Chapter 160-2: Teacher's teacher

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My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 160-2: Teacher's teacher

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“Hehe, I’m just bored.” Yang Chen smiled while sliding his hand into the slit of Mo Qianni’s skirt, quickly reaching her soft and firm thigh.

The thighs which were covered by beige stockings were incredibly smooth to the touch, Yang Chen couldn’t help but pinch it.

Mo Qianni was so shocked that she immediately put down the pile of documents, used both hands to clamp down on Yang Chen’s misbehaving hand, and stopped him from advancing further under her skirt.

“Don’t… don’t be like this, it’d be really embarrassing if someone found out.” Mo Qianni implored, her face flushed.

“You look at your things, I will just place my hand here. Relax.” Yang Chen had a resolute face of no retreat.

Mo Qianni was helpless, and had no choice but to let Yang Chen keep his hand between her thighs. She picked up the data to look at them, but her thoughts had wandered to god knows where.

Half an hour later, the fleet of cars arrived at Muyun Corporation’s research institute.

The research institute was built halfway up the mountain, surrounded by a dense forest. It was well concealed, but the main reason was to keep a distance from noise, making it more suitable for their personnel to immerse themselves in their work.

The surroundings were filled with the Li Family’s private guards, who wore camouflage military uniforms. They had bulging waists which obviously meant that they were hiding firearms; they just didn’t show them openly.

In this region of Hong Kong, it’s impossible for a powerful family to stand stably without any underworld background. The Li Family was a model example, they just didn’t reveal it most of the time.

Under Li Muhua’s lead, Yang Chen, Mo Qianni, and Lu Tao entered the strictly monitored research institute’s entrance. After entering the hall, they underwent full body disinfection and put on a special protective suit before entering the research institute.

In the bright research institute, there were many research personnel walking around in protective suits. Amongst them were several who recognized Li Muhua. They simply nodded and greeted him, without saying much more.

Li Muhua reacted amiably and respectfully, smiling towards these research personnel.

Obviously, these research personnel were hired by the Li Family at a huge cost. Their only mission was to develop new products. As for who was the boss, they didn’t really care.

When they entered the research institute, Li Muhua explained, “Professor Li Guangxun is my uncle, he’s placed fourth in the family. I usually call him Fourth Uncle. He has a rather cold temperament, please do not take offense to him.”

Lu Tao had already recovered from the trauma from last night, and regained his smile, “Boss Li need not worry, scientists have always been different from ordinary people. We understand.”

Once the automatic door to the research institute opened, everybody saw the various tools, pipelines, and colored chemicals placed in the laboratory. They were all things that couldn’t be described in words.

Seeing Li Muhua bring people in, a young man wearing glasses walked over and asked, “Are you CEO Li Muhua?”

“That’s right. Is my Fourth Uncle, Professor Li Guangxun here?” Li Muhua was confused, he had informed Li Guangxun beforehand that he was bringing guests to tour the current results of research.

The young man directly said, “Teacher’s teacher has come. Teacher is inside the small laboratory chatting with his teacher, and told us not to disturb him. He also said that Boss Li has to wait for him outside.”

The young man spoke very quickly. After speaking, he immediately threw himself back into research work.

Li Muhua was left dumbstruck for a while before turning around to speak to everyone awkwardly, “My apologies. Although I’m also baffled over what’s going on, since Fourth Uncle said to wait for him, I can only inconvenience the three of you.”

Because she had seen Li Muhua’s true face, Mo Qianni had not looked at him kindly for the past two days. At this moment, she coldly replied, “Nobody is normal in the whole family.”

Li Muhua pretended not to hear it, and maintained his silence with a smile.

“Boss Li, earlier that young man said that it’s Professor Li Guangxun’s teacher who came. Professor Li Guangxun is able to research and develop such a magical new material, so… wouldn’t his teacher be able to as well?”

The sharp Lu Tao didn’t miss this point, and immediately reacted with a fresh point of view.

Li Muhua was also stunned, this seemed to make sense. He had once heard from Li Guangxun that Li Guangxun’s teacher was a famous leading scholar of the century. Back then he didn’t find out much, but now that he had a chance to meet this person, how could he let go of this opportunity!?

A teacher who’s able to teach a top scientist like Li Guangxun meant that his value was way above Li Guangxun’s!

Yang Chen was also curious. Over the past decade, he had seen all kinds of incredible talents, and many of these people had incredibly unique personalities. To put it another way, their different trains of thought would lead them to have an unconventional attitude and bearing.

When coming into contact with such people, one would frequently come to realize things that one usually couldn’t learn.

After waiting for over a dozen minutes in the main laboratory, the door to the small laboratory finally opened. The one who first walked out was a middle-aged man wearing a white lab coat. He had graying hair and a face that was inflexible and bleak. However, this man’s face was currently brimming with excitement and a slightly sickly smile.

Without any introduction, they knew that this was the boss of the research institute, the technological provider of this collaboration, Li Guangxun.

Behind him, another figure walked out, one who stunned the four for a moment.

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