Chapter 198-2: Ye Zi

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 198-2: Ye Zi

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“Yang Chen, take out the corn sausages I prepared, and let Ye-er have some.” Mo Qianni ordered.

[TL: Apparently sausages with real corn inside, not corn dogs O.o . And adding a -er behind someone’s name is a form of endearment similar to -chan -kun in Japanese.]

Yang Chen smiled and said, “This young lady’s name is Ye-er? The two of you sure chat quickly.”

“Her name is Ye Zi, and her pet name is Ye-er, it sounds good, right?” Mo Qianni amiably stroked Ye Zi’s ponytail. Mo Qianni truly liked this total stranger who had the courage to help out.

Yang Chen placed some snacks on the table, and Mo Qianni immediately offered them to Ye Zi. Ye Zi softly rejected her goodwill a few times, but she couldn’t bear Mo Qianni’s stern look, so she had no choice but to nibble on them.

Gradually, Ye Zi realized how kind the two of them were, and relaxed. Since she was hungry, she decimated two sausages and a piece of tofu, without even allowing the sauce on her fingers to go to waste.

Mo Qianni sighed, and used a tissue to gently wipe Ye Zi’s lips, “Are you still hungry? Would you like to eat a little more?”

Ye Zi shook her head, and spoke in a clear voice, “I’m good, thank you, Big Brother and Sister.”

“Don’t be overly polite towards us, treating you to some snacks is nothing compared to what you did for us.” Mo Qianni said. She then took more food to offer to Ye Zi.

Ye Zi quickly grabbed Mo Qianni’s hand to stop her, “It’s really alright, Big Sister. If my mother learns that I was so thick-skinned, she’d definitely beat me.”

“You’re such a good child, who’d bear to beat you? Well, other than that bunch of bad people who have been thrown out of the train.” Mo Qianni said with a smile.

Ye Zi looked at Yang Chen with reverence, “Big Brother, you’re really strong. I’ve never seen a man as strong as you in any of our villages.”

Yang Chen knowingly smiled. The strength he used earlier wasn’t much, if he actually used his true strength, this young lady might faint from fright.

“Ye-er, are you going back home?” Yang Chen had a good impression of this honest young lady. Although she was also a village girl, Ye-er’s looks were much more ordinary than Chen Rong when she just arrived at Zhonghai. However, she had the tenacity of a panther, which he admired.

Ye-er had recovered from nervousness, and seeing how amiable the two were, she opened up. She nodded and said with a smile, “Yeah, I live at Kunshan Village, I’d still have to walk a long way after getting off at my stop to return home. Big Brother and Sister, are you guys here for a vacation?”

“Kunshan Village!?” Mo Qianni’s eyes lit up, she was pleasantly surprised, “Yay! Ye-er, so you’re a fellow villager of mine!”

Hearing Mo Qianni’s words, Ye-er was stunned, “Big Sister, you’re also from Kunshan?”

“Yeah, I lived there when I was a child, but I went to Zhonghai to study and work, so this is the first time in over ten years that I’m coming back home. We’re truly brought together by fate!” Mo Qianni was incredibly delighted.

Ye-er was also filled with joy, “Big Sis, which side are you from? I live in the south part of the village, what about you?”

Mo Qianni sadly said, “Oh, so you’re from the south part, I’m from the north part. I guess you wouldn’t know the people from my family, you were probably really little when I left the village. But anyway, the two parts are just separated by a mountain top, we can still meet again after we return home.”

Suddenly bumping into a fellow villager was a happy moment for the two ladies especially after what happened earlier. The two had many topics to talk about, and began to chatter non stop.

Seeing how happy Mo Qianni was, Yang Chen was also put in a good mood.

When he first returned to Huaxia, he felt a strong sense of loyalty to this place, despite only knowing that he had Chinese blood in him,.

One could imagine how exciting it was for Mo Qianni to return to where she grew up and had many fond memories.

As Mo Qianni hadn’t been at Kunshan Village for many years, she urgently enquired about the many changes in Kunshan village. Before they knew it, they had already chatted for over an hour.

While chatting, it was revealed that Ye Zi hadn’t even finished middle school before she dropped out to sell their mountain’s local specialties at the city for her family. In the beginning, she went with her mother, but from the start of last year, she carried this burden alone.

Gradually, as she became familiar with Yang Chen and Mo Qianni, she began to call them Big Brother Yang and Big Sister Mo naturally.

As they chatted, it was only when Ye Zi mouth was dry and her voice was hoarse did Mo Qianni realize that they had chatted for too long. She apologetically handed over an unopened bottle of mineral spring water for Ye Zi to drink.

Seeing how Ye Zi was careful even when drinking water, Mo Qianni felt tender affection for her, like she was a mother caring for her daughter, “Ye-er, you’re truly brave. In a dangerous situation like earlier, the other men around didn’t dare to step up, yet you dared to pick up a shoulder pole to fight. Is this something your mother taught you?”

Ye Zi’s expression turned sour. She hardened her grip on the bottle cap, and shook her head. There seemed to be pain in her eyes as she said, “I… Once I saw those people, I can’t help it, I…… I hate them, I hate them so much I want them dead……”

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