Chapter 182-2: Go home with me

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 182-2: Go home with me

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Any man would have killing intent over something like that. Li Muhua finally realized that he had trespassed on one of Yang Chen's taboos. He also felt incredibly lucky that he survived after spouting that on that day!

Li Muhua’s smile was even uglier than a crying face as he said, “Mr. Yang… this Li truly hadn’t known that CEO Lin is your wife, if I knew……”

“If you knew, I reckon that you’d want to kill me even more, right?” Yang Chen said with a queer smile.

Li Muhua’s face immediately turned ashen, and his lips pale. Yang Chen’s smile made him recall the that scene where Yang Chen’s arm was dyed red. He quickly waved his hands, “No no no, even if I had the courage of a lion, I wouldn’t dare go against you, Mr. Yang. Mr. Yang, please don’t say such a thing again, my heart can’t take it.”

Yang Chen shrugged, and said with an indifferent smile, “You need not be nervous, my marriage is currently still a secret, so it’s fine as long as you know it. Don’t make a mistake at a critical juncture, I have high hopes for you. At the very least, you’re a truly insignificant person in my eyes, and that is more pleasing to my eyes than a hypocrite.”

You don’t say? After being seen through by you, it goes without saying that I can only be an insignificant person! Li Muhua silently cursed, but had no choice but give Yang Chen a fawning smile.

However, the fact that Yang Chen was actually Lin Ruoxi’s husband made Li Muhua even more curious as to what Yang Chen’s true identity was. After all, Lin Ruoxi secretly had some special connection to the government. In the upper echelons of the top families, they all have some understanding of this. He wouldn’t believe that Yang Chen could become Lin Ruoxi’s husband just by having outstanding combat prowess.

After a short rest, at six in the evening, Yang Chen brought Li Muhua and the others to the sealed meeting place in the Di Wang Tower. In there, Lin Ruoxi, Zeng Xinlin, and several core members of Yu Lei and Changlin were waiting.

When Li Muhua entered the place, Lin Ruoxi and Zeng Xinlin walked up to receive him. To be exact, it was the first time that they had met as the leaders of their respective companies.

However, they were all highly intelligent and had done incredible amounts of homework. They were well aware of many things, and so the talks went on without a hitch.

Yang Chen watched the three begin to speak with pleasantries, and found it boring. Since his work here was complete, he planned to slip away as there were many entertainment facilities in the Di Wang Tower. By the time this contract signing is complete, it would at least be 10PM as these people wanted to conduct their talk while having dinner.

While he was choosing between having a foot massage or having a pretty girl for a body massage, his phone suddenly vibrated.

Checking it, it turned out to be a text message from Mo Qianni. This woman was incredibly sticky when they were in Hong Kong, but when they returned, she kept her distance, showing that she had high endurance.

“Exit and turn left, meet at the corridor, we need to talk.”

Yang Chen glanced at Mo Qianni who was in the middle of chatting with the executives of Muyun Corporation. He was surprised by her skill in typing text messages so covertly, then walked out of the place first.

Only after approximately ten minutes of waiting did Mo Qianni who wore a white suit elegantly walk over. Today, she had put on some makeup which made her eyebrows looked picturesque, and wore a pair of fashionable azure loop earrings, which made her lovely face all the more splendid.

Seeing that Yang Chen was already waiting, Mo Qianni apologetically spoke, “I hope you didn’t wait too long, those people are too friendly, I had to lie to get out.”

“It’s fine. For my little Qianqian to invite me to talk after returning to Zhonghai, even waiting for a day would be worth it.” Said Yang Chen.

“You’re angry? Don’t be so petty, you’re also aware that Ruoxi is very sensitive. So many things happened in our business trip, how could she not be worried…… I don’t want our relationships to turn sour because of us.” Mo Qianni bitterly said.

Yang Chen pretended to think, then said, “It’s possible for me to not be angry.” While saying that, he pointed at his right cheek.

Mo Qianni pouted, then looked around to make sure that there was nobody else in their surroundings, then went up to him and leaned her head forward with closed eyes.

But before she could kiss his cheek, Yang Chen turned his head and kissed her lip-to-lip!


Feeling the back of her head being clamped on, Mo Qianni realized that she couldn’t budge, her tender lips were invaded, and a scorching tongue wreaked havoc and pried her mouth open.

For a moment, Mo Qianni felt so weak that she could only make “wuwu” sounds, and she was only released when she felt like her soul was going to leave her body.

As she delicately panted, Mo Qianni’s face was peach colored. She grudgingly hit Yang Chen on the chest, and when he continued to show a complacent naughty smile, she couldn’t resist hitting him several more times to vent her anger, “I still have important things to talk about! All you know is to take advantage of me!”

“This is also important, but since you’ve served upon me well, let’s hear what you have to say.” Yang Chen spoke with an honorable face.

Mo Qianni pretended not to see his courteous expression, and sternly said, “Go home with me.”

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