Chapter 185-1: Extremely odd

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 185-1: Extremely odd

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Once Yang Chen had his two stinky feet massaged, he put a pair of fresh socks on, and when returned to the top floor of the Di Wang Tower in his cotton slippers, the three parties’ collaboration talks was already finished.

However, the number of bodyguards surrounding the place had at least doubled. Evidently, the shooting incident earlier had spread throughout the building, but due to the blockading by the police, they could only continue their talks here.

When Lin Ruoxi saw Yang Chen return with a peasant-like appearance with rolled up trousers and slippers, she had the urge to strangle him!

Li Muhua and Zeng Xinlin both grinned towards Yang Chen.

“Mr. Yang, it’s a pity that you didn’t participate in our talks.” Li Muhua spoke to Yang Chen very politely in public despite the fact that Yang Chen was merely an employee of Yu Lei.

Yang Chen waved to disagree, “I wouldn’t understand even if I participated. Have you all finished the talks? I haven’t had my dinner, and still want to have it.”

Speaking in such a casual manner in front of all these executives made many people “admire” Yang Chen. Luckily, no one bickered with him over this, and just laughed it off like he was a clown.

Zeng Xinlin cordially said to Lin Ruoxi, “Ruoxi, since we’re done with the talks, how about we move on to the final contract signing?”

“I don’t mind, is that fine with you, Boss Li?” Lin Ruoxi asked Li Muhua.

Li Muhua said with a smile, “I’ve been ready for it for a while now, haha.”

The three clapped, and their assistants immediately brought over the contracts that had all edits included and put them on the desk for signing. The people of the three companies stood behind their respective CEOs with smiles and anticipation. After all, they were all clear that this collaboration would bring about unpredictable amounts of profit.

Mo Qianni brought out a pair of new leather shoes from god knows where and urged Yang Chen, “Quickly put these on. It isn’t good to be wearing slippers here.”

“We’d be going back soon, why bother changing into shoes?” Yang Chen indifferently smiled. He had thrown away his shoes because they were stained with blood.

Mo Qianni rolled her eyes at him, “It hasn’t ended yet, once the contract is signed, we’ll still have to go to one more place.”

Unable to understand what she meant, Yang Chen scratched his head, “There’s still more activities to attend? Dinner has been served, the contract has been signed, yet we still aren’t going to bed?”

“I told you to wear it so just wear it, why are you saying so much rubbish?”

Yang Chen had no choice but to obediently put on the leather shoes, and then stood behind Lin Ruoxi with Mo Qianni.

They signed page after page, and it took almost five minutes for them to finish signing all of them. All details had been confirmed, and this contract which required a gargantuan amount of funds was effective immediately.

Now, the executives of the three companies shook hands with each other with smiles, even Yang Chen shook hands and greeted some people who he didn’t know, and the only one he recognized was Changlin’s fat Vice-CEO, Lu Tao.

Lin Ruoxi also shook hands with Li Muhua and Zeng Xinlin, then expressionlessly said, “According to the contract, Yu Lei International will transfer five billion in Huaxia currency into the shared Switzerland bank account by noon tomorrow.”

“Changlin will also transfer five billion in. Along with Boss Li’s Muyun Corporation’s two billion and technology, I believe that in half a year’s time, the product using this new material can be released.” Zeng Xinlin laughed and said.

Li Muhua confidently said, “The great support from your companies will definitely help our product reach completion even faster. When that happens, despite the Xu Family having the Green Laboratory, they wouldn’t be able to compete with our twelve billion investment. Whoever enters the market first would hold the first move advantage, please be rest assured and be ready to reap the rewards.”

After a series of pleasantries, the people of the three companies bade each other goodbye, and went off to prepare for the start of the project tomorrow.

As the host, Yu Lei was the last to leave. Guided by Mo Qianni, Yang Chen arrived at the underground car park, and met up with Lin Ruoxi a little later.

Lin Ruoxi seemed slightly tired. She gracefully walked over, and white fair skin seemed almost transparent under the lights. Seeing Yang Chen and Mo Qianni stand together, she indifferently said, “Let’s get in the car. Qianni, you drive.”

After saying that, Lin Ruoxi got into the back seat of her own car.

This way, Yang Chen was forced to decide whether to sit shotgun to Mo Qianni, or seat alongside Lin Ruoxi.

This girl is forcing me to express my loyalty huh. Yang Chen felt helpless inside, and looked towards Mo Qianni.

Mo Qianni blinked at him with a smile to express that she didn’t mind.

Yang Chen didn’t dillydally. He sat beside Lin Ruoxi, then asked, “It’s already so late, where are we going if not home?”

With her eyes half open, Lin Ruoxi seemed to want to catch some rest, “To one of my resorts.”

“Why are we suddenly going to a resort for no reason?” Yang Chen became increasingly confused, these all seemed strange.

“To sleep.” Lin Ruoxi said that and spoke no more.

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