Chapter 171-1: Mutual trust

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 171-1: Mutual trust

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As he was in Hong Kong for the last few days, his phone had been on standby mode. He hadn’t touched it at all. Returning to Zhonghai, he also didn’t have time to charge it after arguing with Lin Ruoxi. In the end, the phone that hadn’t been charged for a week had run out of battery! Furthermore, it ran out of battery in such a “timely manner!”

Yang Chen scratched his head in distress. No matter how capable he was, he couldn’t charge a phone with his bare hands, and didn’t have the power of brainwaves to contact Lin Ruoxi.

What’s most regretful was despite Yang Chen’s remarkable memory, he was the same as the majority of modern people who rely on the phone’s contact book, and never remember the phone numbers of people. Therefore, he couldn’t even use a payphone make the call.

Thinking it over, Yang Chen could only make one decision; return to the crime scene.

Yang Chen observed his surroundings, and there happened to be an cheap clothing store. After quickly entering it, he casually looked around and picked up a short-sleeved shirt, cargo shorts and a peaked cap before entering the changing room.

Three minutes later, Yang Chen who walked out of the clothing store had completely changed his appearance. With his head lowered, he had a hip-hop style, there was no inkling of his office worker image left.

At the same time, at the entrance of Huaxia Bank, the police used yellow tape to surround the crime scene. Even the reporters were blocked out, so the masses couldn’t enter either.

The police inside inquired the executives of the bank for a detailed account of the crime. Many surveying personnel gathered concrete evidence orderly.

At this time, a red Bentley was like a streak of red as it braked beside the flower bed close to the crime scene.

Lin Ruoxi who wore a white tracksuit rushed out of her car with her hair let loose. She smacked the door shut, and quickly walked towards the police tape.

A policeman who was keeping watch obstructed Lin Ruoxi, with a nervous expression she said, “Miss, no access is allowed to the crime scene at this moment!”

“Move away, I’m looking for someone.” Lin Ruoxi coldly said.

“Apologies Miss… I really can’t let you in.” The policeman was a young man, seeing the cold beauty in front of him made him blush a little, but he still persisted on his duty.

Lin Ruoxi ignored him, and tried to force her way in.

As she’s an experienced CEO of a large company, Lin Ruoxi’s charisma made the policeman feel weak, he didn’t dare to resort to force to stop her.

“Hey, what are you doing woman!?”

The sharp voice of a policewoman who rushed over was heard. Seeing that Lin Ruoxi wanted to force her way in, she dragged Lin Ruoxi back by grabbing her elbow.

Lin Ruoxi tried to struggle free, and angrily looked at the policewoman, “Don’t touch me!”

“Heh, I’m not allowed to touch you? Who do you think you are? The police is handling a case, what are you getting involved for? Are you an accomplice of the criminals or a specialist of the police? Why do I have to let you in?” That policewoman laughed sarcastically.

“I’ve said it, I’m looking for someone!” Lin Ruoxi’s voice was raised higher. As she was just a woman in her twenties, she obviously wasn’t as imposing as a female policewoman in her forties.

The female policewoman sized Lin Ruoxi up, then snorted and said, “Looking for someone? What you’re doing is called obstructing official business! It’s not like there was only one victim here, why hasn’t the family members of those victims madly charged in like you did? You look like an attractive and intelligent girl, but are you lacking in the brain or something!? You think just because you’re pretty, you drive an expensive car over, and we the police have to let you in? You think the whole world owes you something? Can’t you see that there are so many worried onlookers and family members abiding the rules and waiting!?”

While saying that, the female policewoman pointed at the people standing outside of the area cordoned off by the police. There were indeed some people who seemed dissatisfied with Lin Ruoxi’s sudden attempt to charge in, they looked at her with unkind eyes.

Lin Ruoxi blankly stood at where she was, and the two sentences that the female policewoman spoke resounded in her mind—— “You think just because you’re pretty, you drive an expensive car over, and we the police have to let you in? You think the whole world owes you something?”

Similar words were said by that man to her last night. Today, a woman she didn’t know said it…….

Lin Ruoxi’s pretty face paled, it became difficult for her to breathe. The multitude of gazes at her made her experience for the first time how it felt to be unwelcome.

Lin Ruoxi quietly turned around, intending to return to the car, but after taking a few steps, the tangle in her heart made her turn back. With an imploring tone she said to the policewoman, “I… I just want to see someone, I want to know if he’s alright, will you let me in please……”

As far as she could remember, this was the first time Lin Ruoxi had used such a feeble and modest tone to speak to somebody.

The female policewoman seemed to be able to understand Lin Ruoxi’s current mood. Her expression softened, but she still shook her head, “Rules are rules, if you want to see the victim, you have to wait till we’re done with the scene.”

Depressed, Lin Ruoxi bit her lip, turned back, and returned to her car.

Sitting back in her car, Lin Ruoxi’s eyes immediately reddened. She lowered her head, and her tears were like a broken pearl necklace, dropping one by one.

She herself didn’t know why she felt like crying, but she couldn’t hold it in somehow. Perhaps she was blaming herself, or she was ashamed, or she felt wronged. But in any case, Lin Ruoxi felt that her surroundings left her feeling helpless and powerless inside, and made her feel like she might collapse at any given moment.

After arguing with Yang Chen yesterday, she may have had Wang Ma’s advice, but she continued to have an intense internal battle in her mind. Her pride didn’t allow her to lower her head to a man so easily, but the words said by Yang Chen when he left, his determination, had deeply stung Lin Ruoxi’s heart. It caused her conviction to waver, and dampened her confidence.

Originally, she thought that she would staunchly stick to her beliefs, and wouldn’t compromise for such a matter, but that was actually how she went through the previous years of her life. She just needed to be herself, and nobody could force her to change!

Unexpectedly, when she went through the headlines today which mentioned the bank robbery, she caught a flash for Yang Chen’s face. When the news headline included “many people hurt,” and “with powerful firearms” and other striking statements, Lin Ruoxi could no longer control her emotions.

Immediately, she felt like she had mysteriously lost control of herself, she didn’t even change her clothes put any makeup, and just took her car key out of the house, and drove to the crime scene!

At was at this moment that Lin Ruoxi slowly understood. In her heart, the man that she know as “husband” had occupied such an important position. She felt worried, anxious, uneasy, and even lost her bearings for him!

As Lin Ruoxi sobbed, she slowly rested her head against the steering wheel. Her hair draped down, making her seem lonely and sorrowful……

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