Chapter 183-2: Seductive figure on a high floor

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 183-2: Seductive figure on a high floor

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In this moment, Yang Chen seemed to have understood something, “It’s no wonder… she had never asked me about my relationship with other women, as if she doesn’t care about that at all. I didn’t expect there to be a reason like this.”

“Don’t assume that Ruoxi is a fool at romance and don’t understand a thing. Perhaps she doesn’t know engage in romance, but she definitely is a successful businesswoman, and a brilliant manager. Anybody who has underestimated her because she was a woman, because of her age, and because of her inexperience have all ended up with regrets.” Mo Qianni earnestly said.

Yang Chen ruefully smiled, “Being described in this manner by you, my family’s Ruoxi sounds like a schemer.”

“Ruoxi has always been a schemer. Furthermore, she also has tools which other schemers do not possess.” Mo Qianni wore a mysterious smile.

“What kind of tools?”

“You’ll understand what I mean soon enough.” Mo Qianni wittily blinked at him.

Yang Chen didn’t have the habit of getting to the bottom of things, though he was curious, he didn’t continue questioning Mo Qianni.

Mo Qianni still needed to participate in the banquet and talk, so she left first. Before leaving, she reminded Yang Chen again to inform Ruoxi about the matter of going to Sichuan.

Yang Chen who was once again alone didn’t stay idle. He looked at the directory of the building, and planned to go a floor down for foot reflexology.

Huaxia people are definitely amongst the top when it came to enjoying life. On a typical street, a few dozen to a hundred dollars was all it took to have a young lady caringly massage their feet and body. Even at a high-end mall like the Di Wang tower, all it took was less than a thousand. To the rich people who visited this place, an expenditure like this was nothing.

Yang Chen didn’t want to take the elevator, so he just opened the fire exit and walked down the empty staircase.

However, before Yang Chen walked down the stairs, he was surprised to find that past the window right in front of him was a living person climbing up the window from the other side!

The large amount of surface area of the Di Wang Tower was covered with glass, and the complicated structure was built with cement and stainless steel.

This person was using equipment that resembled those of rock climbing, and was likely using the pinion equipment on the top floor of the building. Along with her climbing capabilities, she slowly climbed up towards the floor above.

Yang Chen naturally couldn’t watch and do nothing. After all, if it was a villain who wanted to create trouble, the lives of people he cares about might be implicated. Therefore, he walked over to the window, and immediately pulled the glass window open!

“Don’t move!”

A clear voice was heard along with the night winds, a shiny pistol was pointed at Yang Chen’s head.

Yang Chen was stunned, and the person who held the gun was also dumbfounded.

“It’s you!?”

“Why are you here!?”

The two practically spoke with the same tone at the same time.

This woman was no other than the woman whom gave Yang Chen headaches and that he had bumped into several times, the policewoman, Cai Yan.

Cai Yan was currently wearing a black spandex suit, causing her sexy figure to be properly outlined. A rope was tied around her waist, along with some equipment for climbing. Her head of short black hair seemed valiant and agile under the cold winds.

This scene made Yang Chen absent-minded for a moment.

Sometimes, the charm of a man contains traces of the femininity of a women, so shouldn’t it make sense that the beauty of a woman may contain the valiance of men?

Cai Yan slowly lowered her gun, then unkindly looked at Yang Chen and asked, “You speak first, why are you here?”

“Today is the day where Yu Lei signs an agreement with other companies, I am one of the people in charge, so it’s only natural that I’m here.” Yang Chen playfully looked at Cai Yan, “But you, Bureau Chief Cai, are you playing a thief or practising how to climb up glass?”

Cai Yan deduced that Yang Chen wasn’t lying, so she immediately said, “If nothing’s the matter then quickly leave, I am investigating an important case. If anyone discovers me, all my efforts will go down the drain, and my life will be in danger. Quickly leave now!”

Yang Chen stretched his head out of the window, and looked up at the floor above where a room was brightly lit. Evidently, Cai Yan wanted to use this unusual method to investigate the situation up there.

“Bureau Chief Cai, let me kindly give you a suggestion. You should quickly come in, if the rope breaks, you’ll fall dozens of storeys, and your bones will shatter.” Yang Chen pointed down at the emptiness below Cai Yan.

The Di Wang Tower was at least sixty storeys, if she fell down, this beauty would just become unlucky.

[TL: In mandarin, play of words here, 美女(beautiful girl) sounds like 霉女(unlucky girl), meinu.]

“I don’t need your advice!” Cai Yan defensively said.

“You think I said that because I care about you? The main reason I advised you is because you’re my wife’s friend. No matter how capable you are, you’re a lady, some tasks can be delegated to your male subordinates. By jumping into the frontlines like this, you’re not taking your life seriously. Do you think this is what a leader should do? If something happens to you, what are your subordinates going to do? This is not being brave, this is being stupid!” Yang Chen frankly said.

Cai Yan had actually become aware that she had been overly impulsive in this raiding mission, but being criticized by Yang Chen like this made her stubborn against giving up, “Whatever, if you continue to obstruct me, I will charge you for hindering the police in the course of duty!”

After saying that, Cai Yan continued climbing up, and ignored Yang Chen’s presence.

Yang Chen frowned. He was rather angered inside, for this woman truly didn’t know her place. He also pondered over whether he should follow her.

It was at this moment that the curtains of the room above was opened. In front of the sealed window, a man stepped forward and looked at the climbing Cai Yan with a nefarious smile!

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