Chapter 200-2: Perhaps not human

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 200-2: Perhaps not human

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Speaking of the past, Mo Qianni recalled something important, and quickly asked, “By the way, Mom, did Zhang Fugui come back?” She stopped paying attention to her stepfather who gave them endless troubles.

Speaking of Zhang Fugui, Ma Guifang’s movements came to a halt. She sighed, then said, “A few days back, I heard someone who returned say that he was being chased after by some loan sharks, and I never heard anything more.”

As Zhang Fugui had already signed the divorce document and was fearful of Mo Qianni and Yang Chen, he simply didn’t dare to return home and ask for money. Therefore, there was little to no chance that he would actually return.

Mo Qianni sighed in relief, then raised her cup and said, “Mom, let’s toast to you finally being able to live peacefully.”

Ma Guifang happily raised her cup, and emotionally said, “Yeah, it’s all in the past now. In the blink of an eye, my daughter is about to get married, I’m old, and Son-in-law Yang has come to visit.”

Yang Chen naturally loved to toast with his future mother-in-law. This homebrewed rice wine was indeed fragrant, he had been coveting it for a while now, for there wasn’t a tasty wine like this overseas.

“Ye Zi, just think of this as your own home, eat more.”  Ma Guifang said to the reserved Ye Zi, and placed some meat into her bowl.

Ye Zi quickly thanked her, then put down her chopsticks and stood up, “I… Aunt Ma, I’ll bring the mushroom soup out of the kitchen, it should be done by now.”

“Oh, go on then.” Ma Guifang smiled, “Ye Zi is so thoughtful.”

Once Ye Zi entered the kitchen, Mo Qianni said to Ma Guifang, “Mom, I’m returning this time with the intention to bring you to Zhonghai. Pack your things, and leave with us in two days please.”

Ma Guifang sighed, “Ni-zi, Mom knows you’re filial, but I’ve already lived here for over forty years, and nearing fifty. How could I just leave like that? Besides, even if I go to a big city, I’d be a complete country bumpkin. The both of you have jobs, while I can’t really work. If I just stay at home doing nothing but eating, drinking, and housework, it’d be boring.”

“But this place is so far away from Zhonghai. Mom, no one can take care of you when grow older here, that worries me.” Mo Qianni anxiously said.

Ma Guifang wasn’t an obstinate person. She was aware that without anyone around to take care of her, she’d have countless problems in her later years. She couldn’t help silently taking a sip of wine, then said, “Ni-zi, let me consider it. Aren’t you leaving in at least a few days? I’ll answer you when the time comes, is that alright?”

Mo Qianni could only nod in reply, and put this topic on hold for now.

Yang Chen chewed on the vegetables while having a headache from Mo Qianni’s proposal. If this mother-in-law truly moved to Zhonghai, wouldn’t his relationship with Mo Qianni be exposed!? When that happens, she might no longer be this amiable towards him, and might instead run at him with a cleaver in each hand!

However, one ought to be filial to their parents, so Yang Chen held back from saying anything. Whose fault is it that he’s so “tolerant” and “open” towards things!?

At this time, Ye Zi came out of the kitchen with a clay pot. She placed the clay pot which contained the soup made of wild mushroom and chicken bones on the table, and it gave off a captivating fragrance.

Ma Guifang picked up a ladle, then took Ye Zi’s bowl and filled it up with a smile, “Here, good work Ye Zi. You have a bowl first, then you too, Son-in-law Yang. I picked these wild mushrooms today, they’re incredibly fresh! Have more soup.”

As the weather was cold, this warm soup was incredibly attractive. Very soon, the four all had a bowl of it each, and the soup comforted them in the stomach.

The four continued to eat and chat, but unexpectedly, the large wooden door was suddenly knocked on……

*Knock knock, knock knock*

On the outside, the wooden door had a metal ring installed, and this metal ring was being knocked repeatedly.

“It’s so late, who could it be?” Mo Qianni asked in confusion.

Ma Guifang herself felt bewildered over this, and shouted to the person outside, “Who is it?”

She had asked, but the person outside still didn’t answer, and instead continued to knock.

A queer smile flashed on Yang Chen’s face, “We’ll know just by opening the door, perhaps it isn’t human, and is a ghost?”

“What nonsense are you spouting!? A ghost from where!?” Mo Qianni unhappily shot Yang Chen down, but it was a fact that it was dark and cold, so she felt a little afraid.

“I’ll open the door!” Ye Zi was courageous, she voluntarily put down her chopsticks, ran out of the eaves’ shelter and into the rain, then went to the door.

It was at this moment that Ma Guifang and Mo Qianni suddenly held their heads simultaneously, and swayed their head in pain.

“Why do I… feel so… sleepy……”

Mo Qianni mumbled and her head fell onto the table with a thud, she had fainted!


Ma Guifang also fainted on the table, causing the cups to fall onto the ground. Luckily, the cups just rolled on the ground without breaking as they were made of wood.

Seeing the mother-daughter pair faint, Yang Chen didn’t seem too shocked, and instead looked towards the door.

At this time, Ye Zi who arrived at the door was in the process of opening it……

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