Chapter 172-2: Li Jingjing's new friend

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 172-2: Li Jingjing's new friend

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“Mr. Yang, I never expected to bump into you in a place like this.”

Wearing a black suit and black rimmed glasses, Zeng Xinlin suddenly walked over. He wore strange smile while seemingly intentionally glanced at Yang Chen and Li Jingjing.

Ever since he had a verbal battle with Zeng Xinlin, he hadn’t met this “Senior” again, and didn’t expect to meet him in a place like that.

“Boss Zeng is also here to look for furniture?” Yang Chen casually smiled, while Li Jingjing shyly stood behind Yang Chen.

Zeng Xinlin ruefully touched the sofa closest to him and said, “I just moved into Zhonghai a short while ago, and the house still lacks a sofa. I like to decorate the place I stay in myself, so I came over to take a look.”

“Boss Zeng can take you time to look then, we’re already done looking.”

“Geez, why be so impatient, Mr. Yang? I just wanted to say that back when I was schooling, I also came here to buy furniture. However, during that time, I also had Ruoxi accompany me. Things may have remained the same, but people have changed, not expecting this has made me very regretful.” Zeng Xinlin said with an expression that was a smile but not a smile.

Yang Chen’s mood turned sour. Why would Lin Ruoxi accompany him to buy furniture? He knew that he shouldn’t express his feelings, so he said, “This just proves that Boss Zeng isn’t charming enough. What shouldn’t be yours will never be yours.”

“My charm naturally can’t compare to yours, Mr. Yang. You married such a beautiful woman, and also have so many beauties around you. Mr. Yang, I wonder who this beautiful lady here is to you?” Zeng Xinlin finally asked the important question.

However, hearing this question also made Li Jingjing more nervous as she stared at Yang Chen. This was also a question that she had been thinking about, but she had never dared to say it because she was afraid the answer would completely destroy her dream.

Yang Chen remained silent for a moment, then flatly said, “This lady is Miss Li, the daughter of an elderly friend of mine. I consider her my little sister, and Mr. Zeng need not think too much about it.”

Little sister!?

Li Jingjing turned away, and bit her lip. Although she was mentally prepared for such an answer, only she could understand how it felt to actually hear it.

Zeng Xinlin seemed to understand something from this, and his smile became even more gentle, “So that was the case, this truly makes one envy. Even Mr. Yang’s little sister is so pure and beautiful.”

“If there’s nothing else, we’re leaving.” Yang Chen had the impulse to give Zeng Xinlin a punch, because Zeng Xinlin’s smile made him feel uncomfortable inside. Furthermore, it felt like this fellow was formulating a scheme inside.

After forking out the money and arranging the delivery, Yang Chen brought Li Jingjing back to the car and drove it towards her house.

In the car, Yang Chen saw the dejected Li Jingjing, he sighed and said, “Jingjing, I’m sorry.”

“Big Brother Yang need not apologise, I already knew what kind of place I had in your heart a long time ago, and won’t demand anything.” Li Jingjing raised her head with a forced smile, “Big Brother Yang, that person seemed to be full of hostility towards you.”

“He was my wife’s senior during her college days, and is very dissatisfied that I married my wife.” Yang Chen didn’t hide this, for he knew that hiding something from Li Jingjing right now would hurt her the most.

Li Jingjing nodded understandingly, then said with a smile, “I’ve never met your wife, but she has to be a ultra-beauty. That bad man was so well-groomed, and definitely wouldn’t take a liking to ordinary women.”

“Yeah… she’s definitely no ordinary woman, ordinary men wouldn’t be able bear with her.” Yang Chen said with a bitter smile.

Li Jingjing pondered over this and said, “I wonder if Mrs Yang is prettier, or the older sister I met in the orphanage is prettier.”

“The older sister you met in the orphanage?” Yang Chen creased his brows, he didn’t know where this sister came from.

“Yeah, didn’t I mention it to you when I brought you there the last time, Big Brother Yang? I thought of giving storybooks to the children and telling them stories because of that older sister’s influence.” Li Jingjing’s mood seemed to turn for the better, she smiled and said, “Last week, that older sister was there when I went to play with the children. Although we didn’t exchange names, we managed to chat quite a bit, she said that she even wanted to bring me to her home to look at some awesome things.”

“Awesome things? What awesome things?” Asked Yang Chen.

Li Jingjing blushed, and said, “I said that I like Hello Kitty, and that older sister became very happy. She said that she collected many collectible editions of Hello Kitty, and wanted to show them to me.”

No matter how uneducated Yang Chen was, he still knew what’s Hello Kitty, but he didn’t expect that two girls in their twenties would actually discuss about it. He couldn’t help laughing, but he knew that it was a good thing that Li Jingjing made a new friend. Someone who often does volunteer work in a orphanage shouldn’t have a bad character.

After arriving at Li Jingjing’s apartment building, Yang Chen observed the building. Although it was rather old, it didn’t give the feeling of being dilapidated. The security installations in the surroundings were also done well, which made him feel a lot more at peace.

When they got off the car and took the lift to the fourth floor of the apartment building, there was someone sitting on the staircase to the door of Li Jingjing’s home, and the two were stunned.

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