Chapter 191-1: A place many would call paradise

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 191-1: A place many would call paradise

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Yang Chen stood up, wiped his greasy hands with the serviette, and said, “Alright, come with me.”

“Where to?” Tangtang was worried that Yang Chen would force her to go home.

“Let’s go to an internet cafe that is high grade.”

“Internet cafe?” Tangtang beamed with happiness, “Uncle you’re really nice, you fed me lunch, and even want to bring me to an internet cafe!”

Yang Chen chuckled, “Relax, I don’t intend to let you play games, I want to show you something.”

Ignoring the puzzled Tangtang, Yang Chen took the initiative to leave McDonald's.

Tangtang stuck to his side on the way, and after walking for a short while the two managed to find an internet cafe that was part of a large franchise.

When they entered the internet cafe, Yang Chen asked for the most expensive isolated single booth for web surfing. Tangtang who stood beside him became increasingly curious as to what Yang Chen wanted to show her that he even had to opt for an isolated booth.

“Uncle, it can’t be that you want to… do that with me in an internet cafe, right?” Tangtang couldn’t help but shyly ask.

“Do what?” Yang Chen didn’t understand what she meant.

Tangtang blushed, “To do that kind of intimate thing… geez! Why choose an internet cafe? Even if it’s a single room, I’d still be embarrassed. Uncle you’re really bad, to think that you have that sort of fetish……”

Yang Chen finally understood what Tangtang meant, and directly poked this brat on the forehead, “What are you letting your imagination run wild for!? Am I that sort of pervert!?”

“You look like one……” Tangtang weakly responded.

Yang Chen ignored this eccentric brat who seemed to have reached the age getting in heat. He walked into the small booth, and started using the computer.

Tangtang patiently stood behind Yang Chen and stopped cracking jokes.

Yang Chen opened the browser, entered a URL, hit enter, and an extremely strange image showed up on the screen.

The whole screen turned black, then two round object that was dull gold colored appeared in the middle, splitting into an inner and outer layer.

Yang Chen clicked on the outer ring-shaped object, and began entering various alphabets and numbers.

Tangtang who stood behind was stunned, because she realized that what Yang Chen had entered had already become a string of ‘*” and she couldn’t tell what he had typed, but it was over twenty characters long.

Even more terrifying was, the amount of characters needed for the inner circle was way over a hundred characters, it had also all become “*” symbols, it was clearly some sort of password.

When Yang Chen was done entering the password, the two ring shaped objects began to spin, to a point where it seemed like it had been completed, and they disappeared from the screen.

“Uncle, that’s too cool! This account password of yours has at least a hundred characters! How are you able to memorize it!?” Tangtang found this unbelievable.

Why would I need to memorize it? With the way my brain is, a glance is all that’s needed for a thousand characters……

However, he simply explained, “It’s easy after some practice.”

“Oh… now that the screen is black, what do you actually want me to see, Uncle?” Tangtang was looking forward to see it.

Yang Chen looked around, and found the complimentary earphones and mic. He hooked it up to the computer, then said to the microphone, “Picture!”

The moment he said that, the darkness on the monitor screen scattered, revealing a photo album. There were many separate folders, and every folder had a different album.

Yang Chen spoke another word, but this word wasn’t English or Chinese. When Tangtang heard it, it sounded like an obscure language, but she wasn’t sure as to what language it actually was.

After saying that word, a picture of a native tribe’s village appeared. There were totems of multiple colours and thatched huts. There was a bonfire in the centre, while the heads of wild beasts were hung outside the huts. A towering ice-capped mountain stood far away, and there was an endless savanna.

“Uncle, where is this?” Tangtang asked. She was already attracted by the strange picture.

Yang Chen had a nostalgic expression as he answered, “This is an African tribal village called Diyalaku. They live on a savanna in Central Africa. Although they live in a territory of some African country, it is practically a primitive area with no one to govern. This village and other tribal villages close by still live in slave-like conditions primitively. They fought wild beasts, endured scorching summers and frigid winters, and would often go through days without any food. They also have to go through bloody fights to secure a water source when their own dries up. The mountain god they worship has never protected them. When someone amongst them falls ill, they would directly be thrown into the uninhabited wilderness for beasts to feast on, because they’re afraid that the sickness would spread, and also because they also had no way to provide medical treatment.”

Tangtang became entranced by this story, “They’re so pitiful, how can there be such a place in the world? Uncle, why would you have a picture of that place? Where have you been?”

“It was about six years ago. Due to some matters, I had to stay in that region for half a month. Because there wasn’t much to do while I waited, I used a special camera to take some photos.” Said Yang Chen. Six years ago, he wasn’t even eighteen yet.

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