?”

“The information from headquarters has confirmed that it’s three.” Broken Blade bluntly said.

“Are you sure their men haven’t arrived at the Lamasery further down?” Asked Yang Chen.

Broken Blade creased his brows, “Sir Pluto, do not doubt the accuracy of our intelligence, I’ve been talking to headquarters directly, and have been obtaining reliable information. As of now, we’ve sealed the entrance to the canyon and this airspace. We’d definitely know even if a sparrow flies into the canyon!”

“Hey, brat, don’t arbitrarily ask if you don’t understand, we still need to discuss our combat roles.” Cannon said with disdain.

Yang Chen showed an embarrassed smile and asked no further. However, the suspicion in his eyes grew.

The continuation of the plan went very smoothly. Cannon was in-charge of tactical assault, and would lead a small group of soldiers to launch a surprise attack on the front lines. On the other hand, Sky Dragon, Squall and Bigfoot who were experts at close combat would assist from the side. Sky Dragon’s strength was definitely above any of the Lamas, while Squall and Bigfoot could curb them. Meanwhile, Night Wolf would be the tactical sniper, and would be on the high ground of the canyon to suppress the enemy. If a good opportunity arises, he could also take out one of the enemies.

Abbess Yun Miao, along with Leaf and Tsunami who would manage the teams are in-charge of blockading the canyon, while Broken Blade would be the overall commander.

When it was down to the final person, Yang Chen, Broken Blade directly said, “If Blue Storm’s members manage to get there in time to support High Lama Dan Zeng and the others, then we’ll need you to stop them, Sir Pluto. After all, you have the most experience with dealing with overseas secret organizations and you’re the founder of Zero, Sir Pluto.”

This meant that Blue Storm’s people were all Yang Chen’s responsibility.

“He’s a coward who only knows how to flee, I think you’ve invited the wrong person, Broken Blade.” Abbess Yun Miao said with a disdainful smile.

“Hehe, but at least he runs pretty quickly.” Sky Dragon looked at Yang Chen with provocation, “Once this all ends, have a fight with me too, it’s alright if you try to run. I, Old Dragon am pretty good at qinggong too.”

With a bitter face, Yang Chen’s brows were stuck together, “Can’t we change roles? Actually, I’m pretty good shooter, why not let me change with Night Wolf? I’ll snipe from a prone position.”

“No can do, I’m the best tactical sniper.” Night Wolf expressionlessly rejected.

The best in their fields usually have strong and rather narcissistic confidence in themselves.

“A capable person has to work harder, sorry to trouble you, Sir Pluto.” As if he held the verdict, Broken Blade declared.

As it was a short while more before daybreak, the others had to prepare for battle. Their various equipments required adjustments and inspections, so they scattered quickly to get things done.

Yang Chen sat alone in the tent, and kept looking at the young nun Hui Lin who sat beside Abbess Yun Miao. In a boring place like this, the only thing that was interesting and fresh was this little nun.

Hui Lin was being watched to the point that she occasionally blushed, and gradually understood why her master wanted to cut down this “bad person.”

At this time Leaf who walked into the tent with a cup of warm water saw this scene and smiled. She hesitated for a moment, and served the cup to Yang Chen, “Sir Pluto, please have some water.”

“Oh, thank you.” Yang Chen received it naturally, but before he drank it, he grinned and asked, “There isn’t poison in this water, right?”

Leaf was stunned, and looked petulant as she said, “Don’t worry, there’s no poison in it. Besides, doesn’t poison have no effect on you, Sir?”

“Hey, poison to me is like pesticide on vegetables. An ordinary would be fine eating those vegetables, like how I would be fine eating poison, but still, eating vegetables loaded with pesticides is still bad for the body. It’s better to eat less of it.” Saying that, Yang Chen then drank the water.

Leaf bit her lips, “You must hate me a lot. I wanted to reject that mission as harming ordinary citizens isn’t our style, but Captain Broken Blade’s plan was very thorough. If I do not cooperate, I’d be letting down the other members.”

“I don’t hate you, I just don’t like Broken Blade, he talks too much.” Yang Chen unhappily answered.

Leaf pursed her lips and smiled, “Captain just took office, so it can’t be helped that he makes some mistakes and speak more. Sir Pluto, please have a good rest, I’m going out to work now.”

Before Leaf left the tent, Yang Chen said, “I think it’s better if you just call me Big Brother Yang, I’m very unaccustomed to hearing you address me as sir.”

Leaf halted, and her eyes revealed that this was a happy surprise to her. She turned around and bowed to Yang Chen, “Yes, Big Brother Yang.”

Seeing Leaf happily run out of the tent, Yang Chen felt more at ease. He could tell that Leaf was also suffering inside, she was such a young lady, but had to lie and poison others. Even though she was a professionally trained top secret agent, it wasn’t something she could easily do.

Abbess Yun Miao who had been recuperating on the prayer met suddenly opened her eyes and sneered, “Other than seducing young ladies, what else do you know?” She obviously believed that Yang Chen was trying to get closer with Leaf.

Yang Chen didn’t understand why this nun kept opposing him. He immediately rolled her eyes at her, “I also know how to seduce old ladies like you, Abbess.”

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