Chapter 18: Charming Rose

Chapter 18: Charming Rose

Bar street is extraordinarily quiet during the day, with only a few cats and dogs prowling the streets, very few people and vehicles pass by, which is a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle at night.

Yang Chen pushed open the main door to Rose Bar, and greeted the napping bartender Little Zhao. Then strolled directly to the passage at the back of the bar.

Several of the waiters, who noticed the arrival of Yang Chen, did not obstruct him, and instead greeted him with respect. They clearly knew the relationship between Yang Chen and Rose was not ordinary.

The passage behind the bar was strangely over fifty meters long. At the end of it, stood two tall men in suits, guarding the exquisite wooden door three metres behind them. When the two noticed it was Yang Chen that came, they neatly bowed immediately, and followed with a welcome gesture.

Yang Chen nodded, walked forward to the flower-carved wooden door and opened it. A natural fragrance burst forth from the inside, bringing with it a slight scent of lavender.

This is a surprisingly humongous room, with smooth brown parquet flooring, black marble walls, and in the middle was a huge 7-foot wide bed on a leather frame. Coffee-colored decorations gave the room some dark charm, revealing a somewhat low profile elegance. On one side of the room is a full glass door, outside the glass door, is an open air swimming pool and a small garden.

It’s difficult to imagine, that at the back of a noisy bar, is actually a quiet sanctuary——here, is Rose’s “home”.

From the moment he entered the room, Yang Chen subconsciously felt a chill, and at the same time without hesitation, he stretched his right hand out to parry.

“Hu!” A sharp sound cut through the air, a white hand wielding a sharp and cold dagger suddenly appeared 3-inches away from Yang Chen’s face, but it was perfectly blocked!

With the sneak attack blocked, the dagger in that hand rotated in a flash, and with a movement as smooth as flowing water, it once again pierced towards Yang Chen’s ribs!

Yang Chen leisurely stuck his hand to that smooth warm arm, gently gripped it, and pushed it outwards. The hand wielding the dagger was no longer able to move an inch closer to Yang Chen’s body.

The sneak attacker realized that she did not have enough strength,and lifted her small foot to strike the back Yang Chen’s waist. Unexpectedly, as if he had foreseen all these movements, Yang Chen pushed down the arm with the dagger in one move!

The small foot wasn’t completely raised yet, but the dagger had already turned into a weapon blocking the foot’s path……..

“I’m not playing anymore!”

Rose unhappily pouted, and casually tossed the dagger on the floor, “It’s always the same, I really don’t know how a monster like you trained, you’re even younger than me yet your skills are so sick!”

Yang Chen released Rose’s soft arm, that delicate feeling made it difficult to part with, he then turned around with an expression of a smile yet not a smile and said: “Not bad, much quicker than last month, this improvement rate is considered extremely fast.”

“But in front of you, I still lose in one move……” Rose rolled her eyes at Yang Chen, and gracefully sat on the huge bed. As this was her room, Rose was dressed in an incomparably casual fashion, wearing a white lacy nightgown made of silk, that loosely covered her seductive figure.

The V neckline on her chest, is raised high by a plentiful twin peaks, from the cleavage a black chiffon bra is spotted, struggling to hold on to the two lumps of pink flesh. The lower half of the nightgown is surprisingly short, and only covered her round bottom, while the smooth white thighs hung outside like fruits, glowing with teeth-like luster.

Yang Chen’s gaze involuntarily moved towards the area between Rose’s thighs, springtime sultriness rippled from there, it was actually also a pair of black chiffon panties. Vaguely, a few strands of black grass appeared before his eyes…….

(TL: Yes, black grass I triple-checked)

Rose’s eyes revealed pride, due to certain reasons, this man who made her so devoted had been trying to keep distance, but presently it seemed like he does not have much resistance against her body. While secretly happy in her heart, she throws an even more flirtatious gaze, with limpid eyes that could hook souls away.

“Yang Chen……. is big sis pretty……..”

“Pretty…….” Yang Chen swallowed his saliva, he felt his little brother had completely turned high-spirited and valiant. God must have made a mistake. This woman must have come from hell, didn’t they say only devils have such a figure?

“Wanna..touch….?” Rose blinked, with one hand she slowly pushed the strap off, revealing a white and tender chest, her pair of thighs also spread a little, allowing the hazy beauty at the base of her legs become a little clearer.

Yang Chen sucked in a deep breath, despite him having seen a numerous amount of beauties, and the even more world-breaking beautiful face of his wife, Lin Ruoxi, the Rose in front of him was still top grade despite her beauty being slightly inferior, even without mentioning that charming temperament, that figure was such a ripe peach. The current Rose was like a red rose exuding a fragrance with sweet nectar that causes dizziness.

(TL: The last sentence may look a little silly, as Rose’s actual name is a species of rose, in chinese its QiangWei ‘??’ a.k.a Rosa Multiflora. If the name QiangWei is preferred over Rose do let us know, the name stuck because the previous translator used this name instead of the chinese name.)

Yang Chen slowly approached till he’s right in front of Rose, and slowly leaned towards her. He stared deep into Rose’s enchanting peach flower eyes, and suddenly made a naughty laugh, “Big sister Rose, I really want to touch, but if I do, you wouldn’t grab a dagger and chop off my hand would you?”

“Am I able to chop it?” Rose charmingly said.

“You’re too alluring, my bones are all turning soft, perhaps at that moment I would be powerless.”

“Then would you like to try?” Rose licked her lips, and said with a lazy and sultry tone.

Yang Chen sucked in a breath of Rose’s smell which seemingly exuded a flowery aphrodisiac, but revealed exceptionally clear eyes, “Is there anything I need to do in exchange?”

Right after those words, Rose’s originally seductive eyes lost all colour, and instead revealed some disappointment, rejection, pain, and resentment…… the myriad of complicated feelings suddenly made Rose laugh crazily, “Haha, Yang Chen, so this is what you see me as…….”

“What do I see you as?” Yang Chen playfully laughed.

“Do you feel that the reason I keep trying to seduce you to bed, is to make use of your strength to help achieve my goals?” Rose forthrightly said.

“That’s right, your strength is frightful, I’ve never met someone who is able to show me the meaning of invincible like you do……” Rose said while slipping her blouse strap back on, once again covering the beautiful exposed skin, she faced Yang Chen and softly said: “At the same time, I need you. Despite the appearance my Red Thorns Society and my father’s West Union Society being the two biggest underworld gangs in the west, fact is my Red Thorns Society is still too young. If we truly go all out against each other, the West Union Society might lose a portion of its people, but our Red Thorns Society will definitely be completely annihilated.”

Speaking till this point, Rose’s lovely face reveals some cold allure, “Yang Chen, do you remember the night we first met…….. That night, I was ambushed, and my nearby subordinates were all wiped out, I was alone desperately trying to escape on the streets……..”

Yang Chen quietly listens and nods slightly. In his mind, the scene of that night also gradually surfaces…….

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