Chapter 182-1: Go home with me

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 182-1: Go home with me

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Once the weekend passed, Yu Lei’s autumn fashion show ended.

It stands to reason that everyone would have more free time, but after that night that he stole a kiss from Lin Ruoxi, she avoided Yang Chen like she was hiding from a beast, and didn’t even dare look him in the eye. She hastily ate every meal, and hid inside her study to work.

Yang Chen was helpless towards this, who could’ve known that his wife’s skin was as thin as a cicada’s wing? If he knew beforehand, he would’ve kissed several more times after that, so he wouldn’t feel regretful of not taking advantage of that moment.

After the relaxing weekend ended, Li Muhua who was supposedly bringing his team over from Hong Kong to Zhonghai had finally arrived at noon.

According to the plan, the CEOs of the three allying companies would gather in a secret meeting place in the Di Wang Tower when night falls, and sign the final contract for the project.

The one who was assigned to receive Li Muhua at the airport was Yang Chen. Yang Chen wore a suit and tie, with a cigarette in his mouth as he stood in the airport, but ended up getting pushed out of the airport by the employees.

In the end, he had to use his phone to contact Li Muhua, and they met outside the airport.

The bodyguards and employees who came with Li Muhua were all angered, and believed that this was disrespectful towards Li Muhua, but Li Muhua instead smiled with great joy. Because, he was very clear that Yang Chen’s casualness towards him meant that Yang Chen wasn’t suspicious of or guarded against him. If Yang Chen suddenly treated him with courtesy, he might in turn be unable to sleep or eat well.

“Mr. Yang, it’s been a while, and you’re as suave as ever.” Li Muhua heartily stretched out a hand to shake hands with Yang Chen.

Yang Chen wiped his hand on his pants, then held Li Muhua’s, “My apologies, the fried dumpling I ate this morning was rather oily, but I suppose Junior Li wouldn’t mind.”

Li Muhua wryly smiled. Being called a junior in public didn’t seem like a good thing in mainland China at all.

After a simple exchange of words, Yang Chen brought them to a convoy of five black Mercedes-Benz S600 sent by Yu Lei. Counting the number of executives, employees, and bodyguards, this number of cars seemed about right.

Lin Ruoxi had so many cars that she couldn’t drive them all, so it stood to reason that the company had many cars specifically for receiving guests. Previously, when Lin Ruoxi casually said that she wanted to give Yang Chen five S600s, he was rather shocked. The pressure was rather high having a rich wife, for millions could easily be involved, normal men wouldn’t be able to keep up.

Before he left, Lin Ruoxi had even specially gave Yang Chen a map, which had the route to the hotel that Li Muhua and the others were going to being marked. On the path, they would have to pass by many areas that were marked red, and those were areas that he had to comment on.

Yang Chen was confused as he opened the map to look, and was stunned when he did. The many marked points on the map were all properties that were owned by Yu Lei International and Lin Ruoxi privately. These were all purely on this route, so one could imagine just how many she owned throughout Zhonghai, the rest of the country and even the rest of the world.

It’s no wonder that she had a value of billions. Yang Chen felt that if Lin Ruoxi was willing to be evaluated by international media, she would already be in the top 100 richest people in the world. He also wondered just who her career woman grandma was, for she managed to create such a beast of a company all by herself.

Looking at it in this way, this incredibly rich chick was considerably low-key.

The intention for giving Yang Chen this map couldn’t be more obvious, it was to explain to Li Muhua that this ally of his was very rich, and that he could feel completely reassured that this collaboration was totally safe.

But of course, it could also be that this female CEO who liked eating glutinous rice balls and strawberry cakes just wanted to show her queenly presence and how powerful she was.

In the spacious cabin of the car, Yang Chen held that map. According to Lin Ruoxi’s request, he had to memorize what was on it, but though Yang Chen found it easy to memorize them, it wasn’t so simple for him to recite them to Junior Li. After all, he had no interests in men.

After thinking about it, Yang Chen handed the map over to Li Muhua.

“What’s this, Mr. Yang?” Li Muhua curiously received the map.

Yang Chen: “It’s something my wife passed to me on my way out, she told me to tell you about the marked points on the map. These marks are all properties owned by the company and my wife. Actually, it’s just a way of reassuring you before the signing of the contract, our company is extremely wealthy.”

Li Muhua opened the map to take a look, and saw that the map was covered with red dots. Various villas, departmental stores, hotels, shopping centres, beauty salons, clubs……

“Mr. Yang… you’re saying that these are the properties of the company and your wife?” Li Muhua felt a little weird inside, he couldn’t believe that all of these properties belonged to Yu Lei International. He could accept it if it were the properties of Yu Lei International combined with the private properties of said company’s CEO Lin Ruoxi, but Yang Chen’s wife……

Yang Chen nodded, “What, even after you secretly made so many investigations, could it be that you still haven’t figured out that Yu Lei International’s CEO is my wife?”

A “boom” resounded in Li Muhua’s mind, this was like a bolt from the blue. This wasn’t because the news itself was shocking, it was instead because on that night, he said in front of Yang Chen that he wanted to get close to Lin Ruoxi or Mo Qianni, become close privately, and even said that Lin Ruoxi was his best candidate for a mate……

It’s no wonder that this guy never looked at me kindly. It seems like my motive to kill him was secondary, while my desire for his woman was the main reason!

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