Chapter 190-2: Looking for another man

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 190-2: Looking for another man

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The two entered a nearby McDonalds. Yang Chen ordered four McSpicy burgers for himself, while Tangtang ordered a chicken wrap and a beverage. The two sat by a window, and started eating.

Yang Chen watched as Tangtang annihilated the chicken wrap in a minute, and curiously asked, “Why not eat more? You seem very hungry.”

“Even if I’m hungry, I have to maintain my figure, otherwise I’d be unattractive to people.” Tangtang earnestly said.

“You’re so young, yet you care so much about that?” Yang Chen helplessly shook his head.

Tangtang stood up, and stuck out her developing chest. She didn’t seem to care about the gazes of surrounding customers and said, “So what if I’m young? I already have all I need to have, there are those older than me who can’t even compare with me in terms of size!”

To be honest, it may be due to this brat’s fortunate family circumstances that she was able to eat food that was of higher quality compared to children of other families. Her front and back were both well developed and beautifully shaped, yet she also had the charm of a teenager.

But Yang Chen couldn’t bear this brat’s brazenness, he didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry as he urged her to sit, “Don’t always be so deranged, let’s talk about what on earth you’re actually doing, why did you leave house without a wallet?”

Hearing this question, Tangtang became like a deflated ball, she limply sat back down, “What else could it be? I got into an argument with Jie, My wallet got confiscated and I was grounded, but I still sneaked out of home.”

Yang Chen took some effort to recall, and remembered that Tangtang’s “sister” was actually her mother.

“Why argue with your mother? Besides, since you snuck out without a wallet, are you intending to become a beggar if you didn’t bump into me?” Yang Chen said with a frown.

Tangtang pouted, “What is there to be afraid of? This lady is born beautiful, would I be afraid that there wouldn’t be a rich man who would sugar me?”

“What drivel are you spouting” Yang Chen couldn’t help slamming the table, “You’re so young, yet you spout such nonsense! Do you know what being sugared means? If other people hear this, do you know what they will assume you are!? Are such words to be casually spoken!?”

Tangtang lowered her head in a pitiful manner, “Don’t be so angry, Uncle…… I was just speaking thoughtlessly, I’m just in a bad mood……”

Seeing that the young lady was about to cry, Yang Chen didn’t choose to continue harping on that subject, “Tell me, why did you argue with your mother?”

“I don’t want to say……” Tangtang pinched her clothes and mumbled.

Great, after chatting for so long, I ask about the crux of the issue, but this brat refuses to say it!

Yang Chen finished his final burger in vexation. Right as he was about to take out a cigarette, he realized that this place didn’t seem to allow smoking. While cursing how rigid this Western fast food restaurant was, he was at a loss as to how to continue the conversation. This brat seemed to have run away from home, and had argued with her family.

According to prior experience, Tangtang didn’t seem to be safe alone, and could be found by people with bad intentions, so he couldn’t just leave her here alone.

“Uncle.” Tangtang saw that Yang Chen was silent, so she softly inquired, “Have I brought trouble to you? Actually, if you’re busy you could just leave first, I can stay over at a classmate’s house.”

“Can your classmate deal with the people trying to kidnap you?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.

Hearing the word “kidnap,” Tangtang’s face paled, “Nothing happened recently, I think the dangerous period has passed.”

“That’s because you’ve been very well-behaved recently and haven’t come out to play, that doesn’t mean that this matter is completely over.” Yang Chen sighed and said, “I think that it’s better if I send you back, what is there that you and your mother can’t talk over? Minor quarrels will just pass after a while, can the two of you actually end up becoming enemies?”

Tangtang creased her brows tightly together. With an unwilling face, she said, “I don’t want to see her, Jiejie is too much.”

“What did your mother do that was too much?” Yang Chen couldn’t understand.

“She… she looked for other men behind my back!” Tangtang finally couldn’t help but blurt out, with a sobbing tone she said, “She would look like she’s in love sometimes, and even dress up like she was a teenager. Last night, she asked me if I would like it if she found me a daddy……”

“How did you answer her?”

“I said that unless it’s my biological father, I would firmly decline!” Tangtang angrily said, “My Dad has chased her for over twenty years, and she never agreed. How could she treat my father so heartlessly and get together with another man!?”

Yang Chen finally understood, and asked with a smile, “Which means that you’ve not seen your mother with another man?”

“I indeed haven’t seen that, but do I even need to!? I’m already this old, yet for the first time she asked me whether it’s okay if she found me a daddy, she’s definitely been committing adultery outside!”

“What adultery? How unpleasant, you’re not allowed to say such a thing about your mother. No matter what reason there is, do you think it’s easy for her to give birth to you and raise you as a single mother?” Yang Chen unhappily lectured.

Tangtang refused to accept this, “That’s not the case! Without her, I still have Daddy! Because of the two of us, Daddy still hasn’t married someone else. Daddy has sacrificed so much, how is it fair that he has to face an ending like this!?”

“Which means that you’re crying out a grievance for your father?” Yang Chen felt that this matter was rather complicated.

Tangtang pondered over this for a while, then shook her head, “Actually that isn’t true. Uncle, don’t assume that just because I’m young, I don't know a thing. The matter of love cannot be forced, but… but for Jie to suddenly become like this and be unwilling to tell me whether she has a man or not, it makes me feel like she no longer loves me……”

“Therefore, you decided to use your dad’s matter to argue with her?”

“Yeah… I just casually made that remark, and we ended up quarrelling……” Tangtang said with embarrassment.

Yang Chen smiled, for this quarrel was way too insignificant, “Such a small matter made you run away from home!?”

“No, it’s not that……” Tangtang hesitated for a moment, then said, “The main reason is because I feel really tired these days, other than going to school, I’m grounded at home. I feel like I’m being treated like a prisoner, so I haven’t been happy at all.”

Yang Chen looked at Tangtang like he was deep in thought, “That is what you are truly unable to accept, right?”

Maintaining silence, Tangtang obediently nodded in agreement.

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