Chapter 181-2: Let me settle this for you

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 181-2: Let me settle this for you

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“Are you thinking about your dad again?” Asked Yang Chen.

Lin Ruoxi nodded, “In the past, I had always hoped that my dad was like Mr. Schultz’s father. Although he didn’t treat me well, I hoped that he actually loved me deep inside his heart. However… in the end, hopes and reality is never the same.”

Yang Chen knew that this was also a lesson for him, he softly said, “So there was a story like this, seems like you do read the many books you purchase.”

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes at him, “Do you think I buy them to use them as wallpapers?”

“Hehe.” Yang Chen laughed, “Don’t worry. If I have the capability to be a father in the future, I’ll definitely be able to grind coffee beans for my wife and children.”

Lin Ruoxi blushed. Although she wanted Yang Chen to work hard towards that goal, she couldn’t admit it, “Who wants you to grind beans? When did I agree to give birth to children for you?”

Yang Chen mischievously answered, “Did I say you’re the wife and the children are yours? Perhaps you wouldn’t want me anymore, and I’ll have to find another wife? Aren’t you thinking a little too far?”

“You… are speaking nonsense! Be careful or I’ll skin you alive!” Lin Ruoxi glared at Yang Chen, then picked up the hot mocha and stood up, with a posture like she wanted to pour it on Yang Chen!

Yang Chen knew that she was just scaring him, but he decided to cross his arms in front of his chest in a cowardly manner, “Don’t pour it on my clothes even if you’re angry! The shirt deserves no harm!”

“Rogue… hoodlum……” Lin Ruoxi put down the cup with clenched teeth, then drank a mouthful of it.

On the surface of the hot mocha was a layer of milk foam. Lin Ruoxi casually drank it, and the foam got on top of her thin upper lip.

Yang Chen noticed the milky white line on her lip, and couldn’t help but sigh and say, “Look at this, oh look at this… why are you women all like that? You’re only prim and proper when with other women, but like to have foam on your lips when with your husband? And even pretend not to know anything?”

Only then did Lin Ruoxi realize that there was something on her lips. She was too embarrassed to lick it off, so she wanted to wipe it away. However, there was no serviette on the table, so she reached into her bag for a tissue.

“Don’t bother, that’s so troublesome. Let me settle this for you.” Saying that, Yang Chen leaned his body forward, and closed in on Lin Ruoxi’s flawless face.

As the distance between their faces shortened, Lin Ruoxi gradually realized what Yang Chen wanted to do, her eyes opened wide and her mind was in a disarray, as if the whole world had turned into blank space!

Finally, Yang Chen’s lips had kissed that half a lip of Lin Ruoxi’s which had foam on it. It was chilly, soft, and tasted like milk foam.

As if she was struck by lightning, Lin Ruoxi was stunned.

When Yang Chen returned to his seat, Lin Ruoxi was still sitting there in a daze, at a loss as to how to react.

Yang Chen found this expression of hers incredibly cute, “What? I did that because tissues use paper pulps which would end up harming the environment. Would you rather I use my shirt? You bought this for me, I can’t bear to use it.”

Lin Ruoxi finally returned to her senses. She had actually watched and let him kiss her. Although he was her husband legally which meant that he didn’t actually take advantage of her, it was still a kiss!

Back when she gave him her first kiss, it was in a muddled state, so the two basically didn’t feel a thing, but now, she truly felt his breath and warmth……

Thinking about that, Lin Ruoxi blushed so much that it looked like her cheeks could burst, “You’re not allowed to do that again. Also, I got someone to buy the clothes, I couldn’t be bothered to buy them for you.”

“Such a beautiful scene was destroyed by your unromantic words, can’t you just pretend that it was bought by you?” Yang Chen helplessly lectured.

“How irritating! Quickly eat(eat rice)!”

[TL: In chinese, to have a meal is called “吃饭” which is literally eat rice.]

“This is cake……”

“Then quickly eat the cake!”

Lin Ruoxi lowered her head and found it difficult for her to stop blushing. She begun to eat the cake quicker, as if the cake was her enemy, but why was it that every mouth she ate, she felt like the cake had honey added onto it, and had become a lot softer and sweeter?

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