Chapter 161-2: Jane

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My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 161-2: Jane

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“Little Li, you’ve said too much.” Jane shot a glance at Li Guangxun.

The frank and outspoken Li Guangxun immediately shut up and gave Jane a fawning smile.

Although those famous research institutions Li Guangxun mentioned weren’t well known to them, everyone present knew that Jane was definitely a top expert that could change the balance of power in the science world. It was truly hard to believe that this was a young lady!

Lu Tao was also shocked. He wisely but hesitantly asked, “Miss Jane, could it be that you’re a recipient of a Nobel Prize?”

Jane smiled and shook her head, “No, I’ve never received any award.”

“My teacher has already been the final judge for the Nobel Prize for three years in a row, winning one is nothing…….” Li Guangxun mumbled, as if that was his glory.

This information once again shocked them! It could even be said that the recipients of the world’s most prestigious award, the Nobel Prize, was actually appointed by this girl!?

Even the calm CEO of a large company like Li Muhua felt reverence towards this ridiculously beautiful young Western lady. He felt ashamed of the intimacy that he tried to produce between them earlier. His small status was probably not even fart in front of her!

“Miss Jane, if you’re done with your plans for today, how about we have lunch at the restaurant we have booked. It’s rare that you could come to Hong Kong and be our guest, so please do us the honor.” Li Muhua had a little cold sweat as he spoke.

“Thank you Boss Li. However, I want to first catch up with an old friend.” Jane’s gaze shifted onto Yang Chen’s face as she said this.

As a woman, Mo Qianni, who was beside Yang Chen, was more sensitive. Ever since Jane appeared, she had the feeling that Jane was acquainted with Yang Chen. Furthermore, she felt that their relationship was unordinary. In this moment, she had finally verified that notion.

She couldn’t understand how Yang Chen could be acquainted with this woman who was perfect in beauty and intelligence. Mo Qianni secretly felt a little ache inside. Although she was also an outstanding beauty, other than Jane’s classical charm, there was a natural noble air around her that a commoner like Mo Qianni couldn’t compare with.

Yang Chen who had maintained silence finally received attention from everybody.

Other than Li Muhua and Mo Qianni, the others in the laboratory were practically in disbelief that an ordinary looking young man like him was acquainted with such a ridiculously outstanding lady!

Li Guangxun racked his brain as he believed that Yang Chen was an expert in a certain field, and that he just didn’t recognize him.

The cold sweat on Li Muhua was unstoppable, his smile was more bitter than after eating a coptis chinensis. As expected, his choice of surrendering was the right one. Being an acquaintance with a lady of this level meant that Yang Chen definitely wasn’t an ordinary person!

Yang Chen looked at Jane’s beautiful sapphire blue eyes of anticipation, and sighed. He nodded and said, “Let’s go to somewhere secluded to chat.”

With that said, Yang Chen took off the protective suit, and walked out with big strides.

Jane wasn’t wearing a protective suit in the first place, so she directly walked out.

This made many people have the same thought pop up in their heads. He seems to be a person from a different world.

Li Muhua and the others were at a loss, while Mo Qianni looked a little depressed. The sudden appearance of Jane made her feel so powerless for the first time in her life. It was as if… other than her best friend Lin Ruoxi, there were more obstacles to overcome.

Behind the research institute was a dense forest. Within the forest was a small pavilion with leaves scattered all over. This place was usually deserted, and was now a good location for Yang Chen and Jane to speak face to face.

Standing at a corner of the pavilion, Yang Chen leaned against a pillar, and slowly smoked a cigarette with his head lowered. He seemed to be thinking of something, and didn’t speak.

Jane quietly stood two meters in front of Yang Chen, her bright eyes stared straight at him. Her face contained a smile of excitement and joy, like she couldn’t get enough no matter how long she stared at him.

After some time, Yang Chen asked in a low voice, “Are my old friends well?”

“Just like before, everybody’s lives is just missing your existence.” Jane answered.

“That’s good……” Yang Chen nodded in satisfaction.

Jane was silent for a moment before she asked, “Hades, are you really not planning to return?”

Yang Chen raised his head and said, “Don’t call me Hades, I’m now using my real name. Just call me Yang Chen. By the way, I’m working in Yu Lei International’s PR Department in Zhonghai. I’m now an ordinary man of society.”

Jane’s expression was brilliant, to the point that she looked like she was going to explode, but she forcefully held it in, clapped, and said, “Congratulations, Yang Chen. You’ve finally accomplished your transformation.”

Yang Chen couldn’t help smiling as he said, “Yeah, I have returned to Huaxia for over half a year. I didn’t just make some new friends, I’ve even gotten married. I now have a family and could finally have the life of an ordinary person.”

“You… are married!?” Jane’s beautiful face immediately turned deathly pale.

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