Chapter 201-2: Acting skills

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 201-2: Acting skills

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The moment Broken Blade was done speaking, the last man who hadn’t been introduced snorted.

This man’s hair was rather long, it grew over his shoulders. He had a sculpted face, well-built body, and a cross-shaped scar under his left eye.

[TL: Hmm… a shoutout to Rurouni Kenshin!?]

“If you’re proud then be proud, what are you pretending for? I, Old Dragon despise vile people like you the most!”

Broken Blade glared at the man and said, “Sky Dragon! Don’t forget that I am the commander of this mission! Don’t challenge my limits!”

“You think I enjoy tolerating your annoying idiocy!? I, Old Dragon want to battle this Yang fellow. A few days ago, Gray Robe said that he’s stronger than me, I can’t accept that! If it wasn’t because of that, I, as a part of the Group of Eight wouldn’t give a damn about joining your Dragon Group’s mission!”

As he said that, Sky Dragon grinned towards Yang Chen, “Fellow with the surname Yang, once this mission is completed, you’ve gotta spar with me, Old Dragon. That old fogey Gray Robe insisted that you’re stronger than me, but I won’t believe that without a fight!”

“We’ll talk about that when it’s done.” Yang Chen snickered internally. So this fellow with the thunderous voice is Sky Dragon of the Group of Eight. According to the information he had, this man was a disciple of Shaolin since childhood, he practiced in Buddhist internal martial arts, and is an orthodox practitioner of Shaolin’s Dragon Claw. In terms of technique, he is considered perfect. Unless he fights someone who has twice as much power as him, they’d definitely be unable to deal with his Shaolin Dragon Claw. Amongst the Group of Eight, he is heralded to be the best in martial prowess.

However, it’s unexpected that the old man called Gray Robe who followed Lin Zhiguo, who’s Lin Ruoxi’s grandfather, was truly a member of the Group of Eight. In that case, who was Lin Zhiguo? What did it mean for Lin Ruoxi to be his granddaughter?

On the other hand, it seemed like Broken Blade had no way with dealing with Sky Dragon. He chose to ignore him, and return to smiling nefariously at Yang Chen, “Sir Pluto, so as to perform this business transaction with you, we’ve prepared this situation, we hope you do not take offense.”

Yang Chen pointed at Ma Guifang and Mo Qianni who were on the table, “If you have something to say, then say it, why drug my woman and mother-in-law?”

“This is just for insurance, I’m not a person who is all talk. It’s better to have some leverage before negotiating…… Don’t worry, this is a newly developed narcotic that could cause the victim to enter a coma after a set amount of time. It will not cause any harm to the body……” Broken Blade slowly explained, “But of course, if the antidote isn’t given to the victim after a certain amount of time passes , then the victim might turn into a vegetable.”

Yang Chen’s gaze instantly turned chilly, he looked towards the silent Leaf, “Leaf, is what he said true?”

Leaf’s body trembled, she evaded Yang Chen’s gaze and said, “Captain Broken Blade’s words are the truth.”

“The poison was planted in the soup you brought, right?”

“That’s right, I took the antidote before hand. Although we know that a drug like this would pose no threat to you, they’re different. They need the antidote.” Ye Zi truthfully voiced out.

As Flower Rain of the Group of Eight had witnessed the fact that Yang Chen was impervious to poison, this information was already passed down to the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade.

Hearing Leaf’s explanation, Yang Chen had a grasp of the full course of events.

All of this was tailor-made for him. While it just so happened that he and Mo Qianni were heading here, and from that point, they had already fallen into the Dragon Group’s plot.

On the train, Night Wolf who disguised as Black Loach acted in coordination with the fictional Ye Zi, allowing Leaf to gain Yang Chen and Mo Qianni’s trust.

Coincidentally, it rained, which saved Leaf from the trouble of making any excuses to stay over at Mo Qianni’s home, causing her performance to become even more spectacular.

As they were members of the Dragon Group and not ordinary secret agents, no matter how perceptive Yang Chen was, he couldn’t see through the impeccable acting of Ye Zi, or that she was a spy.

This made it easy for her to poison the mushroom soup without any suspicion from Yang Chen.

If all this didn’t happen, with Yang Chen’s years of experience and practically instinctive perception, how can the average secret agent come this far? Even if she could trick Ma Guifang, she might not even be able to trick Mo Qianni.

Although he didn’t know what the Dragon Group’s actual plan was, a woman he cared about and his mother-in-law were now taken hostage. As the antidote was in their hands, he had to obediently cooperate with them.

But of course, this was all an assumption by the Dragon Group, while Yang Chen didn’t intend to forcibly break out of this situation.

Although it wasn’t hard for him to deal with the poison in the two women, Yang Chen didn’t want to throw a wrench into his relationship with the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade. From how hard they were trying to rope him in to this mission, it seemed like they really needed his help for something, so Yang Chen intended to hear it before deciding what to do next.

Seeing Yang Chen silent in contemplation, Broken Blade took it as Yang Chen feeling helpless which made him even more pleased with himself. After all, the plan was formed by him.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the king of hell, or the leader of Zero. When in Huaxia, you have to be servile whether you’re a worm or a dragon!

Broken Blade sneered inside, but he was very calm on the surface, “I believe that you’ve understood your current situation, Sir Pluto. Well then, let me put it simply. I hope you could help us with accomplishing our mission.”

Yang Chen slowly poured himself a cup of rice wine, sighed, and said, “Go ahead and say it.”

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