Chapter 192-1: It’s most difficult to bear the kindness of a beauty

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 192-1: It’s most difficult to bear the kindness of a beauty

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Yang Chen’s words were like thunder roaring in Tangtang’s mind, causing her to stare blankly.

The two became silent in this small booth, they maintained silence until Tangtang came back to her senses when Yang Chen turned the computer off.

“Well, would you like to go home now?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.

Tangtang pouted, “I don’t.”

“You still aren’t convinced?” Yang Chen gloomily scratched his head, “I know that they have their own troubles and there isn’t much link to you being fortunate. However, I think that in your situation, you should be more humble and broaden your mind. You’d realize that that quarrel was so insignificant, so why refuse to return home? Why stroll on the streets despite knowing that you’re in danger?”

Tangtang stared straight at Yang Chen with shining eyes, “Uncle, I like you more and more, I really want to know why you went to a place like this, and want to know what you did there. Oh my god… Uncle, don’t you know that a man with a story is incredibly appealing to women?”

“Don’t change the topic. Besides, at your age, can you even consider yourself a woman? Simply the fact that you ran away from home is enough evidence that you’re a child, and that you’re far from the maturity of an adult. Listen to me, and let me send you home.” Yang Chen persuaded.

Tangtang pouted, and softly said, “Uncle, I enjoy hearing you lecture me.”


“I enjoy hearing your lecture, because it makes me feel like I have a father……” Tangtang had a little longing in her eyes, “I don’t mean a biological father. I mean a father that could talk to me, play with me, and educate me……”

Yang Chen was put on the spot, how did an uncle just get promoted into being a father!?

“Actually……” Tangtang smiled at Yang Chen, “If my Jie could find a man like Uncle to be my daddy, it’d be easier for me to accept. It’s a pity that your looks are too average, Uncle. Although I know that you are extraordinary, a successful career woman like my Jie would definitely go for a so-called successful man, who would end up spending the whole day out of the house working, how boring.”

Yang Chen rubbed Tangtang’s head, “Don’t let your imaginations run wild. Your mother is looking for a man for herself, not for you. It’d be fine as long as his character is upright, why care so much? If I had a daughter like you, I’d have a massive headache.”

Tangtang didn’t like the fact that Yang Chen was rubbing her head, raising her nose she said, “Uncle, although I admit that I’m not mature enough, you shouldn’t keep treating me as a child. I can’t grow tall if you keep rubbing me head!”

“Fine, agree to return home then.”

Tangtang grumbled for a while, then took out her phone and made a call.

Soon after, the call connected, and a woman’s anxious voice was heard.

“Hey! Tangtang! You unlucky child! Where have you run to!? Why did you skip school!?”

Tangtang kept the phone some distance away from her ear for a while, then moved it closer to speak, “Jie, I was wrong, please send someone to pick me up.”

“Now you know you’re wrong!? If you knew you were wrong why run away!? Don’t you know how dangerous it is outside!? You……”

“My beautiful Jiejie, are you going to pick me up or not!?” Tangtang interjected.

“Unlucky child, how many times have I told you! Call me mom! Mom! Geez, where are you?”

“In the north part of the business district, I’ll wait by the street.”

“I’ll send a driver there right away, don’t you wander or walk away!”

“I got it. Jie… why are you getting more and more long winded? Menopause can’t have come this early, right?”

“Call me mom! Call me mom……”

Before the woman could finish speaking, Tangtang hung up the phone and sighed.

Yang Chen heard the conversation between this clowny mother and daughter, and couldn’t help but laugh, “Your mother sounds really anxious.”

“She isn’t like that at all, she’s just anxious towards me occasionally, but is very composed in front of others, it gives me goosebumps.” Tangtang mischievously smiled.

Seeing that things are settled, he brought Tangtang out of the bar, and brought her to the pick-up point.

Tangtang suddenly thought of something, and asked, “Uncle, the ninth of next month is Yuanye-ge’s birthday, you’ll be attending his birthday party, right?”

Yang Chen stared blankly at her, then nodded, “How did you know he invited me?”

“He wouldn’t hide anything from me.” Tangtang proudly raised her imaginary tail, “We’ll be able to meet again then, I can’t wait.”

“What is there to look forward to? It’s not like I’m the country’s president.”

“I wouldn’t look forward to meeting the president, you’re more interesting, Uncle.”

Yang Chen felt helpless as he couldn’t tell if this was praise or ridicule.

Soon after, a silver-gray Cadillac sent by Tangtang’s mother arrived. Two bodyguards who got off the car stayed alert towards Yang Chen, then opened the door for Tangtang.

The moment Tangtang entered the car, she became slightly dejected. After she closed the car door, she winded down the window to ask Yang Chen, “Uncle, when will I be considered an adult?”

Yang Chen thought she was just going to say goodbye, and hadn’t expected such a tough question before her departure. He was no philosopher, but he pondered over it and said, “When one day you feel like there’s fewer and fewer things to complain, or that there’s nothing worth complaining about, that’s when you know you’re almost mature.”

Tangtang pondered over this, then slightly nodded towards him, and waved, “Bye bye Uncle!”

Watching the car drive off into the distance, Yang Chen sighed in relief. When he checked the time, it was three in the afternoon, so he didn’t intend to return to the office. While feeling lonely, he realized that it had been a while since he went to Rose’s place. He felt guilty that he hadn’t been spending time with that woman who had never asked of him to visit her.

Luckily, the business district wasn’t far from the bar. As Yang Chen didn’t drive, he walked for twenty minutes to reach ROSE Bar.

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