Chapter 195-1: Perfect date

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 195-1: Perfect date

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The moment the door was opened, Hao-ge was stunned. With one hand on the door, his eyes were widened, and his jaw remained hung. He was completely dumbfounded.

Jiang Wen kept himself on guard towards Yang Chen, then ran over to Hao-ge’s side. Seeing the quietly seated Rose, the both of them had fervent gazes, “What do you think, Hao-ge? This chick is pretty good, right?”

It seemed like Hao-ge had returned to his senses hearing those words, he was filled with disbelief and intense fear. He began to tremble, and swallowed his saliva as he stiffly turned to look at Jiang Wen’s lecherous face. Hao-ge became overwhelmed with fury.

“You… you damned… bastard!!”

With a voice that was husky and forced, Hao-ge raised his large fist, and slammed it into Jiang Wen’s considerably handsome face!


Jiang Wen groaned, and blood poured out from his nose. Dizzy, he turned a few rounds, then touched the warm blood that flowed out of his nose. He practically wailed as he said, “Hao-ge! Why did you suddenly hit me! I’m asking you to deal with these bastardly couple!!”

“Bas… bastardly couple!?”

Hao-ge felt a chill run down his back, then he lifted his leg to kick Jiang Wen’s chest, which made Jiang Wen roll over three meters away.

This time, blood poured out of Jiang Wen’s mouth, and he once again lost consciousness.

This pitiful fellow was knocked out for the second time in public in such a short timespan.

Hao-ge trembled as he turned back and bowed. There was a smile on his face that looked even uglier than crying, and he made a silly laugh towards the expressionless Rose who remained seated in the car.

“Pre… President…… I never expected that it would be you. This is truly a coincidence, I didn’t recognize that you were the target. If I knew, I, Ah Hao, would… would……”

“Would what?” Rose calmly asked Ah Hao.

However, it was precisely a calm tone like that which made Hao-ge feel chilly. He found it difficult to move, it was as if his feet were glued to the ground.

Yang Chen who stood on the other side watched what happened, and didn’t expect that this fellow was Rose’s subordinate. Since this was the case, he didn’t plan on doing anything, he just leaned against the bonnet of the car and waited to see how Rose was going to settle this.

The thugs who followed Hao-ge saw the abnormality of the situation and whispered amongst themselves, discussing what was happening.

Rose softly sighed, “Ah Hao, you’re more capable than me. Blockading the road with cars, carrying the blame for others, beating people up, capturing women, and casually asking for millions. I didn’t know that I had a capable subordinate like you.”

Hao-ge immediately shouted with a pleading tone, “President, please let me explain! I… I had no choice, that Jiang fellow is the second-in-command in this area’s prosecutor’s office. I’m only willing to do things for him in consideration of our brothers. The money received is also all handed over to the society!”

“Is that so? Well then, how much did you hand over last year?” Rose asked with a cold expression.

Hao-ge became speechless for he knew that he couldn’t lie as there were financial records for what he gave every year, so after some time he softly answered, “Two… two hundred thousand……”

“So what were you trying to explain again?” Rose directly asked.

Hao-ge’s head drooped, he clenched his teeth and felt defeated, but couldn’t find a word to say.

Rose glanced at him and said, “You’re one of the earliest members of West Union Society who defected to my Red Thorns Society, so I didn’t decrease the power you held. You’re only lower than several elders of in the gang, and can definitely place top twenty in the gang right now. However, I never expected that the brothers I put under you would end up committing robbery and blocking the road like a bandit. You should know the rules I set, and the path you’ll be set on henceforth.”

“President, please give me a chance!” Hao-ge immediately knelt in reverence towards Rose.

“A chance isn’t something I give to you, it’s something you need to attain yourself. The fact that you appeared before me today means that this isn’t the first time you’ve done this, I cannot continue to turn a blind eye towards you.”

As Rose spoke, she took out her phone and made a call.

“Boss? How may I help you?” The affectionate voice of Little Zhao was heard from the phone.

“Little Zhao, send someone to take over the twenty-first territory under Ah Hao.”

Hearing these words, Ah Hao who knelt raised his head with panic all over his face.

Little Zhao who heard this was slightly surprised, but immediately replied, “I got it, boss.” And didn’t ask any further.

After ending the call, Rose looked towards Hao-ge, “You can leave now, and can bring along any one who is willing to follow you. Considering the matters in the past, I won’t stop you.”

Hao-ge swallowed his saliva, and stood up unsteadily. He gloomily bowed towards Rose and said, “Thank you, President. I, Ah Hao, will be never forget your mercy……”

Saying that, Hao-ge turned away, intending to leave.

But in that instant, Hao-ge turned again at lightning speeds, and it was unknown when it was that he held a Swiss Army knife with a cold glint in his hand. He suddenly thrusted it towards Rose who had been silent!

“Slut! I want your life!!!” Hao-ge ruthlessly howled!

Yang Chen noticed Hao-ge’s intentions from the very beginning, but he didn’t leap over the car and kick Hao-ge away because he knew that wasn’t necessary.

Just as the sharp knife was about to stab Rose’s throat, Rose’s bare hand was suddenly swung, and it perfectly hit Hao-ge’s wrist!

Hao-ge’s wrist became numb, and he nearly dropped the knife.

Rose grabbed onto Hao-ge’s numb hand, and twisted it in the opposite direction!


The sound of bones detaching was heard, the knife Hao-ge held was now pointed at himself!

Before Hao-ge could react to the pain, his hand which Rose grabbed onto was swung towards himself!

The sharp knife stabbed into Hao-ge’s chest, puncturing his lung!

Hao-ge groaned, took a few steps back, and limply fell onto the ground. His shirt was already being dyed red, and his lips were pale. He laid on the ground with his eyes wide open with difficulty breathing!

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