Chapter 177-2: Yesterday and today

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 177-2: Yesterday and today

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After getting over this, hearing Tang Wan ask about her, Liu Mingyu gave her a genial smile and stretched a hand out to Tang Wan, “Liu Mingyu, Yang Chen’s colleague.”

“Pleased to meet you, Miss Liu, my name is Tang Wan.” Tang Wan affably shook hands with her.

Yang Chen felt that the mood between them was very weird, but as a man, he couldn’t tell what they was on their minds.

Tang Wan exchanged some pleasantries with Liu Mingyu before turning to Yang Chen to say, “I wasn’t able to express my gratitude to you previously, Mr. Yang. I hope you’re willing to do me the honor of allowing me to treat you to a meal in the future.”

“This… isn’t necessary, Miss Tang is a busy person. Besides, that was no big deal.” Yang Chen felt that it was pretty awkward for him to be with Tang Wan. After all, he failed at seducing her previously, and that event still haunted him.

“To Mr. Yang, it may not be a big deal, but to Tang Wan, that was a matter of life and death. If I had been hurt by those robbers that day, I wouldn’t be standing here today. Mr. Yang, please don’t reject me.” Tang Wan spoke with a resolute tone.

Yang Chen had no excuse to reject, so he agreed.

Tang Wan still wanted to continue inspecting the various aspects of the hotel, so she took her leave. After Yang Chen and Liu Mingyu had their breakfast, they checked out of the room and left the hotel.

On the way to the company, he bought piles of breakfast, and when they were about to arrive at the office, Liu Mingyu asked, “You saved Boss Tang’s life in the past?”

“Yeah, it was just a matter of beating up some robbers, no big deal.” Yang Chen casually stated.

Hero saving the beauty? Wouldn’t there be a follow up romance after this sort of play? Liu Mingyu held herself back for a while, but in the end she couldn’t help asking, “That Miss Tang couldn’t possibly also have that sort of relationship with you, right?”

“What kind of relationship?” While driving, Yang Chen turned and replied with a question.

“The… the kind of relationship we have.” Liu Mingyu stammered with an unclear voice.

Yang Chen bore a weird smile, “Our relationship? I remember that someone previously said that other than being colleagues, there is nothing between us.”

Liu Mingyu was angered to the point of clenching her teeth, “If you don’t want to answer, then forget it!”

“You can drain away your curiosity. It would be impossible for me to say that I never thought of that with Miss Tang, but we’re truly just acquaintances.”

Liu Mingyu silently sighed in relief. This man is incredibly smart on some matters, while he is also a real dud on other matters. Could it be that he doesn’t know that Tang Wan didn’t see him as just an acquaintance?

When the car entered Yu Lei International’s car park, so as to avoid arousing suspicion and unnecessary gossips, Yang Chen drove the car to the highest floor of the car park where relatively few people parked.

But when they got off the car together, Yang Chen suddenly felt a chill on his back. Turning around, he saw the elevator doors to the offices slowly close……

That wasn’t the crux of the problem, the problem was that the person standing in the elevator was like a flawless ice sculpture; it was precisely Lin Ruoxi!

Yang Chen helplessly watched the elevator’s doors close, and Lin Ruoxi’s bone chilling gaze made his pulse quicken.

Oh crap! My luck is too shitty, I bumped into that girl on the top floor, she even caught a glimpse of Liu Mingyu and I getting off the car!

Thinking about how he had stayed out for the night without any reason and how they coincidentally bumped into each other with another woman on his car, Yang Chen had a headache. All of the effort he had spent coaxing her over the last two days had gone down the drain.

Liu Mingyu saw Yang Chen stand there with a bitter smile. Puzzled, she asked, “What’s wrong?”

Yang Chen returned to his senses. With a calm smile he said, “It’s nothing, I was mainly worried about the company’s future development, so I was standing here pondering over which direction to take. You very well know that I’m also an earnest employee.”


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