Chapter 188-2: I'm a businesswoman

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 188-2: I'm a businesswoman

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Lin Ruoxi raised her head, and stared straight at Yang Chen, “Be rest assured, Xu Zhihong will pay the price for his deeds.”

“That can’t be true, right? You just brought down Changlin, and immediately want to deal with Xu Zhihong?” Yang Chen nearly jumped in his seat, for this woman was too frightening.

Lin Ruoxi blinked at him, “You’ll know in a moment.”

As they spoke, the car stopped outside a building with a Baroque style. They were surrounded by lush greenery, and were received by neatly dressed bodyguards.

The three stepped off the car, while Xu Zhihong was already waiting on the red carpet at the entrance.

“This is a small manor under my name. There aren’t that many here to celebrate, so this is the most suitable place, please come on in!” Xu Zhihong said and made a welcome gesture.

When they entered the hall, there were already many people carrying cocktails and champagne, and sounds cheery conversations were heard. Practically everyone was invited to this place at the last minute, and were from Yu Lei International or Donghua Science and Technology.

There was joy on everyone’s faces, whether it was because of the profitable contract, or defeating Changlin Media who forced their way into Zhonghai. To both parties, there was a reason that was worthy of a celebration.

Seeing Lin Ruoxi and Xu Zhihong enter, the scene erupted with applause. Evidently, they had already received news of what happened in Hong Kong’s stock market. Before the market closes, Changlin was definitely going to crash.

Lin Ruoxi and Mo Qianni chatted with the executives of Donghua Science and Technology, so Yang Chen had nothing to do.

Picking up a glass of red wine, Yang Chen who stood at a corner saw someone waving at him. Looking carefully, it was Zhang Cai, while the beautiful Liu Mingyu and Zhao Hongyan stood beside her.

After that matter happened with Liu Mingyu, not much had changed in her. The way she looked at Yang Chen was as gentle as ever. A mature woman like her was great at exercising control over her own emotions.

“Congratulations, you’ve made great contributions.” Zhao Hongyan clinked glasses with Yang Chen.

Yang Chen smiled and said, “You need not tease me, I only found out the whole story a while ago, and can only be considered an unknowing contributor.”

Liu Mingyu drank a sip of amber-colored liquid and said, “The CEO’s plan this time is simply too fascinating, after signing such a scary contract, she immediately tore Changlin Media into pieces.”

Zhang Cai and Zhao Hongyan nodded in agreement, their adoration for Lin Ruoxi had evidently reached new heights.

After chatting with the three ladies, Liu Mingyu suddenly frowned and pointed towards the entrance, “Look over there, isn’t that Changlin Media’s Boss Zeng?”

Yang Chen turned his head to look, and sure enough, it was Zeng Xinlin. He had come alone with his head raised and his posture upright, and entered the banquet hall with a cool smile.

The whole place became silent in moments, and everybody’s gaze moved towards to the main stars here.

Yang Chen quietly walked over to the entrance while drinking his wine. He wanted to see what Zeng Xinlin had come here for, but from what he could see, Zeng Xinlin seemed to be in a fine mood.

“Boss Lin, Boss Xu, I, Zeng Xinlin had come without an invitation. I hope I’m not turning your good mood sour?” Zeng Xinlin reached his hand out to the two while keeping distance.

Lin Ruoxi shook her head, and calmly shook hands with him, while Xu Zhihong received him with a smile as if they were best friends.

“Boss Zeng also had the time to come here for a drink?” Asked Xu Zhihong.

Zeng Xinlin bitterly smiled and said, “Never mind the drink, this sublime move the two of you have executed has left me hard-pressed. However, as a form of respect to the two of you and to conform with my style of being able to accept defeat, I made the decision to come here to congratulate you. In the next ten years, I reckon that Changlin wouldn’t be able to hold a candle against your two companies.

“It won’t need ten years, just eight.” Lin Ruoxi coldly said, “Changlin will still receive a cut of the profits, and will grow quickly.”

Zeng Xinlin waved at her, “Ruoxi, I’d just address you this way. You have fooled me through and through, I’d never have thought that the junior of those days would make such a move on me.”

“I apologize, I’m a businesswoman.” Said Lin Ruoxi.

This sentence felt like it was a part of a movie’s script, and it sounded very grim from Lin Ruoxi’s mouth.

Zeng Xinlin’s smile became rigid as he replied, “That’s right, businessmen have always pursued their own interests. I still can’t get over it as easily as you, but I will treasure this lesson.”

With that said, Zeng Xinlin turned around and found Yang Chen. With a nefarious smile, he said, “Mr. Yang, I won’t forget you. Our competition hasn’t ended.”

“If you still don’t leave, I’ll grab a knife to burst your car’s tires.” Yang Chen directly replied.

Competition!? Compete your ass, she’s already my wife, yet you still want to act as a bandit king stealing women!?

Zeng Xinlin looked at him profoundly, then sneered and walked out charismatically.

Only when that unruly figure had walked out of the front door did Xu Zhihong turn to look at Lin Ruoxi, “He was a great adversary, it’s a pity that he lacked experience in the business world. Ruoxi, are you sure that you want to let him take a part of the profits in the new product? That is literally inviting trouble by nurturing a tiger.”

“Tigers aren’t scary, they’re fine as long as there’s a beast tamer.” Lin Ruoxi indifferently replied, “I will work in accordance with the contract.”

Xu Zhihong nodded in understanding, “Seems like our companies will soon be at each other’s throats when the new product hits the market.”

Lin Ruoxi shook her head, “We won’t, our product will definitely hit the markets first, and will be much quicker than yours.”

“That isn’t definite. I know that Muyun has Professor Li Guangxun, but our Donghua has Professor Green, and they’re evenly matched experts.” Xu Zhihong confidently said.

Lin Ruoxi turned around, and sarcastically asked, “From next week on, Professor Green will be leaving your laboratory and researching alongside Professor Li Guangxun in Hong Kong, who do you think will be faster then?”

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