Chapter 202-2: Vairocana Dharma Body

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 202-2: Vairocana Dharma Body

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“Don’t your Dragon Group have over a hundred men in strength? Why not call more of them over?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.

“What do you know!?” The bearded Cannon boorishly shouted, “There’s only a little more than a hundred people in Dragon Group, yet we have to take into account the safety of millions of square kilometers! Discounting those who are dispatched overseas, how many can we activate in a short period of time!?”

The solemn Night Wolf said with a deep voice, “Cannon, be more respectful to Sir Pluto.”

“Respect my ass! Isn’t he just a guy who got fooled by us!? I really don’t understand why the organization had to get this guy’s help, why not just get a team of special forces instead? It’d be better to have a few more people shooting armor piercing shells instead!” Cannon said with disdain.

“Cannon, you must have lost your mind from all the explosions. Blue Storm’s agents are known for being espers with high-tech firepower. If you send a team of special forces in, isn’t it just feeding them some pastries?” Squall grinned.

“They’re just a bunch of evil assholes, they think that altering their bodies makes them espers, but they’re all just genetically modified fakes. What is there to be afraid of? When it comes to shooting guns, I, Cannon fear no one!”

The Dragon Group members began to debate over who was strong and who was weak, but Yang Chen found that lame. He turned to ask Broken Blade, “Captain Broken, you racked your brains to pull me over just to help you deal with the people from Blue Storm?”

Once they started to discuss the plan, Broken Blade proudly grinned, “I hope that you do not take offense, Sir Pluto. I had no choice, and only made plans after approval from the organization.”

“Once all of this is finished, you’ll give me the antidote, right? My woman and mother-in-law are both lying on the beds at home, I’m afraid that they’ll catch a cold if left unattended.” Yang Chen said with worry.

Before he left, Yang Chen carried Mo Qianni and Ma Guifang upstairs, and placed them on the beds before locking all the door and leaving with the people of the Dragon Group.

Broken Blade nodded, “That goes without saying. Once this matter is concluded, there would absolutely be no harm done to your family, Sir Pluto.”

After the helicopter had flown for over two hours, it finally landed on a rocky valley beside a river.

At this place, there were four green army tents erected, and there were over a dozen fully-armed sentries watching the surroundings vigilantly.

Yang Chen followed the Dragon Group people off the helicopter, and entered the largest military tent. It was slightly warmer inside, and the bright light bulb inside was much brighter than the morning light.

In the tent, there were two prayer mats casually laid out, and on top of them were two women wearing taoist nun robes.

The nun who sat closest to them looked to be in her forties. She had slight wrinkles around her eyes, but still looked incredibly attractive. She had a beautiful face and eyebrows, fair skin, red lips, and a calm temperament. She ticked all the boxes of being a classical Eastern beauty.

Beside her, was another nun who also had her palms facing upwards. Her fingers were as delicate as orchids, and she wore a nun hat. Her face was like the remaining snow on a tree when spring approaches, yet also like the sole beautiful white lotus in a lotus pond. She gave off the impression of being innocent and pure, and was like the younger version of the older nun.

The older nun stood up, patted the dust off her originally clean taoist robes, and swept a lithe glance over the people who entered. Next, her gaze fixed onto Yang Chen’s face, “This is Pluto?”

The young nun also patted her taoist robes and stood up. She was approximately twenty years old, and seemed curious towards things she never seen before. Hearing her master ask a question in such a serious tone, she too looked at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen secretly gasped in admiration. Why did this young and old pair of nuns become nuns? One is middle-aged but attractive, while the other is young and pretty. Both of them were beautiful pieces of art! With the taoist robes covering them, they seemed all the more graceful and tempts one to sin!

The old nun noticed that Yang Chen was just staring at the two of them without replying, and fury surfaced in her eyes, “Pluto, what are you looking at?”

“Ah?” Yang Chen forced a laugh, “You must be Abbess Yun Miao, and this must be your disciple.”

“What’s there to see in me and my disciple?” Displeased, Abbess Yun Miao asked.

Broken Blade and the other members of the Dragon Group became rather nervous for they knew of Abbess Yun Miao’s bad temper, while Sky Dragon snickered.

This didn’t frighten Yang Chen at all, he jested, “Abbess Yun Miao, you maintain yourself really well, what kind of cosmetics do you usually use? Mind sharing it? Or could you give me a secret formula? You might not know this, but I’m currently working in a firm involved with the fashion industry. We manufacture cosmetics, but are always looking for better formulas. Seeing your appearance, you surely have some method of maintaining yourself, how about we collaborate and create a product, and share the profits?”

Yang Chen spoke casually, but Abbess Yun Miao took it as malicious provocation, and unsheathed the cold and graceful sword beside her!

“Vermin! You dare blabber such words the first time we meet! Looks like I will have to teach you a lesson today before we discuss business!”

After reprimanding him, Abbess Yun Miao unexpectedly brandished her Willow Leaf Sword for real, and thrusted it towards Yang Chen!

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