Chapter 176-2: You are still you

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 176-2: You are still you

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Yang Chen turned around, he suspected that Liu Mingyu would so something like this. From the moment she requested a hotel stay, it was a hint that this would happen. However, when he actually heard Liu Mingyu ask for real, Yang Chen was still flabbergasted.

The image Liu Mingyu gave him was an older sister in the office. She was dignified and elegant, and occasionally revealed the charm of an adult. She was different from ladies like Zhao Hongyan and Zhang Cai, for she dressed relatively conservatively, and wasn’t talkative. Most of the time, he heard the other ladies chattering, while she just smiles.

This didn’t mean that Liu Mingyu lacked a womanly charm, on the contrary, a character like that was more likely to light a fire in a man’s heart to conquer her, and tear off that thick shell of hers.

Therefore, when Liu Mingyu asked Yang Chen to spend the night with her, Yang Chen was astonished but also a little excited.

Yang Chen wasn’t the legendary Liu Xiahui. Furthermore, who knew whether the woman Liu Xiahui was as pretty as Liu Mingyu. A depressed lady who possesses this much charm had requested that they sleep together, if he rejected this, it would be a silly and inhumane decision from both of their vantage points.

[TL: Liu Xiahui was a historical figure, “He was a man of eminent virtue, and is said on one occasion to have held a lady in his lap without the slightest imputation on his moral character.” Source: Wikipedia]

On some matters, adults only need a small hint to catch the drift, especially when it concerns a “consensual” matter.

“Fine.” Yang Chen nodded, “I’ll go take a shower first then.”

Liu Mingyu’s face which was slightly red had blushed even more, she softly agreed, then turned away and maintained silence.

In seconds, Yang Chen stripped away his clothes, and rushed into the restroom in his underwear.

In less than five minutes, Yang Chen had finished his shower and got out of the toilet. His lower body was wrapped in a white towel, and sat on the bed to look at Liu Mingyu who looked like a cowering kitten. With a smile he asked, “Aren’t you going to take a shower?”

Liu Mingyu took a deep breath, and quietly got up. She seemed a lot less tipsy, “Wait for a little bit, I’m quite slow.”

What Liu Mingyu meant by slow was still underestimated by Yang Chen, for after half an hour, she was still in the toilet.

When Yang Chen had waited to the point of feeling sleepy and his enthusiasm nearly dropped to rock bottom, the toilet door opened.

Liu Mingyu wore the relaxed pajamas provided by the hotel. Her hair which was slightly moist draped over her shoulders. She slowly stepped towards the bed with her arms nervously crossed in front of her chest, squeezing her two balls of flesh to the point that they seemed exceptionally tall. The charming eyes on her fair and smooth oval face was bashful like a willow tree as they timidly dodged looking squarely at Yang Chen.

Seeing the woman in front of him, the sleepiness Yang Chen had mustered was completely blown away, and he was stunned.

Although Liu Mingyu was an enchanting and confident lady with a graceful figure usually, there was still a large disparity between that and this juicy peach which screamed mature beauty all over!

Yang Chen was breathing rather heavily. At a time like this, there was no need for any words, he knew what he needed to do. He quickly stood up, hugged Liu Mingyu who was hesitant from going onto the bed, and placed her on the pure white sheets of the single bed!

Liu Mingyu delicately breathed, and Yang Chen’s passionate lips stifled her following cries.

Her cool petal-like lips were squeezed and played with into all kinds of shapes by Yang Chen, a forceful tongue unceasingly extracted the sweet nectar in the beauty’s mouth, sticky sounds continuously resounded as they breathed.

Liu Mingyu had never received such an intense kiss. This could even be considered to be her first kiss. To a woman who was nearly thirty, a kiss like that had come really late, late to the point that when she received it, she couldn’t bear to part with it.

Only when it became hard to breathe and when there was the worry that the lack of oxygen might take effect did Yang Chen release his mouth from her flushed face. Liu Mingyu’s thin lips were already a little red and swollen, and her eyes were unfocused as she had sunk into the depths of love and lust.

Yang Chen’s hands didn’t stay idle all this time, they had untied the belt on Liu Mingyu’s pajamas a long time ago, and a hand was already on Liu Mingyu’s round and perky Mount Everests. The perfect softness of the flesh was enough to make Yang Chen exclaim the miracle of god. Its size definitely wasn’t something that could be deduced just from staring at them on normal days. Yang Chen guessed that Liu Mingyu must have been binding these babies tightly, for otherwise, simply with this pair of snowy peaks, she could cause a crowd of man to go crazy.

“Mingyu-jie, you’re really beautiful.” Yang Chen couldn’t help but frankly praise.

Liu Mingyu shut her eyes, she seemed bashful, but hearing a man praise her in a situation like that still made her feel happy.

Yang Chen lovingly fondled every inch of skin and flesh on Liu Mingyu. He buried his head into the twin peaks, deeply inhaling the fragrance of her breasts. The soft and exquisite texture of them made him unable to part with them.

Liu Mingyu’s body gradually became warmer, her blood circulated quickly, and as she tenderly breathed, her body randomly twitched. Down there, it started to moisten, and felt rather ticklish.

“Mingyu-jie, do you really want to……” Yang Chen couldn’t help asking. Although he knew that it was silly to ask at this point, this woman wasn’t like the women he had casually played with in the past. She was his colleague and friend, as a form of respect to her, he wanted her to make things clear with a direct answer.

Liu Mingyu reached out her long and fair arms, and hooked them onto Yang Chen’s neck. With an unfocused gaze she said, “I’ve already wasted too much of my youth, I can’t wait any longer. You’re the only man that I don’t detest…… I don’t request that you take responsibility for me. I just hope that when I need you, you will be there for me to embrace…… Tonight, I’m yours, tomorrow morning, you are still you, and I am still me, alright?”

Since she had already made things so clear, it would be stupid for Yang Chen to continue speaking.

Stripping away the loose pajamas on Liu Mingyu with quick and forceful motions, Yang Chen held his breath in admiration of Liu Mingyu’s body which was so beautiful as if it was sculpted from white jade. He grabbed hold of her pair of fair legs, and slowly pried them open, revealing her pretty privates.

Liu Mingyu turned her head sideways, and bit onto the bedsheets with her eyes shut while her eyelids constantly shuddered.

When Yang Chen’s erected dragon thrusted into the narrow gap, Liu Mingyu finally couldn’t help but loosen her jaws and release a stifled groan.


“Don’t hold back……”

As she said that, Liu Mingyu took the initiative to arch her body, allowing the stiff thing to enter her deepest and most delicate place……

Yang Chen’s whole body quivered, a stimulation like this made his eyes slightly red, and the rashness inside him that was difficult to contain wanted to burst forth.

When Yang Chen began to spare no effort at wreaking havoc on the body which wasn’t ready, Liu Mingyu gave him an unboundedly flirtatious and bewitching smile. Like an azalea in full bloom, yet also like the redness scattered on the bed sheets…...

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