Chapter 162-1: Towel

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 162-1: Towel

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Seeing Jane’s abrupt displeased reaction, Yang Chen felt rather helpless, but he didn’t know how to console her. He forced a smile and said, “What’s wrong? It’s not like it’s illegal for me to marry. Men and women who are of age should marry, that’s what Huaxia people say.”

Jane lowered her head and wiped her eyes, then raised her head and said, “Yeah, I should congratulate you. The wife of our Lord Hades, Persephone should be a truly beautiful lady……”

“She’s indeed beautiful, but she doesn’t know that she has such a strange title. I also wish that she would never know of it in this life.” Said Yang Chen.

Jane bit her lip, “This means that you truly love her.”

“Rather than love, you could say that it’s the responsibility of a married couple. I don’t want those unclean things to taint her innocent soul.”

“Seems like you truly enjoy your current life.” Jane said in a regretful tone, “I think everybody will be disappointed, many of them have been looking forward to your return.”

Yang Chen shook his head, “I have never said that I’m leaving for good, what I need right now is a relatively relaxed environment. You know my condition the clearest, and should understand.”

Jane asked in concern, “Does your illness still flare-up?”

“It is rather difficult to control sometimes, but I’m still very healthy as long as I don’t employ strength that is way beyond an ordinary person’s.”

“I’m sorry…… I’ve always said that I would free you from those shackles, but……”

“You’ve already tried, I believe that other than you, there is no one in this world who could suppress my illness to this degree.” Yang Chen gave her a consoling smile, “By the way, how can you be so free to be in Hong Kong? Catherine needs you by her side.”

“Hmph.” Hearing the name Catherine, a defiant expression was revealed on Jane’s face, “That old woman just wants to goof off by throwing all of the responsibilities into my hands. I’m showing her some attitude this time by abandoning all of those responsibilities, and plan to travel around the world. I’m here in Hong Kong because my student Little Li is here, he had constantly invited me to take a look at what he has accomplished, and since I was free, I came.”

“So that is the case……” Yang Chen seemed to have thought of something.

Jane chuckled, causing her beautiful curves to be shown on the close-fitting cheongsam she wore. “My respected king, could it be that you think anybody would dare to look for you on their own accord when you had explicitly ordered that no one is to track your whereabouts? I believe that even if someone bumped into you by coincidence, most of them would just flee away quickly before you notice them, so as to avoid suspicion from you.”

Yang Chen felt a little awkward, “Don’t think in that direction, I’m not that scary. Actually, I’m very happy to meet you.”

“Really?” Jane joyfully asked, “If that’s the case, can I come visit you in Zhonghai? I also have a student named Green who is in Zhonghai. Oh… by the way, he is researching the same project as Little Li.”

Yang Chen was reminded of his official business and said, “I’m currently working for Yu Lei International, which means that it would be best if Li Guangxun’s research bears fruit. Green is currently working for a competitor, as their teacher, could you help me negotiate with them to both work on my side? That would save me the effort of possibly having to headhunt.”

Jane touch her chin in thought and said, “If you’re commanding me as the king, I will make Green and Little Li work together. Majority of their success today is bestowed by me, so I am definitely able to do this. However… if this is a request as a friend, then I can’t do it. In this profession, abandoning the employer is a very disgraceful thing for a specialist. Unless Green does it voluntarily, I would be letting him down as his teacher.”

Yang Chen nodded in approval, “What you say makes sense. Let this be the end of this matter, you could also give Li Guangxun more guidance to let him research and develop quicker, the problem would be solved then.”

“Actually, there’s another solution.” Jane said in a relaxed voice, “If you want to research and develop new environmentally-friendly materials, I can provide many unreleased technologies, and that will help the company you’re in become a market leader in the world.”

Yang Chen knew that this young lady was speaking the truth. She had been labelled a genius since she was a child, and had always been at the summit of many scientific research fields in the world. There are only things that she is too lazy to research on, while things that she research on always experiences a massive technological breakthrough. However, a lot of her work had ended up being stowed away or destroyed. In her own words, she didn’t want this world to advance too rapidly, as that would trigger a dangerous race in the world of science and technology.

After the two had caught up with each other, Jane suddenly thought of something and asked, “Yang Chen, how much longer will you be staying in Hong Kong?”

“Probably for another three days.”

“Three days……” Jane pondered, “Three days it is then, I have something I want to give you, perhaps you will find it helpful.”

Yang Chen didn’t know what Jane wanted to do, but since Jane didn’t specify, he didn’t ask.

The two had unwittingly chatted for half an hour. When they returned to the research facility, Li Muhua, Li Guangxun, Mo Qianni and the others were already waiting for them.

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