Chapter 203-1: What else do you know

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 203-1: What else do you know

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“Abbess, please calm down!”

Seeing Abbess Yun Miao become this angry and make an attack the moment they meet, a few members of the Dragon Group became anxious.

Abbess Yun Miao ignored Broken Blade’s words, and her sword was like a streak of white charging towards Yang Chen’s throat!

She wanted his life for real!

Yang Chen bitterly laughed inside. He didn’t expect this nun to be so rash, but he wasn’t anxious about this overbearing thrust at all. In a way that nobody expected, he stepped away, and actually reappeared behind Abbess Yun Miao.

This thrust was a complete miss. When Abbess Yun Miao turned around, she caught Yang Chen standing beside her precious disciple whose complexion was like cold jade.

The young nun opened her enchanting eyes wide, looking fearful and timid from Yang Chen’s straight stare. Next, an alluring blush surfaced on her cheeks.

“S… Sir……” The young nun murmured with apprehension.

Yang Chen found this nun incredibly amusing, her eyes were like pure and flawless gems. Her body exuded an extraordinarily fresh aura that can only be explained by the fact that she had lived high up in the mountains for many years.

“Young lady, how old are you? Have you ever fallen in love?” Yang Chen couldn’t help teasing this cute little nun.

“Huh?” The young nun didn’t seem to understand what Yang Chen meant, she blinked repeatedly, and was at a loss as to how she should reply.

Abbess Yun Miao was angered to the point that her face flushed, “You dare tease my disciple so blatantly, you think I, Yun Miao am easy to bully!?”

Once she said that, Abbess Yun Miao once again brandished her sword, her attack this round was fiercer and quicker than before. Her sword pointed at him, and a sharp sword qi blasted forwards!

Yang Chen didn’t dare to dillydally. He fled around in the military tent that wasn’t that big, and every time he dodged, there would be a burst of sword qi that follows. The sounds of air being torn apart was heard over and over.

Abbess Yun Miao’s sword moves were endless, while her forceful sword qi cut holes all over the tent!

It was too difficult for the others to stop this fight, so they could only watch Yang Chen being hunted by Abbess Yun Miao and dodge all over. The tent became a complete mess.

The young nun on the other hand was stupefied as she watched her master chase after that strange man. She was rather worried for that man, for her master was incredibly scary when she gets angry!

“Vermin! Is running away all you know how to do?”

Realizing that the dozens of sword strokes she executed didn’t even manage to touch Yang Chen’s clothes, Abbess Yun Miao stopped attacking. Her face was slightly pale.

Yang Chen stopped running, and laughed, “As expected of one of Shushan Sword Sect’s grandmasters, your swordplay is indeed brilliant. I daren’t receive it, so I chose to flee instead.”

“Humph, even if you dare, you might not necessarily be able to!” Abbess Yun Miao sheathed her sword, and seemed rather pleased with herself, “Since you know my swordplay is from Shushan, that shows that you at least have some insight. I’ll not bicker with you for now, but once this mission is over, we’ll settle this!”

The people of Dragon Group were relieved. Abbess Yun Miao was a part of the Group of Eight, but she also held great power within the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, so they really didn’t dare to offend her.

“Thank you for being magnanimous, Abbess. Let us first discuss business now.” Broken Blade said with a forced smile.

Yun Miao nodded, and beckoned the dazed young nun who was still standing at a corner, “Hui Lin, come to Master’s side, don’t let that vermin come close to you!”

“So your name is Hui Lin?” Yang Chen stood beside Hui Lin and asked with a smile.

The young nun Hui Lin looked at him with apprehension, then ran to hide behind Yun Miao like a cute little kitty.

Yang Chen’s face became one of regret. To be honest, this was the first time he actually saw nuns here in Huaxia, now he knew what they were like! Nuns were one of those occupations that gave people many colorful fantasies, which was why he was so interested. Although they were both Taoist nuns which weren’t as pure as Buddhist nuns, they were incredibly pretty. However, the older one wanted to hit him, while the younger one was afraid of him, what could he do in a situation like that?

“Miss Hui Lin is Abbess Yun Miao’s final disciple, please do not provoke her, Sir Pluto.” Broken Blade advised.

Yang Chen waved at him, “I got it I got it. Quickly discuss then. The sun is almost out, once it is, those bald donkeys will definitely seize the moment to flee.”

Abbess Yun Miao furrowed her brows, “What bald donkeys!? Even if High Lama Dan Zeng and the Four Dharmarajas rebel, they are still the reincarnations of the senior monks in Tibetan Buddhism. How could a vermin like you who only knows how to flee call them names!?”

Embarrassed, Yang Chen smiled back and kept quiet. This old nun got incredibly angry just from his slightly lecherous gaze, so it was better for him to lie low.

On the other hand, the young nun Hui Lin secretly stuck her head out to look at Yang Chen. Her gem-like eyes were filled with confusion, she seemed to never have met a person like this before.

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