Chapter 166-2: Difficult to serve

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 166-2: Difficult to serve

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Yang Chen awkwardly rubbed his nose, “We can’t play this way, you’re seducing me the moment I returned.”

“I’m already a loose woman, the reservedness of a lady no longer matters to me. We’re mature people, if we want to seduce then we should just seduce.” Zhao Hongyan teased with a smile.

The scene of Yang Chen sticking his hand into Zhao Hongyan’s lacy panties surfaced in his mind. Seeing the mature beauty who had just been divorced, he couldn’t help but feel a little fervent inside.

It wasn’t that Yang Chen becomes horny every time he sees a woman, he was helpless as well. Due to his strange illness, other than giving him pain that made him feel like he was in fetters, there was also a strange effect…… For example, during sexual intercourse, his endurance is extremely high, this is also the reason why Rose who has a great body can’t endure through it. There was also another side effect, which is the lack of control of hormones, which makes it hard to reject the seduction of women. This could also be due to the nerves in his brain becoming mutated.

Otherwise, with Yang Chen’s character, he might already have pushed those innocent girls like Li Jingjing and Tang Tang far far away, why bring so much trouble to himself and continue to be in a tangle?

Just as he was thinking of that, his phone rung. Taking a closer look, it turned out to be Li JIngjing who called.

“Hello, Jingjing?”

Li Jingjing who was on the call sighed in relief, she said with a grumbling tone, “Big Brother Yang, why were you uncontactable for so many days? I was worried that something happened to you.”

Yang Chen was stunned, this phone was given to him by Lin Ruoxi, and he hadn’t considered this. He didn’t expect that the phone couldn’t be called right after he left for Hong Kong. Lin Ruoxi is too stingy isn’t she? She has so much money that she can’t spend it all, but she’s not willing to even pay for roaming!

But he had mistaken Lin Ruoxi. Something like having a phone done naturally wasn’t done by Lin Ruoxi herself, she had delegated the task to someone under her. The CEO didn’t specify how she wanted things to be done, so they might as well just do a good enough job and pocket the remaining money.

Helpless, Yang Chen had no choice but to give a short explanation that he had been in Hong Kong for a business trip, then asked Li Jingjing what was the matter.

Li Jingjing didn’t continue prodding, and directly said, “I wanted to tell you that I’ve moved out of the house……”

Previously, she had already said that she wanted to move out, to avoid her mother from constantly chasing her to fall in love and get married. It was unexpected that this brat had really moved out so so quickly.

She’s beautiful young lady living in a big city, though she was a short distance away from her parents, it was totally different. Whether it was everyday tasks or safety, both mustn’t be taken lightly.

Yang Chen immediately asked where she had moved to, and Li Jingjing replied with a laugh, “Remember the orphanage I brought you to previously, Big Brother Yang? It’s in that vicinity, where there’s an area with blocks of ten-storey buildings. I rented a one-bedroom apartment which costs a thousand Huaxia dollars a month. Although it is a little expensive, it has proper furnishing and is in a good location. More importantly, it’s convenient to get to the school by bus, and I can also go to the orphanage to visit the children often.”

Yang Chen wasn’t clear as to how much Li Jingjing made specifically, but rent that is a thousand a month definitely isn’t cheap for a young teacher.

“I’ll make some time to take a look, is there anything you need me to help you with?” Yang Chen was worried, for he had cared for this girl whom he had acquainted since he returned to the country like a sister.

Li Jingjing quickly replied that she didn’t need help, “Big Brother Yang, I haven’t finished reorganizing the apartment. I’m just notifying you, so as to avoid you blaming me for not informing you earlier.”

“It’s precisely because you haven’t finished reorganizing that I should go over and help you if you need it. There’s also security of the area which is very important.” Yang Chen said in a tone that disallowed rejection.

Li Jingjing was taciturn for a while, then softly agreed. It was evident that receiving care made her very happy.

After ending the call, Yang Chen thought about helping Li Jingjing with her new home, for it definitely wasn’t cheap. Once he thought of money, he remembered the time where he had received a check of a million dollars from the dead Li Mucheng back when he won the gamble in Hong Kong. It was about time for him to deposit the money into his bank account.

Watching Yang Chen who just got seated stand up again to leave, Zhao Hongyan doubtfully asked, “It’s a girl?”

“Well, I guess you can say that, but she’s an old friend’s daughter.” Said Yang Chen.

“As expected, young girls are the charming ones, us old women aren’t attractive anymore.” Zhao Hongyan complained.

Yang Chen walked up to her, and pinched Zhao Hongyan’s tender cheek, “How are you old? Your cheeks are still so juicy.”

Zhao Hongyan coquettishly rolled her eyes at him, “Don’t try to get fresh with me, do you really think I want you to touch me? Get lost get lost!”

Yang Chen forced a smile. Girls are just like so, if you don’t touch her, she will seduce you, if you touch her, she will feel wronged and discontented.

The one at home and those outside are both difficult to serve. Yang Chen gloomily thought.

Half an hour later, Yang Chen arrived at the headquarters of Huaxia Bank by car. The location was at a flourishing business district, with heavy traffic of people and cars, seeming clamorous and lively.

He entered the main hall of the bank, and there weren’t many people inside. There was approximately a little more than a dozen customers, with a small number seated at the lounge.

After collecting a number, Yang Chen sat at the lounge to wait for his turn as well. Just as he was about to sit, he suddenly noticed that there was an “acquaintance” on the seat beside his and this person was smiling at him.

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